BMW 1 2004 – 2014 (E81, E82, E87, E88) fuse and relay

BMW E81, E82, E87, E88 represents the 1st generation of the BMW 1 Series, which were produced in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the locations of all electronic control units, descriptions of fuses and relays BMW 1 (E81, E82, E87, E88) with fuse box diagrams and photo examples of execution. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.


The assignment of fuses and relays may differ from that shown, depending on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment.





1Air conditioning control unit – behind the heater control panel
2Antenna selection control unit – under the rear seat
3Antenna booster – telephone – luggage compartment left side
4Side impact sensor, driver’s side – lower part of B-pillar
5Side impact sensor, passenger side – B-pillar lower
6Vehicle tilt sensor (anti-theft system) – in the sound signal of the anti-theft system
7Anti-theft horn – Behind rear left wheel arch trim
8Volume change sensor (anti-theft system) – on the ceiling panel
9Audio control unit (DAB) – luggage compartment, under floor
10Audio Output Amplifier – LH Trunk
11Interference Suppressor (Audio System) – C-pillar
12Battery – under the floor of the luggage compartment
13Battery status sensor – on the battery
14Diagnostic connector
15Driver’s door electrical control unit
16Passenger door electrical control unit
17Fuel Pump Control Module (If Equipped) – Behind Right Support on Rear Seat Cushion
18Fuse/ Relay Box, Dashboard – Behind Glove Box
19Fuse /Relay Box, intake resonator
20Fuse Box/ Relay, Battery (Valve tronic/Diesel Engine Management/ Auxiliary Electric Heater /Power Distribution) – Fuses cannot be replaced individually
21Horn 1 – behind the bumper
22Beep 2 – behind the bumper
23Instrument cluster control unit
24Turn Signal/Hazard Relay – In Multifunction Control Module 2
25Light sensor
26Multi-Function Control Module 1 – Attached to Dashboard Fuse/Relay Box – Functions: Air conditioning, central locking, power windows, headlamp washers, door mirror defrosters, windshield washer jet heaters, rear window washer, sunblind, windshield washers glass
27Multifunctional control unit 2-functions: Central locking, power windows, fog lights, headlights, adaptive headlights, headlight range control, door mirror defrosters, direction indicators / hazard warning lights, instrument cluster illumination, rear lights, reversing lights
28Multifunctional control unit 3 – behind the dashboard – functions: Anti – theft system, central locking, immobilizer, starter, steering column lock
29Multifunctional control unit 4 – functions: Anti-theft system, interior lamps, sunroof
30Multifunctional control unit 5 – luggage compartment, underfloor (right) – functions: Remote control of the central locking and engine start
31multimedia control unit
32Navigation system control unit
33Navigation system receiver
34Ambient temperature sensor
35Parking system control unit – luggage compartment, underfloor (right)
36Parking system speaker, front – under dash
37Parking system speaker, rear – right side of luggage compartment
38Power Steering Control Module – Active Steering – Rear Left Front Wheel Arch
39Seat adjustment control unit 1 – under the driver’s seat
40Seat Adjustment Control Unit 2 – Under Passenger’s Seat
41Heated driver’s seat control unit – under the seat
42Passenger seat heating control unit – under the seat
43Steering column electrical control unit
44Sunroof electric control unit
45SRS electronic control unit
46Body Height Sensor (Right Front)
47Body Height Sensor (Right Rear)
48Multifunction switch control unit – i-drive
49Telematics unit – luggage compartment, under the floor
50Phone Transceiver – Bluetooth – Under Dashboard
51Trailer electrical control unit – luggage compartment, under floor (right)
52Electronic transmission control unit – on the gearbox
53Voice Activation Unit – Luggage Compartment, Underfloor
54Rain sensor (windshield wiper)

Passenger compartment

The main fuse and relay box is located behind the glove compartment, also called the glove box. To access, remove the protective cover. See the video at the end of the article for more details.
real photo

Fuse box diagram


R1Windshield wiper motor 2 (included in fuse box / relay plate)
R2Motor wiper 1
R3Rear window relay
R4Rear wiper relay
R5Fuel Pump Relay (FP) (in Fuse / Relay Housing) – If Equipped
R6Circuit 2 Disconnect Relay (in Fuse / Relay Housing) – If Equipped
R7Main ignition switch relay (in the fuse / relay housing)
R8Circuit breaker relay 1
R9Headlamp washer pump relay
R10Secondary air pump relay (AIR)
F2(5A) Auto dimming rearview mirror
F4(5A) Multifunction control module 3
F5(7.5A) Multifunction control module 4
F6Not used (^ 08/05)
F8(5A) Audio equipment CD changer
F12(20A) Multipurpose module
F13(5A) Assembly-i-drive module control module
F16(15А) Horn-RH
F17(5A) Navigation system
F18(5A) Audio CD changer (^ 11/04)
F19(7.5A) Alarm, keyless entry
F20(5A) Dynamic stability control
F21(7.5A) Door control module – driver’s side, electric rearview mirror, passenger side
F23(10A) Navigation system, TV tuner
F26(10A) Telematics
F27(5A) Door control module – driver’s side, telephone
F28(5A) Multifunction control module 4, parking control module
F29(5A) Heated front seats
F30(20A) Charging socket, cigarette lighter
F31(30A) Dynamic stability control (^ 08/05)
F32(30A) Electric seats, heated front seats
F33(30A) Electric seat-passenger
F34(30A) Audio device amplifier
F35(20A) Fuel pump (FP) H08 / 05)
F36(30A) Multifunction control module 2
F38Not used (^ 08/05)
F39(30A) Wiper motor
F40(20A) Audio system (^ 08/05)
F41(30A) Multifunction control module 2
F42(30A) Electric actuator
F43(30A) Headlamp washers
F44(30A) Trailer control module
F45(20A) Trailer socket (^ 08/05)
F46(40A) Heated rear window
F47Not used (^ 08/05)
F48(20A) Rear window wash / wipe system
F49(30A) Heated front passenger
F51(50A) Multifunction control module 3
F52(50A) Multifunction control module 2
F53(50A) Multifunction control module 2
F54(60A) Engine management
F56(15A) Central locking
F57(15A) Central locking
F58(7.5A) Datalink Connector (DLC) Instrument Control Module
F59(5A) Steering column control module
F60(7,5A) Air conditioner (AC)
F61(10A) Luggage, glove box lamp, multifunction display
F62(30A) Rear power windows
F63(30A) Multifunction control module
F64(30A) Rear power windows
F65(40A) Dynamic stability control
F66(50A) Fuel filter heater – Diesel
F67(50A) Heater / air conditioner (AC)
F69(50A) Engine coolant fan motor
F70(50A) Secondary air injection (AIR), if fitted

The exact description of the units is given in a special brochure located in the security door.


Example of fuse card


Engine compartment

An engine control unit can be installed in the engine compartment on the right side, which may contain some fuses and relays.

The allocation of the fuses and relays may differ from those shown and depend on the type of engine and year of manufacture.


additional fuse box

Circuit breakers

F0130A Ignition coil cyl. 1
Ignition coil cyl. 2
Ignition coil cyl. 3
Ignition coil cyl. 4
Ignition coil cyl. 5
Ignition coil cyl. 6
Interference suppression capacitor for ignition coils
F0230A Programmable cooling system thermostat
Electric coolant pump
Intake camshaft position sensor
Solenoid valve VANOS, intake side
Intake camshaft position sensor
Solenoid valve VANOS, exhaust side
F0320A Crankshaft sensor
DME control unit
Fuel tank vent valve
Air mass meter
Oil condition sensor
Crankshaft sensor
F0430A Heating of the engine ventilation system
Lambda probe before catalytic converter
Lambda probe 2 before catalytic converter
Lambda probe behind catalytic converter
Lambda probe 2 behind the catalytic converter
F0530A Injector relay
F0610A EAC Sensor
Electronics box fan
Muffler damper
Fuel Tank Leak Diagnostic Module
Junction box (K6304)
Hot-wire air flow meter
F0740A Valvetronic relay (WT)
F0930A Electric coolant pump
F0105A Crankcase ventilation heating relay
Ignition coil cyl. 1
Ignition coil cyl. 2
Ignition coil cyl. 3
Ignition coil cyl. 4


  • A6000 – DME control unit
  • K6300 – Main relay of the DDE system
  • K6319 – Relay Valvetronic (VVT)
  • K6327 – Injector relay
  • K6539 – Relay for heating the crankcase ventilation system

In the luggage compartment, in the cover on the battery, high-power power fuses can also be located.

Additional Information

Video example of accessing the unit and replacing the fuse on a BMW 1 E8x series.

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  • Postovani.Na bmw 116i n45 2004 god.nemam napona na osiguracu 35 fuel pump,pa me zanima ima li taj model relej pumpe goriva?Unaprijed hvala

  • My bmw is 125i 1series 2001 model so the problem is that there is a power cut and the cluster don’t show up please I need help..not starting but the fuel pump is running

    • Check the pdc module in the boot its usually behind the right hand aide boot covering in a well , bmw 1 series have an issue with water going in here and filling up the compartment when raining or car wash you may find the pdc module or trailer module or both are sitting in water it affects all things including instrument panel failing to work or flashing off and on and many fault codes appearing , just done it to my partners and was literally sat in 2 inch deep of water,

  • You can also unplug it to see if it helps as I’m running the car without both modules now and car works perfect again without them , they are mainly for parking distance control and trailer mode for towing but all wired up to the body control module and the instrument panel so causes it all to go faulty

  • Hello I have a 2008 128I The power to accessories and dash was going on and off intermittently Now the vehicle will not start Not sure where to look I have checked battery connections at battery and in engine compartment Help!!

  • Hi, I have an E80 7BMW one series which where the hazard lights are continually on. The only way to turn them off is to disconnect the battery.

    The right and left turn indicators do work. However, the hazard lights come on once the turn is completed.

    I understand that this may be linked to module two of the control unit(as it relates to the crash control unit which controls the hazards, internal lights and locks upon any crash activation). Could any indicate what you would advise to sort this out please many thanks for your help.

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