Citroen Jumpy – fuse and relay

The Citroen Jumpy commercial vehicle is marketed in both cargo and passenger versions. At the moment, the 3rd generation of this series is being produced. Our information with the description of Citroen Jumpy fuses is relevant for cars produced in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

citroen jumpy photo

As provided Jumpy three main boxes with fuses:

  1. in the dashboard on the right side
  2. in the cabin
  3. in the engine compartment.

If equipped with your car, an additional fuse box is installed to protect the electrical circuits of the trailer, as well as to connect the wiring harnesses on models with a modified body and platforms with a cab. The box is located on the right side behind the cargo bulkhead.

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

To access, lower the glove box and pull firmly on it.

access to the unit in the salon


Block diagram in the cabin


  1. 15A  Rear window cleaner
  2. Free
  3. 5A  Airbag ECU
  4. 10A  Steering wheel position sensor, diagnostic socket, ESP sensor, manual climate control, clutch sensor, headlight range control, diesel particulate filter additive pump
  5. 30A  Power mirrors, front right door window motor
  6. 30A  Power supply for front door windows
  7. 5A  Lights and glove box lamp
  8. 20A  Multifunction display, burglar alarm siren, car radio, CD changer, radiotelephone, trailer switching unit (optional), ECU for platform modification with cab
  9. 10A  Socket in the cargo compartment
  10. 30A  Rear suspension height adjuster, steering column switch block, instrument cluster
  11. 15A  Diagnostic connector, ignition switch
  12. 15A  Wireless Hands-Free, Airbag ECU, Parking Assist ECU
  13. 5A  Engine ECU, trailer switching unit
  14. 15A  Rain sensor, interior ventilation, climate control, instrument cluster
  15. 30A  Locking / unlocking / super locking doors
  16. Free
  17. 40A  Heated rear window, mirror heaters
  18. 10A  Heaters of mirrors

Block next to the battery

To access, simply remove the battery cover.


Block diagram in the cabin near the battery

Designation of elements

No.Protected chain
130A Seat heaters
220A 12V socket in the third row of seats (minibus) or not used (van)
340 / 50A Trailer switching unit (optional equipment), ECU for platform modification with cab
4Not involved
3615A Swing door locks
3710A Swing door locks
3820A Rear swing door wiper
39Interior ventilation (minibus) or not involved (van)
405A Folding mirrors

Engine compartment

Move the washer reservoir bracket to the side for easier access to the box.


photo of the fuse box under the hoodDecoding

  1. Engine ECU, components, power supply and air supply systems, cooling fan 20A
  2. Sound signal 15A
  3. Windscreen and rear window washer pump 10A
  4. Headlight washer pump 20A
  5. Components of the fuel supply system 15A
  6. Power steering, second brake pedal sensor 10A
  7. Brake system (ABS / ESP) 10A
  8. Starter switch 20A
  9. First brake pedal sensor 10A
  10. Components of the power supply and air supply system, components of the toxicity reduction system 30A
  11. Cabin ventilation 40A
  12. Windshield cleaner 30A
  13. Intelligent switching unit 40A
  14. Not used 30A

Additional fuse box

It refers to a trailer, platform with a cab and other body modifications and is located behind the cargo bulkhead on the right.


Additional block diagram

1  –  15A  Free
2 – 15A  Relay for ignition switch and optional alternator
3 – 15A  12V power supply for trailer electrical circuit
4 – 15A Energized  circuit for use with modifications
5 – 10A  Hazard lights

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