Hyundai i30 (FD) – fuse and relay

The 1st generation Hyundai i30 was produced in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 with hatchback and station wagon bodies, both with gasoline and diesel engines. During this time, the model has gone through a minor update. In this publication you will find a designation of the first generation Hyundai i30 fuses and relays with box diagrams and their locations. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

hyundai i30 - 1

The design of the boxes depends on the year of manufacture, check the purpose with your diagrams on the back of the protective cover.

Generation not right? Here is the description for the 2nd generation .

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

Located in the left end of the dashboard behind the protective cover.

Photo of the unit in the cabin

Example of a legend on the back of the cover

Example circuit


Block diagram under the hood


110A Starter relay – START
210A Air conditioning control unit – A / CON SW
310A Heated exterior mirrors – HTD MIRR
415A Seat heating – SEAT HTR
510A Air Conditioning – A / CON
610A High beam lamps – HEAD LAMP
725A Windshield wiper – FR WIPER
815A Tailgate wiper – RR WIPER
915A Turning on the dipped headlights in the daytime – DRL OFF
1010A Rear fog lamps – RR FOG
1125A Glass lifter control unit – P / WDW LH
1210A Clock – CLOCK
1315A Cigarette lighter – C / LIGHTER
1420A Hatch, ignition control unit relay – DR LOCK
1515A Windshield heater relay – DEICER
1615A Stop lights – STOP
1715A Interior lighting – ROOM LP
1815A Audio system, trip computer – AUDIO
1915A Rear 5th door – T / LID
2025A Blocking power windows (right side) – SAFETY P / WDW RH
2125A Blocking power windows (left side) – SAFETY P / WDW LH
2225A Power Windows – P / WDW
2315A Power socket – P / OUTLET
2410A Switch Block – T / SIG
2510A Airbag Warning Lamp – A / BAG IND
2610A Instrument panel – CLUSTER
2715A Airbag – A / BAG
2815A Door or ignition control unit – IGN1-A
2915A Front Power Outlet – RR P / OUTLET
3010A Rear right marker lamp – TAIL RH
3110A Rear left marker lamp – TAIL RH

The fuse number 13, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Relay boxes

Under the panel there can be 2 additional blocks with relays.

Relay block diagram in the Kia LED cabin

Location of relays in boxes

  1. rear light relay, power window relay, heater relay, tailgate relay
  2. central locking relay, windscreen defroster relay, rear fog lamp relay, anti-theft alarm horn relay, rain sensor relay, Built-in-ICM relay box

Engine compartment

Main box

The main box with fuses and relays is located on the left side next to the battery and is covered with a protective cover.

Type 1

The location of the unit under the hood


Photo - block diagram under the hood of Kia LED 1


120A ABS and ESP – ABS2
240А ABS и ESP
350A Electronic control unit for electrical equipment of the passenger compartment – B + 1
440A Heated mirrors – RR HTD
540A Electro fan – BLOWER
640A Electro Air Conditioning Fan – C / FAN
720A Headlight washer – H / LP WASHER
820А Reserve – SPARE
9125A Generator – ALTERNATOR
1080A Electric power steering – MDPS
1115A Front fog lamps – FR FOG
1210A Air Conditioning – A / CON
1315A Emergency signaling – HAZARD
1410А Reserve – SPARE
1520А Reserve – SPARE
1615A Fuel pump – F / PUMP
1715А Reserve – SPARE
1810A Engine control unit – ECU1
1910A Engine control unit – ECU2
2020A Engine control unit – ECU3
2115A Fuel injectors, air conditioning – INJ
2210A Sensors – SNSR2
2315A Sound signal – HORN
2450A Electronic control unit for electrical equipment of the passenger compartment – B + 2
2540A Starter, ignition switch (lock) – ING2
2630A Ignition switch (lock) – IGN1
2730A Main relay – ECU
2810A Stability control system ESP, anti-lock braking system ABS, exchange rate sensor – ABS
2910A Ignition system – ECU2
3010A Reversing light switch – B / UP
3110A Right headlight dipped beam – H / LP LO RH
3210A Left headlamp low beam – H / LP LO LH
3320A High beam headlights – H / LP HI
3410A Sensors – SNSR1
R1Cooling fan relay (low speed) – C / FAN2
R2Cooling Fan Relay (High Speed) – C / FAN1
R3Starter relay – START
R4Fuel Pump Relay – F / PUMP
R5Air conditioner relay – A / CON
R6Headlamp Low Beam Relay – H / LP LO
R7Horn relay – HORN
R8Headlamp High Beam Relay – H / LP HI
R9Rear fog lamp relay – FOG LP
R10Wiper relay – WIPER
R11Main relay – MAIN

Type 2

Photo for example

Block under sid 1 hood option 2


Scheme option 2


  1. Main relay
  2. Air conditioning
  3. Fuel pump
  4. The engine control unit
  5. ABS и ESP
  6. Reversing lamp switch
  7. Reserve
  8. Reserve
  9. Main relay
  10. Reserve
  11. Sensors
  12. The engine control unit
  13. Sensors
  14. Reserve
  15. Fuel injectors, air conditioning system.
  16. Air conditioning
  17. The engine control unit
  18. Fuel pump
  19. Electro fan
  20. High beam relay
  21. Sound signal
  22. High fan speed
  23. Starter relay
  24. Rear foglights
  25. Glass cleaner
  26. Low fan speed
  27. Low beam left
  28. Low beam right
  29. Reserve
  30. Low beam relay
  31. ABS ESP
  32. ABS ESP
  33. Front fog lights
  34. Reserve
  35. Electronics unit salon
  36. Reserve
  37. Buzzer and its relay
  38. Electric power steering
  39. Starter and ignition switch
  40. Heated mirrors
  41. Fan (air conditioner)
  42. Electro fan
  43. Generator
  44. Egnition lock
  45. Electric cabin control unit
  46. Reserve

Check the assignment against your diagram on the back of the protective cover.

Block diagram under the hood 2

Additional box

Additional block

Used in diesel engines only.


Additional block diagram


  • 12 – fuel filter heater relay
  • 13 – relay # 3 PTC heater
  • 14 – relay # 2 PTC heater
  • 15 – relay # 1 PTC heater
  • 16 – glow plug relay


Still have questions? Ask them in the comments.

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  • where are the turning indicator/blinker signal fuses or relays? All of my indicators are no longer working. although indicator on dashboard is flashing fast. I want to check the fuses but do not know which ones they are.

  • Washer pump fuse hyundai i30 desiel I.6 crdi

  • Gdje se nalazi osigurač alrma na I30 2010g
    Jer svaki put kada zakljucam auto on se pali nakon nekog vremena

  • Hi There,
    I have a Hyundai i30 model 2014 hatch back diesel engine. The rear red light + number plate light on the right side of my car don’t light on?! The left side lights are fine, break light works on both sides. I checked the fuses, contacts, wiring. Even though I swapped the whole rear light box with the left side, I found there is no power in the wiring?! I’m suspicious on its rely?! Could any please help me to pin point the fault that caused this issue?! Or which rely is belong to rear red light to check and in case of being faulty to replace it?

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