Volvo XC90 2015 – 2024 fuse and relay

Volvo XC90 2nd generation was produced in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024. During this time, the model has been restyled. In our post you will find information describing the fuses and relays of the Volvo XC90 with fuse box diagrams, their locations and photographs. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Volvo xc90

The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from those shown and depends on the year of manufacture, the level of electrical equipment and the region where your car was delivered.

Passenger compartment

In the cabin, the fuse box is located under the dashboard on the passenger side.


To access it is necessary to remove the interior trim and the protective cover of the unit.




1Battery control module 48 V
230A Electrical socket in the tunnel console between the rear seats
3Not used
45A Motion sensor
55A Media player
65A Dashboard
75A Buttons on the center console
85A Sun sensor
920A Sensor control module
10Not used
115A Steering wheel module
125A Module for start handle and parking brake control
1315A Steering wheel heating module
14Not used
15Not used
16Not used
17Not used
1810A Climate control module
19Not used
2010A OBD-II data link connector
215A Center display
2240A Climate fan module (front)
235A USB hub
247.5A Instrument lighting; Interior lighting; Auto-dimming rearview mirror function; Rain and light sensors; Rear tunnel console keyboard, rear seat; Power front seats; Rear door control panels; Air conditioning blower module left/right
Power rear seats; Rear Seat Convenience Function Display; Rear seat massage function.
255A Driver assistance functions control module
2620A Panoramic sunroof
275A Head-up display
285A Interior lighting
29Not used
305A Overhead console display (seat belt reminder/passenger side airbag indicator)
31Not used
325A Humidity sensor
3320A Door module in right rear door
Electric drive of the right back seat
3410A Fuses in trunk/cargo area
355A Vehicle control module with Internet connection; Control module for Volvo On Call
3620A Door module in left rear door
Electric drive of the left back seat
3740A Audio control module (amplifier) (select models only)
3840A Climate fan module (rear)
395A Multiband Antenna Module
405A Front seat massage function.
41Not used
4215A Rear window wiper
4315A Fuel pump control module
445A Dual motor: junction box relay windings in the engine compartment; Transmission oil pump relay windings
45Not used
4615A Heated driver’s seat
4715A Heated front passenger seat
4810A Coolant pump
49Not used
5020A Door module in left front door
Dual Motor: Power Driver’s Seat
5120A Active Chassis Control Module
52Not used
5310A Sensor control module
54Not used
55Not used
5620A Door module in right front door
Dual Motor: Power front passenger seat
57Dual Motor: Rear Seat Convenience Function Display; On-board diagnostics (OBD II) in the tunnel console between the rear seats; Additional motion sensor
585A TV (select markets only)
5915A Main fuse for fuses 52, 53, 57 and 58 (infotainment group)

Engine compartment

In the engine compartment, the fuse and relay box is located next to the headlight on the left side.

location under the hood

The fuse box itself will look something like this.

Photo 2

Check the assignment with your diagrams on the back of the box cover.



Diagram 2


1Not used
2Not used
3Not used
45A Automatic transmission shift/shift actuator control module
55A High voltage coolant heater control module
65A A/C control module; shut-off valve of the heat exchanger; coolant cut-off valve through the climate control system
75A Hybrid battery control module; high voltage converter for combined high voltage alternator/starter with 500-12V voltage converter
8Not used
910A Converter to control the supply to the rear axle motor
1010A Hybrid battery control module; high voltage converter for combined high voltage alternator/starter with 500-12V voltage converter
115A Charging module
1210A Hybrid battery coolant shut-off valve; coolant pump 1 hybrid battery
1310A Coolant pump for electric drive system
1425A Hybrid cooling fan
15Not used
16Not used
17Not used
18Not used
19Not used
20Not used
21Not used
22Not used
23Not used
2415A 12V socket in tunnel console, front
2515A Not Excellence: 12V socket in tunnel console between second row seats
Excellence: 12V outlet in tunnel console between rear seats; USB ports in the tunnel console between the rear seats
2615A 12 V socket in trunk/cargo area
USB ports for iPad holders
27Not used
28Not used
29Not used
30Not used
31Shunt Heated windshield, left side
3240A Heated windshield, left side
3325A Headlight washers
3425A Windshield washer
35Not used
3620A Horn
375A Alarm Siren
3840A Brake control module (valves, parking brake)
3930A Wipers
4025A Rear window washer
4140A Heated windshield, right side
4220A Autonomous heater
4340A Brake control module (ABS pump)
44Not used
45Shunt – Heated windshield, right side
465A Ignition on power: Engine control module; transmission components, electric power steering, central electrical module
475A Vehicle external sound (certain markets)
487.5A Right headlight
4815A Right headlight, some models with LED
49Not used
50Not used
51Not used
525A Airbags
537.5A Left headlight
5315A Left headlight, some models with LED
545A Accelerator pedal sensor
5515A transmission control module; gear selector control unit
565A Engine control module
57Not used
58Not used
59Not used
60Not used
6120A Engine control module; drive unit; throttle assembly; turbocharger valve
6210A Solenoids; valve; engine cooling thermostat
637.5A Vacuum regulators; valve
645A Spoiler damper control module; radiator shutter control module
65Not used
6615A Heated lambda probe, front; heated oxygen sensor, rear
6715A oil pump solenoid; air conditioner magnetic clutch; heated oxygen sensor (center)
68Not used
6920A Engine control module
7015A Ignition coils; Spark plug
71Not used
72Not used
7330A Transmission oil pump control module
7440A Vacuum pump control module
7525A Gearbox drive
76Not used
77Not used
78Not used

The fuse number 24 at 15A is responsible for the operation of the front cigarette lighter.

Luggage compartment

In the cargo area on the right side, another box with fuses and relays is installed.

Photo 3

The scheme is reversed in comparison with the image.


Diagram 3


130A Heated rear window
240A Dual motor: Central electrical module
340A Air Suspension Compressor
430A Rear auxiliary electric heater (right side)
530A Dual motor: electrical sockets in the tunnel console between the rear seats.
615A Rear auxiliary electric heater (left side)
720A Dual motor: Door module right rear
830A Nitrogen oxide reduction control module (diesel)
925A Power tailgate
1020A Power front passenger seat
1140A Towbar control module
1240A Belt pretensioner module (right side)
135A Internal relay coils
1415/20A Nitrogen Oxide Reduction Control Module (Diesel)
Twin-motor: Door module left, rear
155A Foot motion detection module for power tailgate opener
16USB hub/accessory port
1720A Third row power folding module
1825A Towbar control module
1840A Option module
1920A Power driver’s seat
Twin-motor: Door module left, front
2040A Belt pretensioner module (left side)
215A Parking assistance camera
22Not used
23Not used
24Not used
2510A Dual motor: supply with ignition on
265A airbag and pretensioner control
2710A Twin motor:
5A Excellence: cooler; Heated/Cooled Cup Holder (Rear)
2815A Heated rear seat (left side)
29Not used
305A Blind Spot Information (BUS); External reverse signal control module
31Not used
325A Pretensioner modules
335A Exhaust system actuator (petrol, some engine options)
34Not used
3515A AWD control module
3615A Heated rear seat (right side)
37Not used

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