Ford Transit 8 (Custom) – fuse and relay

The 8th generation Ford Transit was produced in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 with gasoline and diesel engines. During this time, he underwent restyling. Ford Transit Custom / Tourneo Custom provides the mid-size light-duty Ford Transit series. In our material you will find a designation of the 8th generation Ford Transit fuse and relay boxes, boxes diagrams and their location. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Ford Transit 8

The current boxes diagram will be printed on the back of the protective cover. If the circuits do not fit or you own a different generation of Ford Transit, study this description.

Engine compartment

Block under the hood Ford Transit mk8

Located next to the washer fluid barrel, under the protective cover.

Block diagram under the hood Ford Transit 8

Protected components

Type 1

F110A Exhaust toxicity reduction system
F215A Exhaust toxicity reduction system
F315A Exhaust toxicity reduction system
F410A Exhaust toxicity reduction system
F530A Diesel Flue Gas Filter Evaporator, Glow Plug Control System
F63A Anti-lock braking system. Maintaining stability. Ignition
F77.5A Powertrain control module
F820A Cooling fan
F930A Left windshield wiper
F1030A Right windshield wiper
F1110A Air conditioning compressor clutch
F1220A Glow plug of the evaporator of the filter of combustion products of diesel fuel
F1430A Emission control system – ignition
F15Not used
F16Not used
F17Not used
F1840A Anti-lock braking system, stability control pump
F1930A starter solenoid
F2060A Glow plugs
F2160A Ignition Relay 3
F247.5A High pressure fuel pump
F3040A Fan 1 of the cooling system
F3140A Fan 2 of the cooling system
F3260A Electric motors (two) windscreen wipers
F3320A Start-stop of auxiliary water pump
F3515A Power supply for the powertrain control system
F3615A NOXI sensor 2
F377.5A Volume control valve
F387.5A Mass air flow sensor
F3915A Diesel Pump Fuel Vaporizer
R3Rear window wiper
R4Not used
R5cooling Fan
R6Windshield wiper – on and off
R7Windshield wiper – low and high speed
R8Not used
R9Not used
R10Air conditioning compressor clutch
R11Evaporator System Fuel Glow Plug
R12High pressure fuel pump
R13All wheel drive pump
R14Econetic system
R15Cooling fans: high speed and low speed
R16Exhaust emission control system
R17Powertrain control module
R18Cooling Fan – High Speed

Type 2

F15A Mute the radio
F615A Nitrogen oxide sensor
F715A Particulate Sensor
F820A High speed cooling fan
F1840A Cooling fan 2
F1940 / 60A cooling fan
F2040A Emission Reduction System
F2140A Glow plug 2
F2240A Glow plug 1
F2310A Air conditioning compressor clutch
F2515A Right headlamps with high intensity discharge lamps
F2615A Left-hand HID headlamps
F285A Positive crankcase ventilation valve heating element
F297.5 / 15A Coolant pump
F3040 / 60A Powertrain control module relay
F3120A Relay “run-start” 2
F3220A Fuel-fired auxiliary heater
F3520A Powertrain control module
F3620A Power wire 5 car
F3715A Reagent tank. EGR valve
F3810A High speed cooling fan. Air conditioning compressor clutch. Low speed cooling fan. High speed and low speed cooling fan relay. Relay coils R1, R5, R10, and R15 of the electrical junction box of the engine
F39Glow plug control system
R1High speed cooling fan
R2Not used
R3Rear window wiper
R4Air suspension module
R5Cooling Fan
R6Not used
R7Left headlights with high intensity discharge lamps
R8Right headlamps with high intensity discharge lamps
R10Air conditioning compressor clutch
R11Not used
R12Not used
R13Emission Reduction Catalyst
R14Not used
R15Low speed cooling fan
R16Not used
R17Not used
R18Powertrain control module

Passenger compartment

Inside the Ford Transit mk8 there are 3 fuse and relay boxes. 2 under the dashboard on the driver’s side and one behind the back of the driver’s seat.

Dashboard fuse box

Remove the protective cover for access.

The location of the unit in the cabin Ford Transit 8

Type 1

Fuse and relay box

Block diagram in the passenger compartment transit 8 1-1


Block in the cabin transit 8 1-1


F110A Airbag module
F220A Heated rear window
F310A Heated exterior mirrors
F65A Tachograph
F710A Battery sensor
F840A AC Power Socket
F1030A Power driver’s seat
F1130A Electric passenger seat
F1230A Threshold illumination
F145A Tracking and blocking control module
F1540A Battery relay for powertrain control module
F1640A Power relay powertrain control module
F1830A Anti-lock brake system valves. Stability control valves
F195A Tachograph
F205A Heated outside mirror relay. Heated windshield relay
F2215A Passenger compartment fuse box
F237.5A Air conditioning control module
F245A Headlight range correction
F257.5A Interior lighting
F2610A Heated exterior mirrors
F2720A Heated front seats
F2820A Direction indicators
F29Rear parking assist camera. Control system for compliance with road markings. Power Mirrors
F30Adaptive cruise control system
F3210A Interior lighting
F3320A All-wheel drive module
F3420A Rear window wiper
F355A Power folding mirrors
F3620A Sound signal
F377.5A SYNC module
F385A Electro blower fan. Horn relay. Windshield wiper relay
F397.5A Remote keyless entry. Accumulator battery. Electric windows. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning of the rear passenger area
F4040A Front blower motor
F4140A Rear blower motor
F4230A Heated rear window
F4330A Trailer power socket
F4460A Additional power sockets
F4630A Windows with electric drive
F4720A Cigarette Lighter Fuse Ford Transit
F4820A Rear auxiliary power sockets
F4920A Front auxiliary power sockets
F5060A Ignition relay 1
F5160A Ignition Relay 2
F5240A Heated windshield (left side)
F5340A Heated windshield (right side)
R1Fuel-fired auxiliary heater
R2Additional power sockets
R3Not used
R4Ignition 2
R5Power windows
R6Ignition 1
R7Sound signal
R8Not used
R9Front blower motor
R10Rear blower motor
R11Heated rear window. Heated exterior mirrors
R12Heated windshield (left side)
R13Heated windshield (right side)

For the operation of the cigarette lighter and additional power sockets and the USB port, fuses 47, 48, 49 at 20A are responsible.

Additional fuse box


Scheme block in the cabin Ford Transit 8 1-2

The photo

Photo - an example of a block under the panel


F115A Central locking system 2
F215A Central locking system 1
F315A Ignition lock (switch) Additional battery relay
F45A Parking aid module
F55A Rain sensor module. Automatic light control module
F615A Windshield washer pump
F77.5A Exterior mirrors
F815A Front fog lights
F910A Right high beam relay
F1010A Left high beam relay
F1125A Outdoor lights on the right side. Side lights on the left side
F1220A Anti-theft alarm. Battery standalone sound device
F1315A Data connector. Relay for auxiliary power socket. Interior lighting
F1425A Daytime running lights Direction indicators Rear fog lights
F1525A Side lights on the right side. Outdoor lights on the left. Central brake light
F1620A Audio controls
F177.5A Heater control system. Instrument panel Blower fan
F1810A Headlight switch. Steering wheel module
F195A Reset Front Controls Display Interface Module
F205A Passive anti-theft system and ignition. Ignition
F213A Front audio control module. Auxiliary relay

Type 2

Fuse and relay box

Photo for example

Photo of the block in salon 2


Block diagram in the saloon Ford Transit 8 2-1


F160A Windshield wiper motor relay
F240A Electric blower fan
F440A Heated rear window. Heated exterior mirrors
F540A Trailer power supply B +
F640A Auxiliary power socket 2
F740A Auxiliary power socket 1
F820A Sound signal
F915A Rear window washer relay
F1010А Relay coils R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R10, R17
F1320A Cigarette lighter
F1420A Auxiliary power socket on the instrument panel
F1550A Voltage quality module. Body systems control unit
F1625A Anti-lock braking system module. Electronic Stability Control Valves
F175A Powertrain Control Module Battery Positive Voltage Relay Coil
F1810A Stop light
F1915A Load interlock relay
F205A Additional fuel-fired heater
F2115A Automatic transmission control unit
F2225A Oil pump for automatic transmission
F2320A The left side of the heated rear window
F2410A Heated exterior mirrors
F257.5A Unlocking the driver’s door
F267.5A Unlocking the passenger door
F2940A Rear blower motor
F3020A Rear auxiliary power socket
F3120A The left side of the heated rear window
F3260A Relay “run / start”
F3360A Fuel pump relay
F3440A Heated rear window left side
F3540A Heated rear window right side
F3650A Power supply RP1 body control unit
F3750A Power supply RP2 to the body control unit
F3860A Power BB4 standard relay box
F3920A Heated seats
F405A Ignition unit of the powertrain control module
F415A Fuel fired auxiliary heater relay coil
F425A Headlight range correction
F435A Transmission control module
F4410A Air suspension. Voltage quality module. Climate control system for the rear passengers’ zone. Light and distance detection system. Front and rear view cameras. Adaptive cruise control system
F4520A Direction indicators
F465A Heated rear window. Heated outside mirror relay
F475A Anti-lock brake system module
F4810A Camper Interface Connector 1
F4920A Rear window wiper
F505A Rain sensor module. Rear window wiper
F5125A Windshield wiper motor
F5225A Windshield wiper motor
F5540A Anti-lock braking system module. Electronic stability control system
F5630A Threshold with electric drive
F5730A Power driver’s seat
F5820A Front fog lamp
F5930A starter solenoid
F6015A Trailer battery charge
F6115A Left side double interlock
F6215A Right side of double interlock
F6315A Left side of central locking
F6415A Right side of central locking
F6520A Fuel pump
F6640A Heated Fuel Filter

The fuse number 13 at 20A is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter, and the additional sockets and USB ports are 20, 6 and 7.

Relay box

Relay block diagram under the panel


Circuit breakers
F697.5A Tachograph
F7140A 230V socket
F7230A Trailer power socket
R1Sound signal
R2Heated rear window
R3Rear blower motor
R4Rear auxiliary power outlets
R5Cigarette lighter. Additional power socket
R6Heated windshield relay (left side)
R7Heated windshield relay (right side)
R8Rear window washer pump
R9Fuel fired booster heater blower fan
R10Blower fan
R11External blocking
R12Power folding mirrors
R14Fuel pump
R15Not used
R16Not used
R17Windshield wiper
R18Front fog lamp
R19Not used
Additional fuse box


Ford Trasit 8 Auxiliary Fuse Block Diagram 2-2


27.5A Exterior mirrors with electric drive. Driver’s door window
320A Unlocking the driver’s door. Unlocking the passenger door
810A Anti-theft alarm horn
115A Intrusion sensor. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning of the rear passenger area
127,5А Microclimate control system. Hazard warning light button
137.5A Steering column. Dashboard. Data Connector
1510A Data Connector
1615A Sliding door lock actuator
175A Battery stand-alone sound device
185A Ignition lock (switch)
197.5A Passenger airbag deactivation indicator. Passenger airbag deployment switch.
207.5A Tachograph
215A Additional heater control module
225A Spare
2310A Delay off auxiliary equipment. DC / AC inverter
2430A Central locking system. Double locking system
2530A Driver’s door module
2630A Passenger door module
2730A Spare
2820A Spare
2930A Spare
3030A Spare
3115A Spare
3210A SYNC module. Multifunctional display. RF radio receiver
3320A Audio system. SYNC module
3430A Ignition relay. Active parking assist control module. Heater control system. Control system for compliance with road markings. Airbag and seatbelt control module. Central control unit. Passenger airbag deactivation indicator. Tachograph. Additional heater. Steering wheel module
355A Airbag and seatbelt control module
3615A Active parking assistance system control module. Control system for compliance with road markings. Steering wheel module
3720A Spare
3830A Windows with electric drive

Fuse box behind the driver’s seat

To access the unit, the seat must be moved forward.

Block behind the seat

An example of execution

Photo of the block behind the seat

Consists of a high power fuse section and an internal section with fuses and relays.


Block diagram behind the driver's seat


F1470A Engine compartment fuse box. Starter Generator
F2100A Body systems control unit
F340A DC Inverter
F4200A Power supply for 1 auxiliary relay box or Fuse box in the passenger compartment
F5100A Power supply for 2 auxiliary relay boxes or Passenger compartment fuse box
F6100A Additional heater
F780A Windshield heating relay
F8100A Body systems control unit. Power supply 5 of the auxiliary relay box
F9100A Power supply for 3 auxiliary relay boxes
F10100A Power supply for 4 auxiliary relay boxes 60A Power supply for the fuse box in the passenger compartment
F11100A Powertrain control module relay 60A Passenger compartment fuse box power
F1260A Connection to a converted vehicle
F1360A Connection to a converted vehicle
F1460A Connection to a converted vehicle
F1560A Climate control system for rear passengers
F16100A Reserve
F1760A Connection to a converted vehicle

Internal department diagram

Indoor unit


F13A Outdoor lighting switch. Water heater switch. Power switch for connecting additional equipment
F220A Power supply
F320A Power supply R1
F420A Power supply R2
F515A Power supply R3
F615A Power supply R4
F715A Power supply R5, R6
F810A Power supply R7
F920A Radio transmitter
F105A Ignition lock (switch) relay
F1115A Ignition lock (switch) relay
R1Beacon relay
R2Ignition relay
R3Auxiliary power socket 2. Water heater
R4Relay for interior lighting
R5Auxiliary power socket 1. Direction indicator (left side)
R6Direction indicator (right side)
R7Interior lighting


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