Hyundai Matrix (Lavita) fuse and relay

The Hyundai Matrix subcompact van is also known in some countries as the Hyundai Lavita. Produced mainly with gasoline engines 1.5 1.6 1.8 liters. Years of production: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. During this time, the matrix was restyled 2 times. In this material you will find a description of Hyundai Matrix fuses and relays with box diagrams and photo examples of location. Note the cigarette lighter fuse. We will also show the location of all electronic control units.

Hyundai Matrix

Depending on the region of delivery and the year of manufacture, different designs of fuse and relay boxes are possible. Check the assignment with your diagrams on the back of the protective cover.


General layout of electronic control units

Location of control units


1ABS electronic control unit
2Side impact sensor, left – B-pillar
3Side impact sensor, right – B-pillar
4Anti-theft alarm siren – partition
5Audible Warning / Buzzer – Behind the dashboard fuse / relay box
6Accumulator battery
7Diagnostic connector (DLC) – under the dash
8Daylight Control Module – Inner Wing
9Electronic engine control unit – lower protection panel
10Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 1
11Fuse / relay box, engine compartment 2 (Diesel)
12Fuse / Relay Box, Engine Compartment W (Diesel)
13Fuse / relay box, instrument panel
14Heater fan motor resistor – next to the heater fan motor
15Beep (upper)
16Beep (bottom)
17Inertia Fuel Cut-Off Switch – Behind Battery
18Immobilizer control unit – behind the dashboard fuse / relay box
19Multifunction control unit – behind the dashboard fuse / relay box – Anti-theft functions, central locking, heated rear window, ignition key buzzer, interior lighting / delayed off, seat belt warning system, windshield wiper / washer
20Sunroof Motor Relay – Headlining
21Electronic control unit SRS – under the center console
22Electronic control unit for gearbox – automatic transmission – behind the dashboard, on the left
23Rear Wiper Relay – Luggage Compartment LH

Dashboard fuse box

The location of the unit in the cabin

Located at the bottom of the dashboard. Remove the protective cover for access.

Block access


Block in the salon Hyundai Matrix


  1. Reserve
  2. Central locking relay (unlocked)
  3. Alarm relay
  4. Reserve
  5. Central locking relay
  6. Power window relay
  7. Anti-theft relay
  8. Anti-theft alarm siren relay
  9. Heated rear window relay
  10. Turn signal interrupter relay
  11. Heater blower motor relay

Several versions of the fuse compartment are possible.


Passenger compartment fuse box diagrams


RR HTD30A Rear window defogger relay
STOP10A Brake light relay, power window relay
D/LOCK15A Relay for locking (unlocking) doors, ETASM, sunroof relay
HAZARD10A Burglar Alarm Relay, Alarm Relay
AUDIO10A Car radio
C/LIGHT15A Cigarette lighter
A/B10A Airbag control unit
A/В IND10A Airbag warning lamp
T / SIG10A Hazard Switch, Seat Belt Timer, Instrument Panel, ABS Control Unit, Excitation Resistor, Washer Pump Drive
ECU15A ECM, vehicle speed sensor, TCM, ignition coil
ETACS10A ETASM, automatic transmission selector
RRWPR10A Rear wiper motor, rear wiper relay
START10A Starter relay
FRTWPR20A Wiper relay, washer pump motor, wiper and rear window defroster timer
S/HTD15A Switch for heating the left (right) front seat
P/OUTLET25A Front (rear) socket for connecting external consumers
IG210A ETASM, power window relay, rear window defogger relay, sunroof relay, headlight relay, heating and air conditioning fan relay
O / S MRR10A Exterior mirror switch, rear fog lamp relay

The fuse responsible for the front cigarette lighter is designated as C / LIGHT, and for the additional sockets P / OUTLET.

Engine compartment

Main box

It is located next to the battery under the protective cover.

Main unit under the hood

Example of a diagram from the cover

Scheme from the cover


Block diagram under the hood


1 (30)COND – Electro condenser fan
2 (40)ABS – ESP and anti-lock brakes ABS
3 (40)ABS – ESP and anti-lock brakes ABS
4 (30)P / WIN – Electric windows
5 (40)BLR – Electric heater radiator fan
6 (10)ABS – Anti lock brake system ABS
7 (15)INJ – Fuel injectors, ignition coils
8 (10)SNSR – Sensors of the engine management system
9 (10)F / PUMP – Fuel pump
10 (10)TAIL LH – Left tail light, left license plate light
11 (10)TAIL RH Right tail light, right license plate light
12 NRear fog lamp activation diode
13 (120)WATT – Generator
14 (40)B + – Air conditioning, heated rear window, brake lights, central locking, anti-theft alarm
15 (30)ECU – Engine control unit, generator, main relay of the engine management system
16 (40)IGN – Starter, ignition switch (lock)
17 (30)RAD – Electro radiator fan
18 (20)TAIL – Rear lights
19 (15)FR FOG – Fog lights
20 (15)H / LP LH – Left headlight
21 (15)NDR RH – Right headlight
22 (10)ECU – Engine control unit, generator, main relay of the engine management system
23 (10)HORN – Sound signal
24 (10)A / CON – Air conditioner
25 (15)DRL – Side light control unit
26 (10)ROOM LP – Car radio, interior lighting, instrument cluster illumination
R1MAIN – Main relay
R2COND2 – Relay for electric condenser fan (low speed)
R3F / P CHK – Fuel pump relay
R4RAD – Relay, electric radiator fan
R5H / LP – Relay for headlights
R6HORN – Horn relay
R7WIPER – Wiper relay
R8R / W DIODE – Relay for diode activation (pos. 12)
R9START – Starter relay
R10A / CON – Relay for air conditioning
R11TAIL – Relay for turning on the rear lights
R12COND1 – Condenser electric fan relay (high speed)
R13FR FOG – Relay for switching on rear fog lamps

Additional box


Additional block diagram


  • GLOW – candles
  • PTC – additional heater


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