Audi А4 B6 (2001 – 2005) fuse and relay

The second generation Audi A4 B6 debuted in 2000, and serial production of the model began in 2001. This model shares the platform with the Volkswagen B5. In total, more than a million copies of the Audi A4 B6 were produced in the world. This material will suit the owners of Audi A4 B6, produced in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 models with sedan and Avant bodies, because we will show the location of the fuse and relay boxes with diagrams and locations.

Audi A4 B6



general location information


  1. Thermostat control unit
  2. TCM
  3. Airbag control unit
  4. 13-way relay box
  5. Theft deterrent / interior lighting / single lock control unit
  6. Ultrasound sensor control unit
  7. Fuse panel
  8. Left junction box
  9. Central micro relays
  10. 8-way relay box
  11. ECM
  12. Right junction box

Passenger compartment fuse box (No. 8)

left fuse box


Fuse box Audi A4 B6


general diagram of the Audi fuse box


110A Air Conditioner
25A Footwell lights
35A Heated washer jets
45A Cooling fan
510A Telephone, impellent oil level sensor, multifunction switches, heated rear seats, rear window shade, automatic transmission (shift rocker
65A Air conditioner (air quality sensor), pressure sensor
710A Electronic Anti-Slip Control (ESP), Brake Light Switch, Clutch Pedal Sensor, Steering Angle Sensor
85A Phone
915A Brake booster (vacuum pump)
1010A Automatic headlight range control
1210A Diagnostic socket
1310A Steering column module
1410A Brake signal lights
1510A Instrument panel, navigation system
165A Garage door opener
1710A Parking assistance, ride height control, tire pressure monitoring
1915A Fog lights, rear fog lights
2015A RH low beam, headlamp leveling adjuster
2115A Low beam left headlight, headlamp leveling adjuster
2215A Driver’s door
2315A Front passenger door
2420A Electrical comfort equipment with single control
2530A heater fan
2630A Heated rear window
2730A trailer socket (control unit)
2820A Fuel pump, diesel engine auxiliary pump
2920A Engine management
3020A Tilt-slide roof panel
3115A Reversing lights, automatic transmission, diagnostic socket, auto-dimming interior mirror
3220A Engine management
3315A Cigarette lighter
3415A Engine management
3530A Socket in the trunk
3630A wiper
3725A Windscreen and headlamp washer pump
3815A Electric comfort equipment with single control, trunk release
3920A Radio system
4025A Buzzer
42Electronic anti-slip system (ESP)
4315A Engine management
4430A Heated seats

In connection with possible changes in the diagrams related to the design features and equipment of the model, check the information with your description on the back of the cover.
In this diagram, fuse number 33 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Central micro relay


central relay


  1. Horn relay
  2. Load reduction relay
  3. Fuel pump relay
  4. Intermittent wiper
  5. Washer relay

8 relay box


8 block

Protected components

2 –
Coolant fan speed control relay 3 – Coolant fan control relay (1st speed) / coolant pump control
4 – Power window / sunroof control unit / ABS relay (with ESP)
5 – Door open warning signal control unit
7 – Radio / CD changer / ABS pump relay
F2 – Passenger seat electrics
F3 – Driver’s seat electrics
F5 – Auxiliary power connector
F6 – Front power
window protection F7 – Rear power
window protection F8, F9, F11 – Radiator fan relay and control unit
F10 – ABS

13-seat relay box


13 block


3 – Clutch relay К / В
4,5 – Rear lights control unit
6 – Selector lever illumination relay
7 – Foggy headlights
relay 8 – DRL ON relay
9 – Running lights
relay 13 – Park / Neutral position relay

Additional Information

Video instruction on how to check the fuse

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  • Just bought in 2004 Audi S4 with a V-8 motor I went to start it it just makes a loud winding noise but doesn’t crank put a new battery in it it does the same thing can anybody give me some information of what it could be

    • Starter/ starter fuse or relay

    • Hi .. I have a Audi A4 quattro 6 cylinder 2004 and the emergency lights came after turning off the engine and I can’t turn them other than disconnecting the battery… Please help … What is the fuse number and where do I find it .

  • Starter bendix isn’t shooting out. Hit the starter.

  • What relay controls the trunk release actuator? Is #35 the trunk socket and is that for the trunk release actuator.

  • Hi there, my Audi A4 b6 2001 right indicator isn’t working I’ve changed all the bulbs on front light driver a passenger sides, indicator still doesn’t come on, left work but not right. When in the right indicator flashes alot faster.

    Can you help

  • Audi A4 B6 convertible. Would like to locate the fuse and the relay please for the heated rear window. Please advise thanks. Shane.

  • Would like the wiring diagram of engine bay relays and wiring

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