Chevrolet Cruze 1G – fuse and relay

The 1st generation Chevrolet Cruze was produced in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. After restyling in 2014, the Cruze is released with an updated model in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. In our publication, the fuse and relay boxes of the Chevrolet Cruze will be considered with a designation of the circuits and their locations. Separately, we note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Chevrolet Cruze

Engine compartment

Main box

It is located under the hood on the left side of the engine compartment, next to the headlight and battery. Closed with a plastic protective cover. 3 attachments from different sides.

general photo of the location of the fuse box under the hood

The back of the cover contains the latest information with the description of the fuses. Changes in the presented diagrams are possible depending on the configuration and the year of manufacture of your car.


photo diagram of the fuse box in the engine compartment


Protected chain
115A Transmission control unit
215A Engine control unit
3Not used
410A Canister air solenoid valve
515A Ignition
7Not used
815A Fuel injection system
915A Fuel injection system, ignition system
1015A Engine control unit
1110A oxygen concentration sensor
137.5A Adsorber solenoid valve
14Not used
1520A Rear window cleaner
167.5A Ignition, interior air quality sensor (air conditioning system)
175A Ignition, airbag
1810A Throttle position sensor
19Not used
2020A Fuel pump
22, 23, 29Not used
3015А ABS
3120A Body control unit
3220A The same
3330A Heated front seats
3425A Roof hatch
3530A Audio system
36Not used
3710A Fuse for the right headlight high and low beam
3810A Left headlight high and low beam
39 40Not used
4610A Cooling fan
4710A oxygen concentration sensor
4815A Fog lights
49 50Not used
5115A Sound signal
5215A Dashboard
5310A Electric mirror
545A Light switch, light control
557.5A Folding mirrors
5615A Windshield washer
5715A Steering column lock
58Not used
607.5A Mirror heater
617.5A Mirror heater
6210A Air condition
637.5A Rear window sensor
645A Air quality sensor
657.5A Rear fog lights
6615A Rear window washer
6720A Fuel control unit
68Not used
695A Battery voltage sensor
705A Rain sensor
71Not used
Fusible links
630A Windshield wiper
1230A Pull starter relay
2130A Rear power windows
22Not used
2430A Front power windows cruze
2520A Electronic Vacuum Pump
2640А ABS
2730A Electronic key control system
2840A Heated rear window
41Not used
4220/30 / 40A Engine cooling fan
43 44Not used
4540A Engine cooling fan
5930A Diesel fuel heater
R1A / C Compressor Drive Clutch
R2Starter traction relay
R3Engine cooling fan (K7)
R4Front wiper mode (speed) relay
R5Front wipers
R6Not used
R7Main relay of the engine management system
R8Fuel pump
R9Engine cooling fan (K2)
R10Engine cooling fan (KZ)
R11Not used
R12Engine cooling fan (KZ)
R13Engine cooling fan (K1)
R14Not used
R16Preheating system (diesel)
R17Heated exterior mirrors

High power fuse box

It is located on the battery cover.

fuses on the cruise battery


battery fuse diagramDesignation

1100A Fuse Box – Instrument Panel
2100A Fuse Box – Instrument Panel
380A Electric Power Steering (EPS) (NJ1)
4Not used
5250A Fuse Box – Additional Battery
6250 / 500А Starter motor

Additional box

Depending on the configuration, there may be a separate unit with a relay under the hood.

additional unit with relay

  1. Cooling fan medium speed relay;
  2. Cooling fan speed control relay;
  3. Cooling fan medium speed relay.

Passenger compartment

Fuse box is located in the panel on the left side right next to the driver’s left knee.

location of the fuse box in the passenger compartment of the Chevrolet Cruze

To access, you need to open the glove box for small items and pull it up. Then you should take the bottom of the box out of the panel stops and pull it out.


photo of the fuse box

Diagramcircuit diagram of the fuse box in the passenger compartment of the Chevrolet Cruze


110A Mobile phone control module
2Not used
325A Body controller
420A Radio receiver
57.5A Parking aid control module, sound emitter, steering column switch – center console, display
620A Cigarette lighter – front
720A Socket for additional electrical appliances – center console 1/2
830A Body controller
930A Body controller
1030A Body controller
1140A Door control module – Electric fan
12Not used
1325A Seat heating control system module
147,5A Diagnostic block, oil supply connection
1510A Module for diagnostics and control of airbags
1610A Rear compartment door release relay
1715A HVAC control unit / HVAC control panel assy
18Not used
19Not used
20Not used
2115A Instrument cluster
222A Ignition switch / door lock remote control signal receiver
2320A Body controller
2420A Body controller
2520A Steering column lock control module
26Not used
Note:  The relays listed below are non-serviceable printed circuit board (PCB) relays and are located inside the unit.
1Releasing the rear compartment door
2Logistic mode
3Auxiliary power supply relay

Please note: the fuse for the cigarette lighter in the Chevrolet Cruze is located in this box at number 6.

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