Volvo V50 (2004 – 2012) fuse and relay

Volvo V50 station wagon was produced in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. During this time, the model has been restyled. In this post, we will present a description of the fuses and relays for the Volvo V50 with fuse box diagrams, their locations and photo examples of performance. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Volvo V50

The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from the one shown and depends on the year of manufacture, the level of electrical equipment and the region where your car was delivered.

Passenger compartment

In the passenger compartment, the main fuse and relay box is located under the glove compartment, on the passenger side.


In order to access it you need:

  1. Remove the inner lining covering the fuse box by first sinking the center pin approx.
    one cm in the mounting clip (1), and then remove the clip.
  2. Remove the two wing screws (2) (holding the fuse box) by turning counterclockwise.
  3. Lower the fuse box (3) half way.

Photo example






4315A Telephone, audio system, Volvo navigation system, Bluetooh (option)
4410A SRS, ECM (5-cyl.)
4515A Cigarette lighter, rear seat 12V outlet
465A Lighting – glove compartment, dashboard and pads
475A Interior lighting
5A Garage door remote control (option)
4815A Wiper /
15A tailgate washer
4910A SRS system / Occupant weight sensor (OWS)
5110A Auxiliary interior heater, 4WD, fuel filter relay, heating
525A Transmission Control Module (TCM), ABS
5310A Power steering
5410A Parking assistance, Bi-xenon (option)
5520A Keyless system control module
5610A Volvo Navigation System remote key module, siren control module
5715A Data connector (DLC), brake light switch
587.5A High Beam (Right), Auxiliary Lamp Relay
597.5A Left high beam
6015A Heated driver’s seat (option)
6115A Heated passenger seat (option)
6220A Sunroof
6320A Power windows and door lock – passenger side rear door
645A RTI / Audio system, Sirius satellite radio (option), Volvo navigation system (option)
655A Audio system
6610A Infotainment Control Module (ICM), climate control
685A Cruise control
695A Climate control, rain sensor, BLIS button
735A Sunroof, front ceiling light, auto dimming mirror (option), seat belt reminder
7415A Fuel module (fuel pump)
7715A Power outlet in luggage compartment, auxiliary electronic module (AEM), cigarette lighter fuse
795A Reversing lights, interior rearview mirror
8120A Power windows and door lock – rear driver’s door
8225A Power window – front passenger side door
8325A Power windows and door lock – front driver’s door
8425A Power passenger seat
8525A Power driver’s seat
865A Interior lighting, luggage compartment lighting, power seats, fuel gauge (1.8F)

The fuse number 45 at 15A is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.


  1. Fuel pump relay
  2. Main Ignition Relay

Engine compartment

Under the hood of the car, on the left side of the engine compartment, there is a main block with fuses and relays.



Photo 2

Check the purpose of the elements with your diagrams on the back side of the block cover.



Diagram 2


150A Radiator fan
280A Power steering
360A Fuse box in passenger compartment
460A Fuse box in passenger compartment
580A Climate control element, PTC auxiliary heater (option)
660A Glow plugs (4-cyl. diesel).
70A Glow plugs (5-cyl. diesel).
60A Glow plugs (DRIVe)
70A Glow plugs (5-cyl. diesel)
730A ABS pump
820A ABS valves
930A Engine control
1040A Radiator cooling fan
1120A Headlight washers
1230A Heated rear window
1330A Starter relay
1440A Trailed (depending on configuration)
1630A Infotainment / Radio
1730A Windshield wipers. / wipers
1840A Supply to passenger compartment fuse box
2015A Horn
2120A Fuel auxiliary heater, interior heater.
2310A Engine control module ECM (5-cyl. petrol), transmission (TCM)
2420A Heated fuel filter, oil sump with PTC element (5-cyl. diesel)
10A Central Electronic Module (CEM) (Start/Stop system)
2615A Ignition switch
2710A Air conditioning compressor
2915A Front fog lamp
15A Daytime running lights (DRL) (option)
30Engine control module ECM (1.6 I petrol, 2.0 I diesel)
10A Coolant pump (Start/Stop)
3110A Voltage regulator, alternator 4-cyl.
3210A Injectors (5-cyl. petrol), lambda probe (4-cyl. petrol), aftercooler (4-cyl. diesel), mass air flow sensor and turbo control (5-cyl. diesel)
10A 2009-2011: Fuel injectors
10A 2012: Injectors (5-cyl. petrol), Turbo control valve (5-cyl. diesel), Oil level sensor (5-cyl. diesel), Fuel flow control valve (DRIVe), Mass air flow sensor (DRIVe), Control turbocharged engine (DRIVe)
3320A Lambda probe and vacuum pump (5-cyl. petrol), engine control module (5-cyl. diesel), diesel filter heater (4-cyl. diesel).
20A 2009-2011: Heated oxygen sensor, vacuum pump
20A 2012: Vacuum pump (5-cyl. petrol), relay coil, relay, vacuum pump (5-cyl. petrol), engine control module (5-cyl. diesel), heated fuel filter (DRIVe)
3410A Ignition coils (petrol), injectors (petrol 1.6 l), fuel pump (4-cyl. diesel), pressure switch, climate control (5-cyl.), glow plugs and EGR emission control system (5-cyl. cyl. diesel)
10A 2009-2011: Ignition coils, air conditioner pressure sensor
10A 2012: Ignition Coils (Petrol), Pressure Switch, Climate Control System (5-cyl.), Glow Plugs (5-cyl. Diesel), EGR Emission Control System (5-cyl. Diesel), Fuel Pump (DRIVe ), Lambda-Sond (DRIVe), Engine Control Module (Start/Stop), Relay Coils, Start/Stop System Relay
3515A Engine valve sensors, A/C relay, oil catcher sensor (5-cyl. petrol), ECM (5-cyl. diesel), EVAP system (petrol), injectors (1.8/2.0L petrol) , MAF mass air flow sensor (5-cylinder petrol, 4-cylinder diesel), turbocharger (4-cylinder diesel), power steering pressure switch (1.6L petrol), EGR control system (4-cylinder diesel)
15A 2009-2011: Engine Sensor Valves, A/C Relay, Relay Coil, PTC Element Oil Sump, Canister, Mass Air Flow Sensor
15A 2012: climate control system, PTC element, oil separator (5-cyl. petrol), mass air flow sensor (5-cyl. petrol), turbocharger control valve (5-cyl. petrol), variable valve timing (5-cyl. petrol) , Injectors (2.0L petrol), EVAP valve (2.0L petrol), Air-fuel mixture control valve (2.0L petrol), Fuel pressure control valve (5-cyl. diesel), Engine control (5 -cyl. diesel), EGR system (DRIVe)
3610A Engine control module ECM (non-5-cyl. diesel), accelerator pedal position sensor, lambda probe (5-cyl. diesel)
10A Engine control module (petrol, DRIVe), accelerator pedal position sensor (5-cyl. diesel), lambda probe (5-cyl. diesel


  • R1 – Headlight washer pump relay
  • R2 –
  • R3 –
  • R4 – Rear window heater relay
  • R5 –
  • R6 –
  • R7 – Immobilizer relay
  • R8 – Engine control relay
  • R9 – Starter relay
  • R10 – Air conditioner relay
  • R11 –
  • R12 – Fuel filter heater relay
  • R13 – Fog lamp relay
  • R14 – Horn relay

In vehicles with a start/stop function, it is possible to install additional fuses. It is mounted on the side of the battery and consists of high-power fuse links.


Diagram 3


  • 11M/1 – Electrical distributor (125 A);
  • 11M/2 – Battery monitoring sensor (15 A).


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