Volvo 740 fuse and relay

Volvo 740 was produced in 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992. During this time, the model has been updated. In this publication, we will present a description of the fuses and relays Volvo 740 760 with fuse box diagram and its location. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.


The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from the one shown and depends on the year of manufacture, the level of electrical equipment and the region where your car was delivered.

Fuse and relay box

The main box with fuses and relays is located in the cabin, in the middle of the panel, behind the ashtray. To access the block, it must be removed.

access to fuse box

Photo example

photo of fuse box





125A ’82: Hazard Warning, High/Low Beam Flasher (Fuses No: “17”, “18”), Central Locking
25A ’83-’90: Fuel Pumps, Fuel Injection System, LH-Jetronic/Motronic Relay, ETC (’86)
25A ’88-’91 (780): Main fuel pump
25A ’91–’92 (740, 940): Fuel Pumps, Ignition System, Fuel Injection, Lambdasond Heating System (B200/B230FT)
225A ’82: Fuel pump relay (E and F engines)
25A ’83–’92: Hazard Warning, High/Low Beam Flasher (Fuses #: ’17’, ’18’), Central Locking, ABS (’84–’87), Rear Fog Light (780–’88) )
315A Auxiliary lights (projector/fog), front fog, rear fog (’83-’90), central locking (’87), low beam (780 – ’88)
15A ’91–’92 (740, 940): power seats
415A Stop lights, shift indicator (’85-’89) (except 780 – ’88-’91), power trunk lid (780 – ’89-’91), P-Shift lock solenoid (’91-‘ 92-740, 940)
515A Interior light, clock, vanity mirror light, glove box light, engine and trunk light, dome light, electrical antenna, open door warning lights, radio, ETC (’85), seat belt light (’86-’89)
625A ’82-’84: Cooling Fan, Heated Seats (’84-), Seat Belt Indicator (’84-)
15A ’85: Heated front seats
30A ’86–’89: Heated front seats
30A 89-91 (780), 90-92 (740, 940): Electronic Climate Control (ECC), Heater Fan (ECC)
730A ’82–’84: Power windows
25A ’85–’89: Electric cooling fan
30A ’88 (780): Electronic climate control (ECC)
30A ’89-(780), ’90 (740): Heated front seats
30A ’91–’92 (740, 940): front fog light, rear fog light
815A ’82–’83: Turn Signals, Overdrive Relay (’82–’83), Constant Idle Speed (F Engines (’83)), Coast Down Stop Solenoid (Carburetted Engine (’83)), Prestart Relay diesel engine preheater (’83), diesel fuel valve (’83)
’84: Daytime running lights, bulb failure sensor, power window + cooling fan relay
30A ’85–’92: Power windows
930A ’82–’84: Heated rear window, power sunroof, air conditioning (’84)
15A ’85–’92: Turn Signals, Seat Belt Indicator, Seat Belt Reminder (’86–’92), Heated Front Seats (’85–’85), Air Conditioning (’85–’89), Electric Cooling Fan ( ’90-’91), Heater Fan (’87-’89), Hot Start Valve (’87-’89), Manual Climate Control (’91), P-Shift Interlock Relay (’91-’92) , Key Warning (’92), Power Window & Fan Relay (’85-’89), Power Window & Heated Seat Relay (’90-’92)
1025A ’82-’83: Gauges, Reversing Lamp, Heated Seats, Power Window Relay, Cooling Fan Motor Relay, Oil Level Sensor, Seat Belt Reminder (’83), Exhaust Temperature Sensor (’83 (Japan)), Delay AC Relay (’83), Brake Circuit Warning Sensor (’83)
15A ’84: Gauges, Reversing Lamp, Ignition Adjustment, Cruise Control, Oil Level Gauge, Seat Belt Reminder, Exhaust Temperature Gauge, Temperature Controlled Ignition Advance Relay, ABS Converter
30A ’85–’92: Heated rear window, power sunroof, power door mirrors (heated)
1125A ’82–’83: Daytime running lights, fan motor (speed 1), A/C relay, cruise control (’83), fan motor ACC (’83)
’84: Turn signals, overdrive relay, constant idle, glow plug relay, hot spot relay, warm start valve (carbureted engine)
15A ’85–’92: Fuel pump (tank pump), Lambdasond heating system (’87–’92), in-tank fuel lift pump (LH 2.4)
1215A ’82–’84: cigarette lighter, radio, power door mirrors, power driver’s seat (’84)
15A ’85-’92: Reversing lamp, cruise control, overdrive relay (’86-’92), oil level sensor (’85-’86), exhaust gas temperature sensor, ignition timing relay (’85-‘ 86), ABS Converter (’85-’87), Trip Computer (’85), ETC (’87-’88), Auto Transmission Disable (780 – ’88), Lamp Warning with Brake Circuit Monitoring (‘ 91-’92 – 740 and 940)
1325A ’82–’84: Horn, Windshield Washer/Wiper, Headlamp Washer/Wiper
15A ’85–’86: CIS (’85), diesel fuel valve, glow plug (diesel)
15A ’87–’92: Fuel Valve (Diesel), Glow Plug/Auto Preheater (’87–’92 – Diesel), Boost Pressure Limiter, Carburetor with Solenoid Valve (’87–’88), Hot Spot (’87 – ’90), Fuel Cutoff Valve (’87-’90), Idle Air Valve (’87-’90), Idle Air Compensator (’87-’89), PTC Resistor (’87-’90), EGR Valve (’91-’92)
15A ’88–’91 (780): Auto Idle Control System (Diesel), Glow Plug Assembly (Diesel), Boost Pressure Regulator (Turbo Diesel), Electric Cooling Fan (’91)
1430A ’82–’84: Fan motor (speeds 2, 3, 4)
15A ’85–’92: Cigarette Lighter, Radio, Power Mirrors, Rear Door Intermittent Wiper Relay (’86–’92), Electronic Climate Control (780–’88–91), Rear Reading Lights ( 780–’89-’91)
1515A ’82–’84: High/Low Beam Supply (’83), Fuel Tank Pump (E and F Engines, B28A) – Runs Only When Engine is Running and During Starting
25A ’85–’92: Horn, windshield wiper/washer, headlight wiper (’86–’92), power seat (’90-’92 740 & 940)
1615A ’82–’84: Rear Fog Light, Fog Lights (’83 (UK)), Headlight Cutout (’84)
30A ’85–’92 (except 780–’88–’91): heater fan, air conditioning, electronic climate control (ECC), manual climate control (MCC)
30A ’91 (780): Radio, front amp
1715A Left high beam, high beam indicator
1815A Right High Beam, Spotlight Relay (’82 (except Sweden), ’84-’85), Auxiliary Headlamp Relay (’83 (UK, US), ’86-), Fog Lamps
1915A Left low beam, fog/spotlights (’86-’92), beam length adjustment (’90-’92)
2015A Right low beam, fog lamp relay (’82 (Sweden)), beam length control (’90-’92)
2115A Front ashtray light (’82-’83), instrument panel light, left tail light and left parking light, license plate light, door buzzer (’82), selector lever light (’83 (Auto))
2215A Right tail light and right side marker light, seat belt buckle light and ashtray tail light, gear selector light, tunnel light, fog lights and rear fog light relay, auxiliary lights
2315A ’85–’87: Power Driver’s Seat
15A ’88 (780): Power seat relay
15A ’88–’89 (740): Daytime running lights
25A ’90–’92 (740, 940): Heated front seats
15A ’91 (780): Radio, rear amplifier
2430A ’88–’89 (780): Power Passenger Seat
30A ’90-’91 (780): Driver’s seat, passenger’s seat
’89–’92 (740, 940): SRS test socket
2515A ’85-’92: Rear Fog Lamp, Daytime Running Lights (’85-’87), Reduced Low Beam (’87-’92 – 740, 760, 940 (Dim/Dip)), Radio (740 – ’89) )
2630A ’85–’89: Power Driver’s Seat
30A ’90–’91 (780): Power Passenger Seat
15A ’89–’92 (740, 940): Radio amplifier

The fuse number 12 or 14 is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.





ABulb Failure Warning Sensor
BUSA, Canada, Japan: Seat Belt Reminder
’84-’86 (B23ET): Torque Limiter
CIntermittent Windscreen Wiper
D’86-’92: Tailgate Wiper Intermittent
EFuel Injection
F’82: Fuel Injection (Impulse)
’83-’89 (Japan): Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor
’83: Fog Lamp
’84: Heated Rear Window Delay
’90-’92: Front Fog Light
GFlasher Device
H’83: Main Lights
’84-89: Gear Shift Indicator
’90-’92 (Japan): Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor
J’82-’89: Power Windows and Electric Fan
’90-’92: Power Windows and Seat Heater
K’82-’83: Central Locking System (Unlocking)
’84: Automatic Main Beams
’85-’92: Headlight
L’82-’83: Central Locking System (Locking)
’86-’92: Central Locking System
M’82-’89: Auxiliary Lights
’83-’92: Rear Fog Lights
N’82 (Sweden): Foglamp
’83-’87: Auxiliary Lights
’83-’86 (USA): Lambda-Sond (USA)
’90-’92: Supplementary High Beam
O’83-’84 (LHD + B28F): Ignition Advance
’85-’86: Ignition Advance
P’82-’83 (LHD): Oil Level Sensor
R’83 (RHD + B28F): Ignition Advance
’84-’86: Ignition Advance
’88 (780): Start Inhibitor
S’82-’83 (RHD): Oil Level Sensor
’88 (780): Anti-Theft

Additional Fuses

Glow Plugs and Wiring are Protected by a Special 80A Fuse Mounted Under Relay (130). 1985 diesel models differ from 1984 models by being equipped with a different Glow Plug Control Unit (P/N 1348 339 ) with an 80 Amp fuse in place of the relay.

On vehicles equipped with Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), the system is protected by (2) additional fuses. (1) 10 Amp fuse located in the trunk compartment on the right side, and (1) 80 Amp fuse located on the left inner fender.

  • ’88-’92: The ABS system is protected by an additional 10 AMP fuse which is incorporated in the surge protector at the brake pedal mounting.
  • ’88-91 (780): The system also includes a 10 A fuse for the ABS (anti-lock braking system) function. This is incorporated in the transient surge protector at the pedal mounting.
  • ’89-91 (780): At battery – Two 30 A fuses for front/rear amplifiers (not Italy)
  • ’89-91 (780): At left suspension tower – One 10 A fuse for High-output turbo system (B230FT)


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