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We offer you the opportunity to become acquainted with the wiring diagrams of the BMW E36 fuse boxes and relays and their locations. The E36 is the third generation of the BMW 3-series. This car was produced in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and even before 2000, compact models were produced according to the version of the E36 hatchback body.

photo bmw e36

In the diesel versions, the fuses are located in two boxes, one in the engine compartment, as in the gasoline versions, and the other under the rear seat. The most powerful 80A fuse is located near the battery under the rear seat and protects the entire battery-powered circuit.

Engine compartment fuse box

It is located under the hood on the right side closer to the driver under a black cover.

 fuse box location


real photo of the block


real photo of the bmw e36 unit


1Fuel pump relay
2Relay, electronic engine control unit
3Oxygen sensor relay
4Horn relay
5Fog lamp relay
6Headlight relay
7Headlamp high beam relay
8Alarm relay
9Heater blower motor relay
10Heated rear window relay
11Safety relay ABS
12ABS pump relay
13Cooling fan motor relay 2
14A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
15Cooling fan motor relay 1
F1(30A) Luke
F2(15A) Trailer socket
F3(30A) Headlamp washer / cleaner
F4(15A) Heated seat
F5(30A) Power seat
F6(20A) Heated rear window
F7(5A) Ignition switch heater, central locking, anti-theft system, convertible roof drive
F8(15A) Horn
F9(20A) Audio system
F10(30A) ABS / TCS electronic control unit, active suspension system
F11(7,5A) Headlight – left
F12(7,5A) Headlamp-Right
F13(5A) Power windows – rear (2-door models)
F14(30A) Power windows
F15(7.5A) Fog lights – front, instrument cluster
F16(5A) ECM, air conditioning
F17(7,5A) Rear fog lamps
F18(15A) Fuel pump
F19(15A / 30A) Power windows-rear. (4-door models / convertible)
F20(10A) Air conditioning / heating system
F21(5A) ABS / TCS electronic control unit, active suspension system
F22(5A) Fog lights
F23(5A) Seat heaters, instrument cluster, clock, trip computer, turn signals, ABS, engine compartment lamp, heater, heated rear window, fog lights, headlamp relay
F24(15A) Heated windscreen washer nozzles, power door mirrors, parking aid
F25(5A) Light switch (headlights / fog lights)
F26(10A) Reversing lights, gear selector, oxygen sensor, diagnostic connector, fuel heater
F27(5A) Anti-lock braking system / traction control, instrument cluster, trip computer
F28(5A) ECM, ECM, ECM, cruise control ECM
F29(7.5A) High beam – left headlight
F30(7,5A) High beam – headlamp right
F31(15A) Instrument panel, clock, trip computer, anti-theft system, central locking signal control module, air conditioning system
F32(30A) Cigarette lighter fuse
F33(10A) Lamps / Tails – Left Engine compartment lamp, interior lamps, charging connector, anti-theft system, telephone, door lock heater
F34(30A) Indicator / hazard lamps, shock sensor (anti-theft system), anti-theft system
F35(25A) Central locking, retractable roof drive
F36(30A) Windscreen wiper / washer control module
F37(10A) Lamps, front and rear, right
F38(30A) ABS
F39(7,5A) A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
F40(30A) Power seat
F41(30A) A / C condenser blower motor
F42(7.5A) SRS Roll-Over Protection System (Convertible)
F43(5A) Interior lamps, anti-theft system, central locking, telephone, convertible roof drive
F44(15A) Windscreen wiper / washer control module, glove compartment lamp, audio system, anti-theft system
F45(7.5A) Trip computer, auxiliary alarm unit
F46(7.5A) Instrument panel, brake lights, cruise control

Check the information provided with your description on the back of the cover. In this version, number 32 at 30A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

K2 – horn relay;
K4 – heating blower relay;
K10 – ABS safety relay;
K13 – rear window heater relay;
K16– relay-interrupter for direction indicators and alarm;
K19 – air conditioning compressor relay;
K21 – relay for the electric drive of the radiator fan (air conditioning) of the 1st stage;
K22 – relay for the electric drive of the radiator fan (air conditioning), 2nd stage;
K46 – high beam headlamp relay;
K47 – fog lamp relay;
K48 – low beam headlamp relay;
K75 – pump motor relay ABC;
K6300 – main relay of the Motronic ignition / injection system;
K6301 – fuel pump relay;
K6303 – lambda probe heating relay.

Passenger compartment relay box

Located under the dashboard on the left.

relay e36

For cars produced before 1996.

1Power window / sunroof relay
2Control unit (in case of emergency)
3Heater blower motor relay
4Headlight washer / washer relay
5Windshield / headlight wiper control unit
6Window regulator motor relay – rear 2-door models

For cars produced after 1996.

1Power window / sunroof relay
2Control unit (weld)
3Heater blower motor relay
7Fuse 48 (40A), AC – 316i / 318i
  • 48 – 40A Fan (high speed)
  • 50 – 5A Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve, Carbon Filter Valve

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  • Where is the passenger compartment relay box actually located on a 1995 BMW. My front windows don’t work and sunroof do not work, but I hear a clicking noise from the glove box area when I try to let down both front windows. Rear windows work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, do you have an actual picture of where the passenger compartment relay box is on a 95 BMW 318i?

    • What is the starter relay no. For my E36 318i 1997 l can’t figure it out please help the car can’t start dash board just switched off once on.

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