Volvo XC60 (2008 – 2017) fuse and relay

The 1st generation Volvo XC60 compact crossover was produced in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. During this time, the model has been updated. In our material you will find a description of the fuses and relays Volvo xc60 with fuse box diagrams, their locations and photo examples of execution. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

volvo xc60

The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from the one shown and depends on the region of delivery, the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment of your car.

Passenger compartment

In the passenger compartment, under the instrument panel on the passenger side, there are 2 blocks with fuses and relays. To access it, you need to remove the interior trim and open the protective cover.

location 1

Left fuse box

Photo – example

Photo 1




140A Audio control module primary fuse; primary fuse for fuses 16-20; infotainment system
225A From 2014: Windshield washers; rear window washer
3Not used
4Not used
5Not used
6Not used
715A 12V socket in luggage compartment
820A Control panel, driver’s door
920A Control panel, front passenger door
1020A Control panel, rear right passenger door
1120A Control panel, rear left passenger door
1220A Keyless control system
1320A Power driver’s seat
1420A Power passenger seat
1515A 2011-2012: Folding headrest
2013-2017: Not used
165A 2011: Not used
2012-2017: Information system module or monitor
1710A Audio system module (amplifiers); TV; digital radio
1815A Audio module or Sensus control module
195A Telematics; Bluetooth
20Not used
215A Panoramic sunroof; interior ceiling lighting; climate control sensor
2215A 2011: Cigarette Lighter, Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)
2012-2017: 12V socket in tunnel console
2315A 2011: Passenger side seat heating
2012-2017: Heated rear right seat
2415A 2011: Seat heating on the driver’s side
2012-2017: Heated rear left seat
25Not used
2615A 2011: Heated rear right seat
2012-2017: Front passenger seat heating
2715A 2011: Heated rear left seat
2012-2017: Heated driver’s seat
285A Parking assistance; parking camera; BLIS; RTi
2910A 2011-2012: AWD control module
15A 2013-2017: AWD control module
3010A Four-C Active Chassis

The number 22 fuse is responsible for the operation of the front cigarette lighter.

Rright fuse box

Type 1

Suitable for models manufactured in 2008 – 2011.


Diagram right fuse box volvo s60 2015


15A Rain sensor
210A SRS system
35A ABS brakes
47.5A Accelerator pedal, air heater (RTS), heated seats
5Not used
615A Display ICM, CD and Radio, RSE system
77.5A Steering wheel module
8Not used
915A High beam
1020A Sunroof
117.5A Reversing lights
12Not used
1315A Fog light, front
1415A Windshield washers
1510A Adaptive cruise control, ACC
16Not used
177.5A Ceiling light, power driver/passenger door control panel
185A Information display
195A Power driver’s seat
2015A Rear window wiper
215A Remote key receiver, alarm sensors
2220A Fuel pump
2320A Electric steering wheel lock
24Not used
2510A Fuel tank/tailgate lock
265A Alarm Siren, ECC
275A Start/Stop button
285A Brake light switch

Type 2

Suitable for models manufactured in 2011 – 2017. The fuse box itself will look something like this.

Photo 2


Diagram B 2


115A Rear window cleaner
2Not used
37.5A Interior lighting; power window control panel on the driver’s door; power seats
45A Combined instrument panel
510A Adaptive cruise control, ACC*; collision warning
67.5A Interior lighting; Rain sensor
77.5A Steering wheel module
810A Central locking, fuel cap
915A 2011-2013: Rear window washer
2014-2017: Electrically heated steering wheel
1015A 2011-2013: Windshield washers
2014-2017: Heated windshield
1110A Tailgate release
1210A 2011: Tailgate lock
2012: Not used
2013-2017: Folding headrest
1320A Fuel pump
145A Anti-theft alarm motion sensor; micro-climate panel
1515A Steering wheel lock
165A Burglar alarm siren; OBDII diagnostic socket
17Not used
1810A City Safety Airbag
195A Collision warning system
207.5A Gas pedal position sensor; anti-dazzle function of the interior rear-view mirror; heated rear seat; additional electric heater
2115A Infotainment system control module (Performance); audio system (Performance)
225A Brake light
2320A Panoramic sunroof
245A Start inhibit

Engine compartment

Fuse and relay box

Under the hood it is located next to the battery, on the left side of the engine compartment.


The block itself consists of several departments.

Photo 3

The photo shows an example of access to the lower section.

Photo 3 - 1

Check the information with your diagrams on the cover of the blocks.



Fuse box diagram Volvo s60 2G


150A Primary fuse for the Central Electronic Module (CEM) with fuse box B under the glove box
250A Primary fuse for the Central Electronic Module (CEM) with fuse box B under the glove box
360A Primary fuse for fuse box in cargo area
460A Primary fuse for passenger compartment fuse box with fuse box A under glove box
550/60A Primary fuse for passenger compartment fuse box with fuse box A under glove box
6Not used
7100A RTS Air Preheater
820A 2008-2011: Not used
20A 2012-2013: Headlight washers
40A 2014-2017: Heated windshield, left side
930A Windshield wiper
1025A Parking heater
1140A Fan in salon
1240A 2008-2013: Not used
2014-2017: Heated windshield, left side
1340A ABS pump
1420A ABS valves
1520A 2008-2013: Not used
2014-2017: Headlight washers
1610A Headlamp leveling: active xenon headlights – ABL
1720A Primary fuse for the Central Electronic Module (CEM) with fuse box B under the glove box
185A 2008-2010: Radar sensor, ACC control module
2011-2017: ABS
195A Speed-adaptive power steering
2010A Engine control module, transmission control module, airbags
2110A Heated washer nozzles
22Not used
235A Light adjustment knob (light panel)
2415A 2008-2010: Headlight washers
2011-2017: Not used
2515A 2008-2010: Front and rear seat 12V electrical socket (cigarette lighter)
2011-2017: Not used
265A 2008-2010: Sunroof, overhead console/ECC
2011-2017: Not used
275A 2008-2013: Relay, block in the engine compartment
2014-2017: Washer relay
2820A Additional lights
2915A Horn
305/10A Engine control module, relay coil in engine management system main relay
3115A Transmission control module
3215A A/C electromagnetic clutch (except 5-cyl. diesel and 4-cyl. diesel B4207T7)
Coolant pump (5-cyl. Diesel Start/Stop and B4207T7)
335A 2008-2011: Washer relay
2012-2017: Relay coil in relay for A/C magnetic clutch (except 5-cyl. diesel engines); relay coil in coolant pump relay (1.6 petrol, 5-cyl. diesel Start/Stop); relay coils in the electrical cabinet in the cooling zone of the engine compartment (Start/Stop)
3430A 2008-2016: Starter relay
2017: Not used
3520A Ignition coils (5-, 6-cyl. petrol); capacitor (6-cyl.), engine control module (4-cyl. 2.0 l)
10A Ignition coils (4-cyl. petrol), glow control module (5-cyl. diesel)
3610A 2008-2013: Engine control module (petrol except 4-cyl. 2.0L)
15A 2008-2013: Engine Control Module (Diesel)
20A 2014-2017: Engine control module (4-cyl.)
3710A 2008-2013: Air mass meter (4-cyl.), thermostat (4-cyl. petrol), evaporator valve (4-cyl. petrol), EGR coolant pump (4-cyl. diesel) )
15A Mass air flow meter (5-cyl. diesel, 6-cyl.); control valves (5-cyl. diesel); nozzles (5-, 6-cyl. gasoline); engine control module (5-, 6-cyl. petrol)
3815A Valves, oil pump (4-cyl. petrol), lambda probe, middle (4-cyl. petrol), lambda probe, rear (4-cyl. diesel)
10A A/C magnetic clutch (5-, 6-cyl.), valves (5-, 6-cyl.), engine control module (6-cyl.), air mass meter (5-cyl., petrol), level sensor oils
3915A EVAP valve, lambda probes, injection systems, radiator shutter control module
10A Lambda probes, radiator shutter control module
4020A Vacuum pump, crankcase ventilation (5-cyl. turbo, 2.0 GTDI)
2008-2009: Diesel fuel filter heater
15A 2008-2009: Diesel Fuel Filter Heater, Crankcase Ventilation Heater (Diesel)
2014-2017: Ignition coils
10A 2010-2013: Crankcase ventilation heater (5-cyl. petrol)
20A 2010-2013: Diesel filter heater, crankcase ventilation heater (5-cyl. diesel)
415A 2008-2010: Not used
2011-2012: Crankcase ventilation heater (diesel)
2013-2017: Radiator shutter control module (5-cyl. petrol)
10A 2012-2017: Crankcase ventilation heater (5-cyl. diesel), automatic transmission oil pump (5-cyl. diesel Start/Stop from 2013)
15A 2014-2017: Electromagnetic clutch A/C (4-cyl. 2.0 lv); glow plug control module (4-cyl. 2.0 l diesel); oil pump (4-cyl. 2.0 l diesel)
4270A Glow Plugs (Diesel)
50A 2014-2017: Coolant pump (4-cyl. 2.0L petrol)
4360A 2011-2017: Cooling fan (4- and 5-cyl. petrol)
80A 2011-2017: Cooling fan (6-cyl. petrol), (4-cyl. 2.0L and 5-cyl. diesel)
4480A 2008-2010: Cooling fan
2011-2017: Electro-hydraulic servo control (1.6D)
100A 2011-2017: Servo amplifier

In department A, a starter, washer or air conditioner relay can be installed.

Power fuse box

This fuse box is located in the cold area of the engine compartment, mainly on vehicles with the Start/Stop function.


Diagram volvo s60 2017


A1175A The main fuse of the power distribution box in the engine compartment
A2175A Main fuse for central electronic module (CEM) with fuse box B under glove box, electrical box in passenger compartment with fuse box A under glove box, power box in cargo area
1100A Additional electric heater
250A Primary fuse for the Central Electronic Module (CEM) with fuse box B under the glove box
360A Primary fuse for passenger compartment fuse box with fuse box A under glove box
460A Primary fuse for passenger compartment fuse box with fuse box A under glove box
560A Primary fuse for fuse box in cargo area
640A Fan in salon
7Not used
8Not used
930A Starter relay
1050A Internal diode
1170A Auxiliary battery
1215A Central Electronic Module (CEM) (auxiliary battery reference)
5A 2016-2017: Central Electronic Module (CEM) (auxiliary battery reference)

Luggage compartment

In the luggage compartment on the left side, behind the protection, another box with fuses and relays is installed.


It may consist of one department or three.


Diagram 5


125A 2008-2010: Control panel, driver’s door
30A 2011-2017: Electric parking brake, left
225A 2008-2010: Control panel, passenger door
30A 2011-2017: Electric parking brake right
325A 2008-2010: Left rear door control panel
30A 2011-2017: Heated rear window
425A 2008-2010: Right rear door control panel
15A 2011-2017: Trailer socket 2
520A 2008-2010: Not used
2011-2017: POT (automatic tailgate opening)
615A 2008-2010: 12V socket in luggage compartment
2011-2017: Not used
730A 2008-2010: Heated rear window
2011-2017: Not used
8Not used
915A 2008-2010: Trailer socket 2
2011-2017: Not used
1025A 2008-2010: Driver side power seat
2011-2017: Not used
1140A Trailer socket 1
1230A 2008-2010: MOT (automatic tailgate opening)
2011-2017: Not used
15A Parking assistance, parking assistance camera
215A Four-C control module
315A Heated seat, driver’s side, front
415A Heated seat, front passenger side
515A Seat heating, rear right
610A AWD control module
715A Seat heating, rear left
8Not used
925A Power seat, passenger side
1020A keyless drive
1130A Electric parking brake left
1230A Electric parking brake right
110A RTI display
2Not used
325A Bass speakers
45A Radio DAB
525A Audio Amplifiers
615A Audio system
75A Telephone, Bluetooth
8Not used
9Not used
10Not used
11Not used
12Not used

Wiring diagram

Need more information about repairs and maintenance? Study the wiring diagrams of the Volvo XC60 “download“.


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