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Chevrolet Blazer is a mid-size five-door SUV. Produced in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001. After that, it was replaced by the updated Chevrolet Trail Blazer. Many people call this transition a restyling. It was officially sold in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. At this, the production of the first generation was discontinued. In this publication, we will show the location of the first generation Chevrolet Blazer fuse and relay boxes with a designation of the circuits and photo examples of boxes.

Chevrolet blazer

Due to the fact that the Chevrolet Blazer has been shipped worldwide, there is no one generic description of fuses and relays. The design of the boxes and the purpose of the elements depends on the year of manufacture and the level of equipment. Check the appointment with yours, it will be applied to the protective cover.

Passenger compartment

Execution 1

The box is located at the end of the dashboard on the driver’s side. Remove the cover to gain access.


photo block diagram in the cabin

Type 1

Description 1

Type 2

fuse box diagram for chevrolet tacos in the cabin

Type 3

block diagram in the cabin option

Protected components

RRWPRRear window wiper switch
SEOACCYPower supply for special additional equipment
WSWPRWindshield wipers
TVS ACCYCar body system controller additional electrical equipment
IGN3Ignition; electric seat heating system
4WDAll-wheel drive system; additional battery
HTR/ACClimate control system
LCKCentral door locking relay (locking function)
HVAC1Internal rearview mirror; climate control system
LTDRDriver door wiring connector
CRUISECruise control
UNLCKCentral door locking relay (unlocking function)
RRFOG LPRear fog lights
BRAKEElectronic anti-lock braking system control module
DRIVER UNLCKCentral locking relay for driver’s door unlocking
IGNOPowertrain control module; transmission control module
TVS IGN 0Vehicle body system controller
VEH CHMSLCentral high-mounted brake light for car and trailer
LTTRLRST / TRNLeft turn signal / trailer brake light
LTTRNLeft direction indicators and left side marker lamps
VEH STOPStop lights of the car; brake system module; electronic throttle control module
RT TR LR ST/TRNRight turn signal / trailer brake light
RTTRNRight direction indicators and right side marker lamps
BODYWiring harness connector
DDMDriver’s door module
AUX PWR 2, M/GATEAdditional electrical outlets in the luggage compartment
LCKSCentral door locking system
ECC, TPMClimate control system at the rear of the car; tailgate; tire pressure monitor
TVS 2CVehicle body system controller
HAZRDHazard warning light module
CB LT DRSCircuit breaker left electric glass lifter
TVS 2BVehicle body system controller
TBC2AVehicle body system controller

The cigarette lighter is designated as CIGAR LTR.

Execution 2

If you did not find the box in the dashboard, then it will be located under the rear seat cushion.

Photo of the unit under the seat


Block diagram in the cabin 2


3Luggage compartment door, module 2
4Car body system controller 3
5Not used
6Not used
7Vehicle body system controller 2
8Electric seat adjustment
9Tailgate wiper
10Driver’s door module
11Audio amplifier
12Front passenger door module
13Rear climate control system
14Rear left side light
15Not used
16Central high mounted stop – signal of the car
17Rear right side light
18Door locks
19Tailgate module / driver seat module
20Not used
21Locking the doors
23Not used
24Unlocking doors
25Not used
26Not used
27Not used
28Ventilation hatch
29Not used
30Parking lights
31Vehicle body system controller additional electrical equipment
32Car body system controller 5
33Windshield wipers
34Stop – car signal
35Transmission control module
36Heating, ventilation and air conditioning “B”
37Front side lights
38Left turn signal
39Heating, ventilation and air conditioning “1”
40Car body system controller 4

Engine compartment

In the engine compartment, this box is located on the driver’s side. Remove the cover to access the unit.

block under the hood Tahoe

Execution 1

Photo for example

Photo of the unit under the hood

Type 1

Block diagram under the hood

Type 2

Tahoe fuse block diagram 2

Type 3

Tahoe fuse block diagram 3

Your vehicle may not be equipped with all fuses, relays, or electrical appliances listed.


VSES /ECASCompressor for automatic body position control
LBEC 1Left electrical center of busbar architecture; left door modules; body systems controller; hazard warning light module
TRI PARKTrailer parking lights
RR PARKRight rear parking lights and side contour lights
LR PARKLeft rear parking lights and side contour lights
PARK LPParking light relay
STRTRStarter relay
INT PARKInterior lights
STOP LPStop lights
TVS WATTBattery Power to the Body System Controller
SEOB2Additional headlights for off-road driving
4WSNot used
AUX PWRSocket for connecting additional electrical equipment (in the center console)
PCM 1Powertrain control module
ETC/ECMElectronic throttle control module; electronic brake module
IGN EDashboard; air conditioning relay; direction indicators / hazard warning lights; starter relay
RTDElectronic suspension control system; automatic body position control system; exhaust gas aftertreatment system
TRLB / UTrailer reversing lights
F/ PMPFuel pump motor (relay)
B/U LPReversing lights; automatic transmission shift lock system
RR DEFOGHeated rear window
HDLP-HIHeadlamp high beam relay
PRIMENot used
AIR BAGInflatable airbags
FRT PARKFront parking lights and side contour lights
DRLDaytime running lights (relay) (optional)
THIS IGNHeated rear window relay
TVS IGN1Vehicle Body Systems Controller – Ignition
HI HDLP-LTHigh beam (left headlight)
LH NUDENot used
DRLDaytime running lights (optional)
RVCVoltage regulation system
IPC /DICDashboard; driver information center
HVAC /ECASClimate control system
CIG LTRCigarette lighter
HI HDLP RTHigh beam (right headlight)
HDLP LOWHigh beam (right headlight)
А / С СОМРA / C compressor relay
А / С СОМРAir conditioning compressor
TSMVTransmission control module
RRWPRRear window cleaner / washer
RADIOAudio system
SE0B1Medium electrical hub of bus architecture; electric heated rear seats; universal transmitter (optional equipment)
LO HDLP ULow beam (left headlight)
BTSIAutomatic transmission shift lock system
CRNKStarter system
LO HDLP RTLow beam (right headlight)
FOG LPFog lamp relay
FOG LPFog lights
HORNHorn relay
W/ SWASHWindscreen and rear window washer pump relay
W/ SWASHWindscreen and rear window washer pump
INFOInfotainment system for rear passengers
RADIO AMPAudio amplifier
RH HIDNot used
HORNSound signal
EAPCircuit for electrical adjustment of the accelerator and brake pedals
I PASSNot used
SBAEmergency braking assistance system
  • ECM-B – Engine pump, PCM / VCM
  • RR DEFOG – Heated rear window
  • IGN-E – Auxiliary Fan Coil, A / C Compressor Relay Hot Fuel Module
  • FUEL SOL – Fuel solenoid (for diesel)
  • GLOW PLUG – Heated plugs (for diesel)
  • HORN – Siren, lamps under the hood
  • AUXFAN – Auxiliary fan
  • ECM-1 – Injector, PCM / VCM
  • А / С-1 – Air conditioner
  • ENG-1 – Ignition Switch, EGR, Injection, Idle Speed ​​Control Solenoid
  • LIGHTING – headlights, panel backlight switch, fog lights, fuses
  • WATT – Battery, fuse box bus
  • IGN-1 – Ignition switch
  • IGN-2 – Ignition switch
  • BLOWER – Fan relays
  • STOP / HAZ – Stop light

Execution 2

 Photo example of a block under the hood of a Chevrolet blazer


Block diagram under the seat


1Automatic body position control system
2Right headlight (high beam)
3Right headlight (low beam)
4Trailer reverse signals
5Left headlight (high beam)
6Left headlight (low beam)
7Windshield wiper
8Automatic transfer case
9Windshield washer
10Powertrain control module, circuit B
11Fog lights
12Stop signals
13Cigarette lighter
15Circuit for electrical adjustment of the accelerator and brake pedals
16Body systems controller; Ignition “1”
19Electric trailer braking system
20Cooling fan
21Sound signal
23Electronic throttle control module
24Dashboard; driver information center
25Automatic transmission shift lock system
26Transmission control module
27Reversing signals
28Powertrain control module, circuit 1
29Oxygen concentration sensor
30Air conditioning system
31Vehicle body system controller 1
33Anti-lock braking system
34Ignition A
35Fan motor
36Ignition B
37Not used
38Rear window cleaner / washer
39Fog lights
40Sound signal
41Fuel pump
42Windshield washer
43High beam headlights
44Air conditioning system
45Cooling fan
46Headlamp control module
48 Control panel battery
49Circuit for electrical adjustment of the accelerator and brake pedals
50Trailer right turn signal
51Trailer left turn signal
52Hazard warning lights
53Headlamp control module
54Secondary air injection solenoid valve
55Secondary injection valve
56Secondary air injection pump
57Power unit
58Dynamic stability system Stabilitrak
59Voltage regulation system

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  • I found the plug in for the obd sensor, but does not seem to have power. Is there a fuse for the obd sensor plug? 2003 chevrolet blazer. V-6 4×4 4 door. Same tool, same day, obd sensor plugged into 2000 chevrolet blazer works fine, that why I thought fuse!

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