BMW X6 e71/72 – fuse and relay

The crossover BMW X6 e71 / 72 combines the best features of BMW SUVs (four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, large wheels, high-torque engine) and a coupe (strong roof slope at the rear of the car). This series was produced in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. After that, the car received a restyling and is produced to this day under the body marking F16. Our publication provides general information about the BMW X6 e71 / 72 fuse boxes and relays with their description in the form of a table, as well as highlight which of them are responsible for the cigarette lighter and how to change them.

BMW X6 photo

Passenger compartment fuse box

It is located under the glove compartment on the passenger side. To access, unscrew the protective screws.

attachment of the protective cover

Next, in the space that opens, you need to find and unscrew the green screw. It looks like this.

access to the fuse box x6

After that, the box itself with the fuses will go down to the bottom (it will gently fold back).

photo of the block with fuses in the cabin x6
photo of the box with fuses in the cabin x6


block diagram with fuses bmw x6 in the cabin

Some relay elements are located here: heating and cleaning the rear window, front wiper relays and air suspension relays.

Table with denomination

fuse rating

The fuse table is a little below.

Luggage compartment fuse and relay boxes

Main box

Located on the right-hand side under the casing.

location of fuses in x6

There should also be a brochure with an up-to-date description of the fuses for your vehicle. It is marked with a red arrow in the picture.

 photo of the fuse box in the trunk of a bmw x6 e71
fuse box in the trunk bmw x6 e71


block diagram with fuses bmw x6 in the trunk

The fuses 118, 111, 113, 115 are responsible for the cigarette lighter. They are marked in red on the diagram. Placement in the photo and the diagram are the same.

On the unit itself there is a terminal 30G relay. Some relays can also be located near the box, such as the unloading relay for terminal 15 K9.

unloading relay x6


fuse description table

Dealing with her is quite simple. For example, fuses 110 and 136 are responsible for the phone, 16 for adjusting the side mirrors, 10, 39 for starting and stopping, etc.

Fuses on the battery cover

In the cover on the battery there is a group of fuses – the battery power distributor.

photo of the fuse box on the battery

Engine compartment fuse box

There is another box on the right in the assembly compartment. Its performance depends on the year of manufacture and vehicle equipment.

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