Chevrolet Cobalt 2G – fuse and relay

Chevrolet Cobalt 2nd generation in 2011 entered production on a new platform and with an updated design. It was also produced in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. In this article, you will find a description of the Chevrolet Cobalt 2 fuses and relays with box diagrams and locations. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Chevrolet Cobalt photo

Passenger compartment

Fuse box is located on the left side of the dashboard. Remove the corresponding cover for access.

fuse box in the passenger compartment cobalt


photo of the unit in the cabin


circuit block with fuses in a chevrolet cobaltDesignation

F1Not used
F2Not used
F3Not used
F4Not used
F520A Indicators of inclusion: alarm, rear window heating, air conditioner; license plate lights; trunk lock relay coil
F620A Anti-theft alarm system, switching unit
F730A Left headlamp (low beam), right rear light (side light), left rear light (brake and turn signal lamps), turn signal lamp in the left headlamp
F830A Right headlamp (low beam), left taillight (side light), right taillight (brake and turn signal lamps), turn signal lamp in the right headlamp, trunk lighting
F925A Heating, ventilation and air conditioning control unit
F1020A Reversing lamps in rear lights, instrument panel illumination, automatic transmission selector illumination
F1120A Taillights (fog light), lighting for embarkation and disembarkation
F1230A Central locking (front and rear doors)
F13Not used
F1410A Central locking (trunk lid)
F1510A Airbag control unit, automatic central locking system
F1615A Block diagnostics
F172A Ignition switch
F1810A Control unit for heating, ventilation and air conditioning
F19Not used
F20Not used
F21Not used
F2215A Head unit of sound reproduction system
F23Not used
F2410A Parktronic sensors
F25Not used
F2610A Instrument cluster
F2710A Airbag control unit, automatic central locking system
F2810A Malfunction indicator of the engine management system in the instrument cluster
F297.5A Clutch pedal position sensor
F3010A Headlight range control
F31Not used
F3210A Control unit for heating, ventilation and air conditioning
F33Not used
F34Not used
F3525A Electric front door windows
F3625A Electric rear door windows
F37Not used
F3820A Electrical Outlet –  Cigarette Lighter Fuse
F3910A Head unit of sound reproduction system
F40Not used
Protected circuits
R1Not used
R2Not used
R3Trunk lid lock relay Trunk lid lock actuator
R4Not used
R5A / C relay A / C compressor clutch
R6Power windows, head, Power window relay, sound reproduction device, electrical outlet (cigarette lighter)

The fuse number 38 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

The described location and availability of components in fuse boxes may differ from yours and depend on the equipment and year of manufacture.

Engine compartment

The fuse box is located in the front left of the engine compartment, near the battery.

The location of the unit under the hood

Photo for example

Photo of the unit under the hood


Ravon p4 fuse block diagram


125A Not used
27.5A Outside rearview mirror
35A Not used
425A Not used
530A ABS module
65A Not used
715A Not used
815A Automatic transmission module
95A Control voltage regulator
1010A Headlight adjustment, Rear view camera
1120A Heated rear window
1230A Rear defogger
1310A Not used
147.5A Heated outside rearview mirror
1520A Not used
1625A Heated front seats
1710A Not used
1810A Engine control module, automatic transmission control module
1920A Fuel pump
2015A Not used
2110A Radiator fan relay coil, A / C relay coil
2210A Not used
2310A Engine control unit
2410A Front windshield washer
2510A Not used
2610A ECM, MAF sensor
2710A Not used
2810A Oxygen sensor
2920A Engine control unit
3015A Injection and ignition control
3110A Left high beam headlamp
3210A Right high beam headlamp
3315A Engine control unit
3415A Sound signal
3510A A / C Compressor
3610A Front fog lamp
140A ABS module
230A Windshield wiper
340A Heating, ventilation and air conditioning control relay
430A Airbag, Automatic unlocking, Instrument panel, Clutch pedal, Headlight adjustment
540A Not used
640A Not used
740A Not used
830A radiator fan
940A radiator fan
1020A Not used
1130A Starter
R1Relay Run / Start
R2Fuel pump
R3Not used
R4Not used
R5Powertrain relay
R6High speed radiator fan


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