Volvo FH 4 fuse and relay

Volvo FH 4 represents the 3rd generation of Volvo’s production large-capacity vehicles, which were produced in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024. During this time, the model has been restyled. In our article you will find a description of the fuses and relays Volvo FH 4 with fuse box diagrams, photographs and their locations. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Volvo fh 4

The assignment of the fuses and relays may differ from the one shown and depends on the year of manufacture, modification and level of electrical equipment of your car.

Fuse and relay box

The main fuse and relay box is located in the center console behind a protective cover.


Photo example


Check the information with your diagrams on the block cover.






F 110A Power socket 12 Volt
F 2
F 310A TV preparation, power supply
F 4
F 5
F 65A Body switch (optional), power supply
F 730A Body electrical center (optional), main power supply 1 (30A)
F 820A Body electrical center (optional), main power supply 2 (20A)
F 9
F1115A Additional roof spotlights, EL1-
F1215A Roof beacon warning lights, EL4
F1315A Driver and passenger seat heater, Alcolock, engine power supply
F1510A Stencil with light on the roof or roof, EL 5
F1610A Main beam inside stencil area, EL 0
F183A HMIIOM (Human Machine Interface I/O Module), Power Supply
F1915A BBM (Body Module (optional)), power supply
F2020A DDM/PDM (Driver/Passenger Door Module) right, power supply
F213A SID (Supplemental Instrument Panel), power supply
F225A Sun visor, sleeper tilt power supply
F233A Tachograph, power supply
F245A Instruments, power supply
F253A Toll collection system, power supply
F2910A Heated right mirror
F3010A Heated left mirror
F315A DACU (Driver Assistance Control Unit),
F3210A APM (Air Pressure Control)
F333A Wireless remote control
F345A Electric front cover lock
F3515A Parking cooler fan control module
F365A Camera
F3720A ABS/EBS, power supply
F3820A CCM (Climate Control Module),
F3920A Fuel line heater,
F403A Tachograph, ignition circuit power supply
F4115A EMS (Engine Management System), ECU main power supply
F4215A Controlled loads 1 unit EMS
F4310A Fuel filter heater
F4410A Controlled loads 2 EMS units
F4530A Power supply for cab tilt pump motor
F4620A ABS/EBS trailer,
F4950A Main power supply chassis body (optional)
F5030A Auxiliary power supply for coffee maker
F5120A Windscreen wiper motor, low/high speed on/off
F5215A Sunroof motor power supply
F535A video switch,
F553A Alarm, power supply.
F5710A Interior lighting
F5815A Amplifier, power supply
F5915A Converter, top shelf power supply
F6015A Converter, dashboard power supply
F6120A DDM/PDM (Driver/Passenger Door Module) left, power supply
F625A OBD diagnostic connector, power supply
F6310A CIOM (Cabin Input/Output Module), power supply
F6415A Power outlet 24V 1 in dashboard
F6515A Power socket 24V 2 in the bed panel
F663A TIS (Transport Information System) and Telematics System,
F6715A Cigarette lighter
F6915A Cabin parking heater, power supply
F7020A TECU (electronic transmission control module)
F7115A Headlight washer pump motor
F7330A Body electrical center (optional), ignition power supply
F7420A Body electrical center (optional), ignition power supply
F7510A Refrigerator,
F803A LECM (Living Environment Control Module),
F815A SRS (Sustained Restraint System), Airbag, Ignition Circuit Power Supply
F853A FMS (Fleet Management System), connector, ignition circuit power supply
F885A Alcolock, power supply
F9015A Seat motor
F9110A FMS connector, power supply
F92Tachograph, adaptation-switch ADR
F94Adaptation-switch ADR
F95Adaptation-switch ADR


  • K01-.
  • K02 Relay, refrigerator
  • K03 Relay, sunroof motor 2
  • K04 Relay, sunroof motor 1
  • K05 Relay, front wiper on/off
  • K06 Relay, front wiper, low/high speed
  • K07 Relay, body electrical center (optional), power supply
  • K08 Relay, accessories
  • K09 Relay, seat heater
  • K10 Relay, body electrical center (optional), additional spotlights
  • K11 Relay, power supply 4
  • K12 Relay, roof light stencil
  • K13 Relay, flashing beacon warning lights
  • K14 Relay, power supply 3
  • K15 Relay, high beam inside stencil area
  • K16 Relay, headlight washer pump
  • K17 TECU (electronic transmission control module)
  • K18-.
  • K19-.
  • K20 Relay, ignition circuit BB
  • K21 Relay, heated mirrors
  • K22 Relay, ignition
  • K23-.
  • K24 Relay, adjustable seat
  • K25-.
  • K26-.
  • K27 Relay, engine management system
  • K28 Relay, cab tilt pump
  • K30 Relay, rear lift enable/crane
  • K31 Relay, additional spot lamp front EL6
  • K32 Relay, reversing side work light EL2
  • K33 Relay, cab/body work light EL3
  • K34-.
  • K35-.
  • K48 Power relay, engine preheating
  • K52A Power relay, FLL motor 1-
  • K52B Power relay, FLL motor 2-
  • K65 Relay, starter-
  • K69 Relay, fuel heater
  • K70A Relay, adaptation switch ADR3/SLP
  • K70B Relay, adaptation switch ADR3/SLP
  • K71 Relay, audio switch, telematics, L+
  • K90
  • K91
  • K92
  • K95 Relay, microwave oven
  • K96

Box next to the battery

fuse box


  1. 200A Body
  2. 100A FRC Driver’s cab, fuse and relay center
  3. 30A Front landing gear control FCIOM
  4. 30A Chassis Control Center CCIOM
  5. 30A Rear chassis control RCIOM
  6. 30A Front landing gear control FCIOM
  7. 30A Chassis Control Center CCIOM
  8. 30A Rear chassis control RCIOM
  9. 30A Front axle steering FAS
  10. 40A Parking cooler PCCU
  11. 23A ACM post-treatment control unit
  12. 23A Secondary axle control


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