Bmw X5 f15 – fuse and relay

The third generation of the popular BMW X5 F15 was introduced in 2013. This series was produced in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and to the present. The general structure of the location of fuses, relays and other electrical circuits is largely the same as the previous e70 model. But the F15 also added new elements. In this material, we present general information about the Bmw X5 F15 relay and fuse boxes with a description of the locations and box diagrams.

BMW X5 f15 photo

Passenger compartment

Main fuse box

It is located in the front passenger’s leg area under the glove compartment. To access, unscrew the fastening elements of the cover.

photo of the block under the glove compartment bmw x5 f15
photo of the box under the glove compartment bmw x5 f15


block diagram under the glove compartment bmw x5 f15

The fuse table is a little below.

Electronic control unit

This element is attached to the A-pillar near the passenger’s feet and is covered by the interior trim.

electronic control unit bmw x5 f15

The fuse group is in the center.

Diagram with a description of the hired

fuses bmw x5 f15 ecu

In this video you can see how to get to this module using the example of a right-hand x5.

Luggage compartment

Trunk fuse box

It is located on the right-hand side under the skin.

photo of the block in the trunk x5


bmw x5 f15 fuse box diagram in the trunk

Table with general designation of fuses

fuse description table

It’s not difficult to figure it out. For example, fuse 13 is responsible for the sound signal, for the phone – 25, 128, for heated rear window – 5, heated seats – 26, 65, 64, 164, 166 and so on.

The fuses 36, 37, 143, 162 are responsible for the cigarette lighter. See the diagrams for their location.

air suspension relay
air suspension relay

Relay elements are located next to the box. For example, air suspension and refrigerator relays (if equipped in a car).

Battery fuses

High power fuses are built into the battery cover to protect all circuits.


Engine compartment

On the right, in the assembly compartment, there is another box with fuses and relays.

DDE engine relay K6 and box diagram

block under the hood


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  • I need to tap of 12VDC 30Amp for an equipment rack in the trunk of the vehicle, Where is the best place to tap this power and only when the vehicle is started on in ACC mode on ignition?

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