Volvo 440 460 480 fuse and relay

The Volvo 440 sedan, the Volvo 440 hatchback and the Volvo 480 station wagon were produced in 1986, 1987, 1988,1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997. During this time, the models have been restyled. In our material you will find a description of the fuses and relays Volvo 460 440 480 with fuse box diagrams, their locations and photo examples of execution. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter. In conclusion, we propose to get acquainted with the electrical circuits of the car.

Volov 440 460

The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from those shown and depends on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment of your car.

Fuse box

In the passenger compartment, the fuse box is located under the instrument panel on the driver’s side and is closed with a protective cover.


Check the description with your diagrams on the cover of the blocks.

Type 1


Diagram 1


115A Cigarette lighter, interior lighting, luggage compartment lighting, engine compartment lighting, glove box lighting, radio, clock, multifunction control unit, power antenna (’91→), electronic information center (’91→), LED (anti-theft alarm (‘ 91→))
220A Fog lights, headlight flashing system, rear fog lights (’91→)
330A Heater fan (max speed)
430A Headlight motors, central locking (’86-’90), driver’s door keyhole illumination
515A ’86–’90: Brake lights, power antenna
30A ’91→: Door windows and sunroof
67.5A Rear fog lights
730A ABS relay
87.5A Left headlight (high beam)
97.5A Right headlight (high beam), warning lamp
107.5A Left position and tail lights, instrument panel lighting, low beam relay (’91→)
117.5A Right position and tail lights, license plate light, fog light relay (’91→)
127.5A Left headlight (low beam)
137.5A Right headlight (low beam)
1430A A/C compressor and fan (relay), brake lights (’91→), diagnostic checkpoint (’91→)
1515A ’86–’90: Heated rear window and door mirrors
20A ’91→: Heated Rear Window and Mirrors
1620A Additional high beam headlights, horn, anti-theft alarm
1715A ’86–’90: Turn Signals
20A ’91-: Start Relay, Rear Wiper
1820A Headlight washers, turn signals (’91→)
197.5A Alternator, oil pressure gauge, clock and instrument lighting, warning lights (’86-’90)
2030A Reversing lights, heater controls (’86-’90), heated seats, compressor relay (’91→)
2215A Light switch, daytime running lights, seat belt buckles (lighting (’86-’90))
2315A Wiper motors, windshield washer pump, tilt sunroof (’86-’90)
2430A Power door windows and mirrors
2520A A/C fan and/or heater fan, Radio
2630A ABS motor

The fuse number 1 for 15A is responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter. Otherwise, the cigarette lighter fuse is located in the box under the hood.

Type 2


Diagram 2


125A Ventilation and heating module (VM)
215A ’91–’92: Radio, ABS Test Connector, Tog Light Relay (N+ML)
15A ’92–’93 (440 and 460 LHD): Radio (power supply)
’92→ (RHD): Radio (Lighting)
10A ’92-’94 (480 – LHD): Radio (power supply)
330A 440 & 460: Power rear windows
430A Power front windows and mirrors
520A 440 and 460: rear window heater.
615A Windshield and rear screen wipers (electric, switch and pump), heated seats
20A ’92–’94 (480): Heated seats, wipers, CEM power supply
710A ’91–’92: Central locking, keyhole illumination
15A ’92–’93 (440 & 460): headlight washers
30A ’92-’94 (480): Air conditioning (relay), brake lights, diagnostic tester
85A ’91–’92: Glove box light, radio, clock
20A ’92-’94 (480): Horn, auxiliary high beams, central locking.
915A ’91-’92: Ignition light, interior lighting, internal time delay relay, instrument panel (clock), sunroof.
20A ’92-’94 (480): Start Interlock, Rear Wiper
107.5A Motorized antenna, trunk light, cigarette lighter
20A ’92–’94 (480): Headlight washers, turn signals, hazard warning lights.
1192–’94 (480): Rear log light (left)
1210A ’91-’92 (LHD): Oxygen Sensor
10A ’91-’92 (RH): Fuel Pump
10A ’92→: Oxygen sensor
1310A ’91-’92 (LHD): Fuel Pump
10A ’91–’92 (Right Hand Drive): Oxygen Sensor
10A ’92→: Fuel Pump
147.5A Right headlight (low beam)
157.5A Left headlight (low beam)
1630A ’91-’92: ABS Pump Relay
5A ’92→: Dashboard
175A “Lights On” warning buzzer, compressor relay, reversing lights, crankcase heater, fuel injection diagnostic point, fuel cut, carburetor heater
7.5A ’92- (440 & 460 except U/FT): reverse lights, warning buzzer, compressor relay, crankcase heater, fuel injection diagnostic point
7.5A ’92–’94 (480): CEM power supply, seat belt warning light, battery charge and oil pressure sensors, vehicle light switch illumination, rheostat, ECU (B18FT)
185A ’91-’92: Vehicle Light Switch Illumination, Instrument Panel, Internal Time Delay Relay, Lamp Fail Sensor (Rear Lamps)
7.5A ’92–’93 (440 & 460): Vehicle Light Switch Illumination, Rheostat (HL), Lamp Fail Sensor (Tail Lights), Rear Fog Light Relay, Interior Ice Delay Relay
15A ’92–’94 (480): Air conditioning, reversing lights, bulb failure sensor (tail lights), crankcase heater.
195A ’91-’92: Turn signals, oil pressure sensor, ABS control unit.
7.5A ’92–’93 (440 & 460): turn signals, oil pressure switch, voltmeter.
15A ’92–’94 (480): Light Switch (Daytime Running Lights), Low Beam Relay (RHD)
2115A ’92–’93 (440 & 460): Central locking, keyhole light, glove box light, radio (LHD: memory; RHD: power supply), clock
7.5A ’92–’94 (480): Cigarette Lighter, Keyhole Light, Electronic Information Center, Radio (LHD: Memory; RHD: Power Supply)
225A ’91-’92: Rear Fog Lamp Relay
15A ’92–’93 (440 & 460): Ignition light, interior lights, internal time delay relay, clock (dashboard), sunroof.
7.5A ’92–’93 (440 & 460): ECU (B18FT)
7.5A ’92–’94 (480): Clock, glove box light, ignition switch light, car alarm LED, auxiliary water pump (B18FT) (axle)
2315A ’91-’92: Headlight washers
’92–93 (440 & 460): bridge
2415A Air conditioning (compressor and cooling fan)
20A ’92–’94 (480): Fog lights (left and right hand drive), trunk light, high/low beam switch, power antenna, internal combat
257.5A Stop lights
20A ’92–’94 (480): Heated rear window/door mirror
267.5A ’91–’92: Hazard warning
10A ’92–’93 (440 & 460): Hazard signaling
30A ’92–’94 (480): Headlight motors
2710A Horn, auxiliary water pump (’92- (B18FT))
30A ’92–’94 (480): Power door windows, roll-up sunroof.
287.5A Illumination of radio, seat and instrument panel heating switch, rheostat, left position lamp, position emergency lamp
7.5A ’92-’94 (480): Left Position Lamp, Parking Warning Lamp, Tail Lamps (L&R), High Beam Low Beam Relay (RHD)
2915A Fog Lamp Relay (N+NL), Right Position Lamp, License Plate Light, Radio Light (’92-(LL)), Rear Fog Light (’92-(RHD))
7.5A ’92–’94 (480): Right side marker, radio (lighting), fog lights (left and right hand drive), taillights (left and right), license plate light, rear fog light (right hand drive)
307.5A Left headlight (high beam)
317.5A Right, headlight (high beam), indicator lamp, auxiliary high beam headlights (switch)
3230A ’91-’92: ABS Relay
5A ’92→: ABS

Relay box

Located under the hood and covered with a protective cover.

Type 1

Photo – example

Photo 1


Diagram 3


B’86–’88: Fog lights
’88–’91: Terminal 75
B18F: Auxiliary water pump
’92–’96: Terminal 75a
CIgnition (terminal 15)
D’86–88: Terminal 75
B18F, B18FT (EP, FP): auxiliary water pump
E’86–’90: air conditioning
’91–’92 (Netherlands, Norway): Rear fog lamps
’92–’96: Fog lights
FDouble acting (headlight motors)
’92–’93 (440 & 460): headlight washer
Netherlands, Norway: rear fog lights
Norway (’86–’87): fuel pump
GB (’87–’96): inhibitor (dimming low beam headlamps)
H’88–’91: Fog lights
Norway (’87–’90): inhibitor (fog lights)
Norway (’86–’87): Fuel injection monitoring
’92–’93 (440 & 460): internal time delay
JABS Power
GB (’86–’87): Inhibitor (low beam with dimming)
’92–’93 (440 & 460): Windshield washer/wiper
KABS pump
’92–’96: Terminal 75b
Lamp Failure Detector (Headlights)

Type 2

An example of a circuit from the box cover



Diagram 4


115A Cigarette lighter, interior lighting, trunk light
315A Central locking, auxiliary water pump
47.5A Clock, Dashboard, Radio
510A Rear fog lamp, headlight washers
620A Direction indicators, clock, buzzer, heating module, heated rear window and rear-view mirrors
730A Interior lighting relay, seat heating, reversing lights, fog lights
815A Dashboard
97,5A Left tail light, rheostat
1020A Right rear light
1110A Horn, A/C relay
1210A Brake lights
1315A Hazard lights
1430A A/C relay, engine cooling fan, compressor, headlight washers
1530A Heating module/sunroof
1615A Windshield and rear window washer/wiper
1715A Radio, power windows and mirrors
187.5A Left headlight (high beam)
197.5A Right headlight (high beam)
207.5A Right headlight (low beam)
217.5A Left headlight (low beam)
2230A ABS
2330A ABS
ALamp Failure Detector (Headlights)
BIgnition (terminal 15)
CFog lights
DTerminal 75
EHeadlight washer
FIntermittent windshield wiper
HIntermittent rear window wiper
JInternal time delay

Wiring diagram Volvo 440 460 480

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