Audi Q5 (FY) (2017 – 2024) fuse and relay

Audi Q5 2nd generation was produced in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 with the FY body designation. During this time, the model underwent restyling. In this article we will present a description of the fuses and relays of the Audi Q5 2 with fuse box diagrams, their location and photographs. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Audi Q5 2

The purpose of fuses and relays may differ from those presented and depend on the year of manufacture, the level of electrical equipment and the region of delivery of your vehicle.

Passenger compartment

Fuse and relay box

Inside the car, the fuse and relay box is located on the left side, under the instrument panel.

Left-hand drive vehicles




Right-hand drive vehicles

location RHD


Diagram 1


Panel A (brown)
1Catalytic converter heating
2Engine components
3Exhaust doors, fuel injectors, air intake, engine heating
4Vacuum pump, hot water pump, NOx sensor, particulate matter sensor, biodiesel sensor, exhaust doors
5Brake light sensor
6Engine valves, camshaft adjustment
7Heated oxygen sensors, mass air flow sensor, water pump
8Water pump, high pressure pump, high pressure regulator valve, temperature valve, engine mount
9Hot water pump, engine relay, 48V starter-alternator, 48V water pump
10Oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor
11Clutch Position Sensor, 48V Starter Alternator, Water Pump, 12V Starter Alternator
12Engine valves, engine mount
13Engine cooling
14Fuel injectors, drive system control module
15Ignition coils, heated oxygen sensors
16Fuel pump


Panel B (red)
1Anti-theft system
2Drive System Control Module
3Front left seat electronics, lumbar support, massage seat
4Automatic transmission selector lever
6Parking brake
7Diagnostic interface (gateway control module)
8Roof electronics control module
9Emergency call and communication control module
10Airbag control module
11Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
12Diagnostic connector, light/rain sensor
13Climate control system
14Right front door control unit
15Climate control compressor
16Brake system reservoir


Panel C (black)
1Heated front seats
3Left headlight electronics
4Panoramic glass roof/ sliding/ tilting sunroof
5Left front door control unit
612 volt socket, cigarette lighter
7Right rear door control unit, right rear window regulator
8All Wheel Drive (AWD) Control Module
9Right headlight electronics
10Windshield washer/headlight washer control module
11Left rear door control module, left rear power window
12Autonomous heater

Fuse number 6 is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

Panel D (black)
1Front seat electronics, seat ventilation, rear view mirror, rear climate control system control panel, heated windshield, diagnostic connector
2Diagnostic interface, on-board network control module
3Sound generator
4Clutch position sensor
5Engine start, emergency shutdown
6Diagnostic connector, traffic information aerial (TMC)
7USB connection
8Garage door opener
9Audi Adaptive Cruise Control, Adaptive Distance Control
11Front camera
12Right headlight
13Left headlight
14Transmission Fluid Cooler / Rear Window Wiper
15Alarm and hands-free calling system

Panel E (red)
1Ignition coils
2Climate control compressor
5Left headlight
6Automatic transmission
8Climate control fan
9Right headlight
10Dynamic Steering
11Engine starting

Fuse box

There is another fuse box installed at the left end of the dashboard on the left side.

location 2


Diagram 2


  1. Convenient access and launch authorization control module (NFC)
  2. Audi phone, USB connector
  3. Head-up display
  4. Audi music interface, USB connection
  5. Front climate control panel
  6. Steering column lock
  7. Central display
  8. Instrument panel
  9. Volume control, Infotainment unit
  10. Light switch, switch module
  11. Steering column electronics
  12. Particulate matter sensor for climate control system
  13. Infotainment system
  14. Adjusting the power steering column
  15. Heated steering wheel, Electronic steering column

Luggage compartment

This fuse box is located in the luggage compartment on the left side, behind the trim.

location 3


Diagram q5 2


Fuse Panel A (Black)
A1Temperature management
A2Heated windshield
A3Heated windshield
A5Air suspension/suspension control
A6Automatic transmission
A7Heated rear window
A8Rear seat heating
A9Left taillight
A10Left seat belt tensioner
A11Central locking system
A12Power trunk lid
Fuse Panel B (Red)
B1Not assigned
B2High voltage battery
B3High Voltage Battery Water Pump
B4Electric motor
B8Air conditioning compressor
B10High voltage battery
Fuse Panel C (Brown)
C3Lumbar support
C4Audi side assist
C5Preparing for Rear Seat Entertainment
C7Opening/starting the car (NFC)
C8Smart module (tank);
Autonomous heating radio, smart module (fuel tank)
C9Climate cup holder
C10TV tuner
C1112 Volt battery; 2019-2020: Auxiliary Battery Control Module
C12HomeLink / Garage Door Opener
C13Rear view camera, peripheral cameras
C14Right rear lights
C16Seat belt tensioner right
Fuse panel E (red)
E2Audio amplifier
E3Heating AdBlue;
E5Trailer Hitch (Right Light)
E7Trailer hitch
E8Hitch (left light)
E9Trailer hitch (socket)
E10Sports differential
E11Heating AdBlue;


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