Audi А6 C6 / S6 / Allroad (4F) – fuse and relay

The third generation Audi A6 was introduced in 2004. The new A6 sedan is an evolution of the previous model, so the placement of many elements is the same. This article provides a list of fuses and relays for the Audi A6 C6 with box diagram and designation manufactured in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Audi A6 C6

The given material is universal and is suitable for all vehicles based on the Audi A6 C6 – S6 – Allroad. The location of the fuses depends on the equipment and the year of manufacture of the vehicle. Check with your description in the vehicle manual.

Passenger compartment

Box on the left side

Located on the left side of the dashboard. Remove the protective cover for access. fuses in the passenger compartment of the Audi A3 8l

For the exact description of the fuses, refer to the information on the back of the protective cover.

real photo of the fuse box a6 c6
real photo of the fuse box a6 c6

Diagramfuse block diagram a6 c6


35A motor control
45A oil level sensor
55A air conditioner
65A Electronic Dynamic Stability Program (ESP), clutch sensor
75A plug for diagnostic system
85A HomeLink control unit
95A auto-shielded interior rearview mirror
105A maintaining distance (adaptive cruise control)
115A auxiliary heater
1210A plug for diagnostic system
1310A steering column switch module
145A brake signal switch
1510A instrument cluster
1610A telephone, telematics, mobile phone
1710A Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
185A left headlight electronics
195A rain sensor
205A heated washer jets
215A antenna amplifier
235A electromechanical parking brake
3115A reversing light switch, multitronic transmission, engine component
3230A intelligent driver power module (footwell and headlights, horn, wiper, electric steering column adjustment)
3325A intelligent driver power module (lighting on the left)
3425A intelligent driver power module (right lighting)
3520A auxiliary heater
3630A headlight cleaner
3725A Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
3830A wiper
3915A left door control unit
4025A beep / MMI display
4140A heater fan
4415A advanced key control box / airbag

Relay box

This box of elements is located under the dashboard, slightly to the left of the steering wheel. All elements are located on a specially designed bracket holder.

real photo


relay box a6 c6


AFuse for ABS control unit 1 -S123- (40A)
1Power relay (terminal 15) -J329-
2Headlamp washer relay -J39-
4Starter relay -J53-
5Power relay (terminal 75x) -J694- (up to 04.2005)
6Starter relay 2 -J695-
7Signal relay -J4-
7Voltage supply relay (terminal 75x) -J694- (from 05.2005)

Box on the right side

Located respectively on the right side of the dashboard.

circuit fuses a6

Protected components

fuse box (black)

15A telepassport (in some export countries)
220A front cigarette lighter
35A tire pressure monitoring system
515A Intelligent Front Passenger Power Module (glove box unlocking)
615A right door control unit
720A sliding roof panel
810A air conditioning controls
930A heated front seats
105 / 10A communication
1115A ride height control
125A communication

fuse box (brown)

120A electric fuel pump
25A car phone (Bluetooth)
55A ride height control
65A Automatic Transmission Shifter / Clutch Switch
75A acoustic parking system
85A Gateway Control Unit
95A automatic headlight range control (auxiliary headlight), right headlight electronics
105A airbag
115A heated rear seats

For the front cigarette lighter, it is responsible to protect the number 2 in the black row, otherwise see the box in the luggage compartment.

Luggage compartment

Fuse and relay box is located on the left under the casing, where the jack is. More details in the video.

audi a6 trunk


general scheme a6 c6

8 – Rear window defogger relay, 9 – from 2006: Additional heater fuel pump relay, 10 – Fuel pump relay.


No.Protected chain
Black fuse box
130A Digital / Signal Processing (DSP) / BOSE amplifier
25A MMI, antenna amplifier
330A Electromechanical parking brake, left motor
430A Electromechanical parking brake, motor right
520A Socket in the trunk
65A Battery – Power Distribution System
720A Intelligent power distribution unit (light on the right)
85A Rear Intelligent Power Distribution Unit
930A Intelligent power distribution unit at the back (light on the left)
1035A Windows (right side of the car)
115A Left-hand drive models: Park assist.
20A RHD Models: Front Cigarette Lighter
1220A Rear cigarette lighter
Brown fuse box
15A Reverse Parking Camera
230A Power tailgate
330A Power tailgate
420A Power tailgate
55A Antenna amplifier
65A TV tuner
75A Intelligent power distribution unit (comfort)
820A Auxiliary heater
95A Digital tuner
1015A Traction hitch control unit
1115A Traction – hitch (left lamp)
1215A Traction – hitch (right lamp)

Additional Information

Video on how to get to the bracket with the relay in the Audi cabin:

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  • I have Audi a 6 c6 2008 2.7 since getting fuel gauge working with new floor .I have no live to tank pump and fuel pump fuse 1 brown fuse Box .I think it relay but can find it .

  • Video seems to be showing C5 platform A6, not C6 platform

  • Imel bi eno uprasanje imam audi a6 karavan 2006letnik 3.0 v6 automatic.vceraj sem dal kljuc v klučavnico za vžig in ga obrnil in se ne prižge nobena lučka pri števcih tako da tudi ne vžiga radijo in ostale stvari vse normalno delajo sem polnil akumolator in tudi ni blo nič tudi probal smo vzgat na kable pa ni bilo nič.prosil bi če mi poveste katere varovalke pogledam ker nevem kaj drugega bi lahko še bilo.hvala

  • Good morning, your video on A6, C6 fuse and relay locations is helpful however I’m looking for description and assignment of relays in engine compartment driver side , Left hand drive US A6 C6 4F

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