Chevrolet Spark (M400) 4G – fuse and relay

Chevrolet Spark M400 – represents the 4th generation of the model range. Released in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and up to now. In this publication, you will find a designation of the fuses and relays of the Chevrolet Spark M400 with box diagrams and their locations. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.


Passenger compartment


The instrument panel fuse box is on the underside of the driver side instrument panel.



Diagram 1


HVAC CNTR/ECCHVAC control module/ECC
IPCInstrument panel cluster
TCMTransmission control module
BCM1 (AT S&S)Body control module 1 (CVT stop and start)
SBSA/RPASBSA/Rear parking assist
DLCData link connector
ESCLElectric steering column lock
SDMSensing and diagnostic module
AQI2019-2020: Air quality ionizer
ETCSElectronic toll collection system
LPMLinear power module
PEPSPassive entry/ Passive start
DLIS (Non AT S&S)Discrete logic ignition switch (non-CVT stop and start)
FCAForward collision alert
IPCInstrument panel cluster
RLADReflected LED alert display
HLLD SWHeadlamp leveling switch
FRT PWR WNDWFront power window
REAR PWR WNDWRear power window
BlankNot Used
MTAAutomated manual transmission module
APOAuxiliary power outlet
CGMCentral gate module (2018)
BlankNot Used
BCM8Body control module 8
BCM7Body control module 7
BCM6Body control module 6
BCM5Body control module 5
BCM4Body control module 4
BCM3Body control module 3
BCM2 (Non AT S&S)Body control module 2 (non-CVT stop and start)
BCM1 (Non AT S&S)Body control module 1 (non-CVT stop and start)
DLIS (AT S&S)Discrete logic ignition switch (CVT stop and start)
SWC BKLTSteering wheel controls backlighting
BlankNot Used
TRANS (200/ 400W) / LOGISTICSDC DC converter/ Logistics
EXP PWR WNDWDriver express power window
BLWRBlower motor
HTD/SEATFront heated seats
HTD/STRHeated steering wheel
BCM2 (AT S&S)Body control module 2 (CVT stop and start)
RLY1Logistics relay
RLY2Accessory/ Retained accessory power relay
RLY3Interruptible retained accessory power relay
RLY4Run relay

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuse marked as “APO” (Auxiliary power outlet).

Engine Compartment

The engine compartment fuse box is on the driver side of the vehicle, near the battery.

eng companent

To access the fuses, press the tab at the front of the cover, and lift the cover.


Diagram 2


1Liftgate latch
22016-2018: Not Used.
2019-2020: Transmission output speed sensor
3Rear defogger
4Exterior rearview mirror heater
6Continuously variable transmission control module
7Mass air flow sensor
82016-2018: Auxiliary heater pump.
2019-2020: Not Used
9ABS valve
10Regulated voltage control
11Rear vision camera
12Not Used
13Not Used
14Engine control module/ Transmission control module
15Fuel injection control module/ Starter motor
16Fuel pump motor
17Engine control module 1
18Engine control module 2
20A/C system
21Intelligent battery sensor
22Electric steering column lock
23Cooling fan – low
242016-2018: Not Used.
2019-2020: Virtual key pass system sensor
25Exterior rearview mirror motor control
26Engine control module/ Transmission control module battery
27Canister vent solenoid
282016-2018: Brake pedal switch.
2019-2020: Not Used
29Automatic occupant sensing
30Headlamp leveling motor
32Front fog lamps
33Left high-beam headlamp
34Right high-beam headlamp
352016-2018: Not Used.
2019-2020: Virtual key pass system module
36Rear wiper
37Left cornering lamp
38Washer motor
39Right cornering lamp
40Not Used
412016-2018: Not Used.
2019-2020: Virtual key pass system sensor
42Starter 2
43In-panel bussed electrical center
44Automated manual transmission
45Starter 1
46ABS pump
47Cooling fan – high
48Front wiper motor
49Accessory/ Retained accessory power
RLY1Rear defogger
RLY2Transmission control module
RLY3Fuel pump motor
RLY4Starter 2
RLY5A/C system
RLY62016-2018: Auxiliary heater pump.
2019-2020: Not Used
RLY7Cooling fan – low
RLY92016-2018: WR/TRN.
2019-2020: Powertrain
RLY10Starter 1
RLY11Cooling fan – high
RLY12Front fog lamps

A high power main fuse can be attached to the positive terminal.

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