BMW E39 – fuse and relay

The BMW E39 is a modification of the BMW 5 series produced in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, including touring station wagons. It underwent one restyling during this time. This article will provide detailed information on the fuses and relays of the BMW E39, including diagrams and designations of their purposes.

BMW e39

Please note that the location of the fuses and relays depends on the equipment and year of manufacture of the vehicle. For the latest information on fuses, see the brochure located in the glove compartment under the fuse cover and on the back of the right-hand side trim in the luggage compartment.

Engine compartment

Fuse box is located in the far right corner, almost near the windshield.

engine compartment photo


BMW 5 E39 engine compartment


1Electronic engine control unit
2Electronic gearbox control unit
3Engine control relay
4Ignition coil relay – except 520i (22 6S 1) / 525i / 530i
5Windshield wiper motor relay 1
6Windshield wiper motor relay 2
7A / C condenser fan motor relay 1
8Relay Z of the electric motor of the fan of the condenser of the air conditioner
9Exhaust Air Pump Relay / ABS Relay

Circuit breakers

F130A ECM, EVAP canister valve, air flow sensor, camshaft position sensor 1, coolant thermostat – 535i / 540i
F230A Pump of the air supply system to the outlet, e / m valve of the system for changing the geometry of the intake manifold, injectors (except for 520i (22 6S1) / 525i / 530i), electronic engine control unit, e / m valve of the fuel vapor accumulator, drive (1.2 ) variable valve timing systems, idle speed control system drive
F320A Crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor (1,2), air flow sensor
F430A Heated oxygen sensors, ECM
F530A Ignition coil relay – except 520i (22 6S1) / 525i / 530i

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located in the glove compartment (or it is called the glove compartment). To access it, you need to open the glove compartment and turn the mounts.

Access to the unit in the glove compartment

And the box itself will drop to the bottom. It will look something like this.

main unit e39

  1. Tweezers for fuses
  2. Your current fuse diagram (usually in German)
  3. Spare fuses (may not be available; -).


130A Wiper
230A Windscreen and headlight washer systems
315A Sound signal
420A interior lighting, luggage compartment lighting, glass washer system
520A Sliding / lifting roof panel motor
630A Power window, central locking system
720A Additional fan, cigarette lighter.
825A ASC system (automatic stability control system)
915A Heated glass washer nozzles, air conditioning system
1030A Electric adjustment of the position of the passenger seat next to the driver
118A servotronic system
1330A Electric adjustment of the position of the steering column, driver’s seat
145A Engine management, anti-theft system
158A Diagnostic connector, engine management, anti-theft system
165A Lighting system module
1710A Diesel vehicle ABS, ASC, fuel pump
185A Instrument panel
195A EDC system, electronic suspension control system), PDC system (parking distance control system)
208A Heated rear window, heating, air conditioning systems, additional fan
215A Power driver’s seat adjustment, dimmable mirror, garage door opener
2230A Additional fan
2310A Heating system, parking heating system
245A Illumination of the indicator of the position of the lever for selecting the operating mode, instrument panel
258A Multifunction display (MID)
265A Windscreen wiper
2730A Electric glass lift, central closing system
2830A Heating fan air conditioning system
2830A Electric door mirror adjustment, electric glass lift, central closing system
3025A Diesel Vehicle ABS, Gasoline Vehicle ABS
3110A ABS system of a car with a gasoline engine, ASC system, fuel pump
3215A Seat heating system
3410A Steering wheel heating system
385A Illumination of the indicator of the position of the lever of the selection of the operating mode, diagnostic socket, sound signal
398A Airbag system, tilt mirror lighting
405A Instrument panel
415A Airbag system, brake signal, constant speed control system, lighting system module
435A On-board monitor, radio, telephone, rear window washer pump, glass rear window wiper
445A Multifunction steering wheel, display [MID], radio, telephone
458A Electric rear window curtain roller

The fuses 7, 51 and 52 are responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

Relay box

It is located in a special white plastic box. For access, you need to remove the glove compartment itself.relay in the cabin

General view of the disassembled glove box

relay in the cabin


BMW-5-E39 relay box


1A / C condenser fan motor relay 2 (^ 03/98)
2Headlight washer pump relay
4Starter relay
5Power Seat Relay / Steering Column Adjuster Relay
6Heater blower motor relay
F75(50A) A / C condenser blower motor, coolant blower motor
F76(40A) A / C / heater blower motor control module

Additional fuse box

Located under the passenger seat, near the doorstep. To access, the passenger compartment trim must be lifted.

Block at the feet of the passenger


 BMW-E39 under the seat


F10750A Secondary air injection pump relay (AIR)
F10850A ABS Control Module
F10980A Engine control relay (EC), fuse box (F4 & F5)
F11080A Fuse Box – Fascia 1 (F1-F12 and F22-F25)
F11150A Ignition switch
F11280A Lamp control module
F11380A steering column / steering column adjustment relay, fuse box – fascia 1 (F27-F30), fuse box-fascia 2 (F76), lamp control module, fuse box – fascia 1 (F13) – with lumbar support
F11450A Ignition switch, data line connector (DLC)

Luggage compartment

In the trunk on the right side behind the trim, there are 2 more boxes with fuses and relays.

Trunk blocks

Fuse and relay box

bmw 39 block in trunk


BMW-5-E39- general block diagram



  1. relay 1 of protection against overload and voltage surges;
  2. fuel pump relay;
  3. rear window heater relay;
  4. relay 2 protection against overload and voltage surges;
  5. lock drive relay fuel filler neck.
4615A Parking heating system parking ventilation system
4715A Parking heating system
485A Anti-theft and burglar alarm system
4930A Heated rear window
508A Air suspension
5130A Air suspension, socket in trunk
5230A Cigarette lighter fuse bmw 5 e39
538A Central locking system
5415A Fuel pump
5520A Rear window washer pump, rear wiper
6015A EDC system electronic suspension control system
615A PDC system (parking distance control system)
6430A On-board monitor, CD-player, navigation system, radio
6510A Phone
6610A On-board monitor, navigation system, radio, telephone

For the cigarette lighter fuses number 51 and 52 at 30A are responsible.

High power fuse box

A second fuse box is located near the battery.

Circuits protected

F100200A Safety box in the legs (F107-F114)
F10180A Fuse Box – Load Zone 1 (F46-F50, F66)
F10280A Fuse box loading area 1 (F51-F55)
F10350A Trailer control module
F10450A Overvoltage protection relay 2
F105100A Fuse box (F75), auxiliary heater
F10680A Boot area, 1 fuse (F56-F59)

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