BMW 1 series (E81, E82, E87) fuse and relay

BMW 1 series – compact cars with rear-wheel drive and longitudinal engine arrangement. Produced in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. We invite you to familiarize yourself with a list of all fuses and relays bmw 1 series (E81, E82, E87, E88), the locations of the boxes and their diagrams.

BMW Series 1

Passenger compartment

This box is located behind the glove compartment, I also call it a glove box. The protective cover must be removed for access. For more details, see the video at the end of the article. real photo

Fuse box diagram


R1Windshield wiper motor 2 (included in fuse box / relay plate)
R2Motor wiper 1
R3Rear window relay
R4Rear wiper relay
R5Fuel Pump Relay (FP) (in Fuse / Relay Housing) – If Equipped
R6Circuit 2 Disconnect Relay (in Fuse / Relay Housing) – If Equipped
R7Main ignition switch relay (in the fuse / relay housing)
R8Circuit breaker relay 1
R9Headlamp washer pump relay
R10Secondary air pump relay (AIR)
F2(5A) Auto dimming rearview mirror
F4(5A) Multifunction control module 3
F5(7.5A) Multifunction control module 4
F6Not used (^ 08/05)
F8(5A) Audio equipment CD changer
F12(20A) Multipurpose module
F13(5A) Assembly-i-drive module control module
F16(15А) Horn-RH
F17(5A) Navigation system
F18(5A) Audio CD changer (^ 11/04)
F19(7.5A) Alarm, keyless entry
F20(5A) Dynamic stability control
F21(7.5A) Door control module – driver’s side, electric rearview mirror, passenger side
F23(10A) Navigation system, TV tuner
F26(10A) Telematics
F27(5A) Door control module – driver’s side, telephone
F28(5A) Multifunction control module 4, parking control module
F29(5A) Heated front seats
F30(20A) Charging socket, cigarette lighter
F31(30A) Dynamic stability control (^ 08/05)
F32(30A) Electric seats, heated front seats
F33(30A) Electric seat-passenger
F34(30A) Audio device amplifier
F35(20A) Fuel pump (FP) H08 / 05)
F36(30A) Multifunction control module 2
F38Not used (^ 08/05)
F39(30A) Wiper motor
F40(20A) Audio system (^ 08/05)
F41(30A) Multifunction control module 2
F42(30A) Electric actuator
F43(30A) Headlamp washers
F44(30A) Trailer control module
F45(20A) Trailer socket (^ 08/05)
F46(40A) Heated rear window
F47Not used (^ 08/05)
F48(20A) Rear window wash / wipe system
F49(30A) Heated front passenger
F51(50A) Multifunction control module 3
F52(50A) Multifunction control module 2
F53(50A) Multifunction control module 2
F54(60A) Engine management
F56(15A) Central locking
F57(15A) Central locking
F58(7.5A) Datalink Connector (DLC) Instrument Control Module
F59(5A) Steering column control module
F60(7,5A) Air conditioner (AC)
F61(10A) Luggage, glove box lamp, multifunction display
F62(30A) Rear power windows
F63(30A) Multifunction control module
F64(30A) Rear power windows
F65(40A) Dynamic stability control
F66(50A) Fuel filter heater – Diesel
F67(50A) Heater / air conditioner (AC)
F69(50A) Engine coolant fan motor
F70(50A) Secondary air injection (AIR), if fitted

The exact description of the units is given in a special brochure located in the security door.


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