Toyota Harrier 2G fuse and relay

The 2nd generation Toyota Harrier was produced in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 with the designation XU30. During this time, the model has undergone an update. In our material you can find a description of fuses and relays Toyota Harrier 2 with fuse box diagrams, photo examples of performance and locations. Let’s highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

Harrier 2G

Fuse and relay assignments may differ from those shown and depend on the year of manufacture, region of delivery and the level of electrical equipment in your vehicle.

Passenger compartment

In the passenger compartment, the fuse and relay box is located under the glove compartment on the left side of the vehicle. To access it, remove the cover plate.


location of fuse box




3520A RR DOOR RH – Rear right window lift
3620A RR DOOR LH – Rear left window lift
377.5A FUEL OPN – Fuel tank filler flap
3815A FR FOG – Front fog lights
397.5A OBD – Diagnostic connector
4025A FR DEF – Wiper, fuse: “MIR HTR”
4110A STOP – Parking lights, auxiliary brake light, ABS, vehicle stabilisation system, traction control, brake assist, engine electronics, air suspension, transmission selector lock, lamp malfunction unit
4230A TI&TE – Steering column adjustments
437.5A Not used
447.5A AM1 – Starter
457.5A RR FOG – Rear Fog Light
467.5A AIR SUS – Air suspension
4725A DOOR NO. 2 – Multiplex unit
4830A S/ROOF – Sunroof
4910A TAIL – Front fog lights, instrument cluster illumination, instrument panel illumination, parking lights, number plate illumination, trailer connector
507.5A PANEL – instrument panel illumination, audio system, armrest compartment lighting, power socket, automatic transmission control unit, headlight washer, air suspension control unit, seat heating, boot door, steering wheel buttons, garage door remote control
517.5A ECU-IG NO. 1 – Lexus Link System, mirror control unit, sunroof, multiplex unit, navigation display, transmission selector lock, driver memory, windscreen wiper, automatic transmission control unit, seat heating, steering column adjustment, tailgate, air suspension control unit, vehicle stabilisation system, traction control
5210A ECU-IG NO. 2 – Automatic headlight corrector, vehicle stabilisation system, headlight washer, adaptive lighting system, dynamic cruise control
537.5A HEATER – Cooling fan, air conditioning, rear window heater, ignition switch, windscreen wiper
5420A WASHER – Glass washer
5520A SEAT HTR – Seat heater
567.5A GAUGE NO. 1 – reversing lamps, instrument cluster illumination, instrument cluster illumination, instrument panel illumination, emergency alarm, unbelted belt indicator, socket, engine electronics, lamp malfunction unit
5730A FR WIP – Windscreen wiper
5815A RR WIP – Rear windscreen wiper
5920A INJ – Engine electronics
6010A IGN – Stop lamp, SRS (airbags), engine electronics, front passenger mass detection system control unit
617.5A GAUGE NO. 2 – Instrument cluster
627.5A ECU-ACC – Navigation, mirror control unit, transmission selector lock, multiplex unit
6315A CIG – Cigarette lighter, power socket
6415A PWR OUTLET NO. 1 – Socket
657.5A RADIO NO. 2 – Instrument panel illumination, instrument cluster illumination, navigation, audio system, Lexus Link System
6610A MIR HTR – Heated mirrors
6730A P/SEAT – Power seats
6830A PWR – Power windows, multiplex unit, power mirrors

Fuses 63 and 64 are responsible for the cigarette lighter and the rear socket. Another fuse is located in a block under the bonnet.

Fuses 68 for 30A POWER – Power windows and 67 for 30A P/SEAT – Power seats are located separately in the upper part of the block.



Several relay elements are attached to the back of the unit.



  • Fog light
  • Parking light
  • Auxiliary relay
  • Power windows
  • Ignition (IG1)

The turn signal relay (81980) is mounted separately in the upper part.

Engine compartment

The main fuse and relay box is located under the hood on the left-hand side.

fuse box under the hood

Check the assignment of the elements with your circuit diagrams on the back of the protective cover.

Example circuit diagram

covery 2



Diagram 2


2100A INP-J/B – Without air suspension : Fuses: “HEATER”, “H-LP CLN”, “TAIL”, “PANEL”, “FR FOG”, “CIG”, “RADIO NO. 2”, “ECU-ACC”, “PWR OUTLET NO. 1”, “GAUGE NO. 1”, “ECU-IG NO. 1″,” FR WIP”, “RR WIP”, “WASHER”, “SEAT HTR”, “ECU-IG NO. 2”, “P/SEAT”, “PWR”, “TI&TE”, “RR DOOR LH”, “RR DOOR RH”, “MPX-B”, “AM1”, “DOOR NO. 2”, “STOP”, “OBD”, “FUEL OPN”, “AIRSUS” (7.5 A), “S/ROOF”, “FR DEF” and “RR FOG”.
60A AIRSUS – With air suspension: Air suspension.
3140A ALT – Fuses: “INP-J/B”, “AIRSUS” (60 A), “ABS NO. 1”, “ABS NO. 2”, “RDI FAN”, “RR DEF”, “HEATER”, “PBD”, “H-LP CLN/MSB”, “H-LP CLN”, “PWR OUTLET NO. 2”, “TOWING”, “TAIL”, “PANEL”, “FR FOG”, “CIG”, “RADIO NO. 2”, “ECU-ACC”, “PWR OUTLET NO. 1”, “GAUGE NO. 1”, “ECU-IG NO. 1”, “FR WIP”, “RR WIP”, “WASHER”, “HEATER”, “SEAT HTR”, “ECU-IG NO. 2”, “P/SEAT”, “PWR”, “TI&TE”, “RR DOOR LH”, “RR DOOR RH”, “MPX-B”, “AM1”, “DOOR NO. 2”, “STOP”, “OBD”, “FUEL OPN”, “AIRSUS” (7.5 A), “S/ROOF”, “FR DEF” and “RR FOG”.
430A PBD – Trunk door lock
530A H-LP CLN/MSB – Headlamp washer
630A H-LP CLN – Headlamp washer
730A ABS NO. 1 – ABS, vehicle stabilisation system, traction control, brake assist system
840A RR DEF – Rear window heater
950A HEATER – Air conditioning, rear window heater
107.5A DRL – Daytime running lights
1115A H-LP L LWR – Near Left Light
1215A H-LP L UPR – Far left light
1315A H-LP R UPR – Far right light
1420A PWR OUTLET NO. 2 – Socket
1530A TOWING – Trailer lighting
1650A ABS NO. 2 – ABS, vehicle stabilisation system, traction control, brake assist system
1750A RDI FAN – Cooling fan
1815A HAZ – Direction indicators
197.5A CRT – Audio system
207.5A ALT-S – Charging system
2110A ETCS – Engine Electronics
2210A HORN – Horn
2340A MAIN – Daytime running lights, left headlamp, right headlamp, fuses: “H-LP R LWR”, “H-LP R UPR”, “H-LP L UPR”, “H-LP L LWR” and “DRL”.
2430A AM2 – Starter, fuses: “GAUGE NO. 2”, “IGN” and “INJ”.
2515A RADIO NO. 1 – Audio system, navigation
267.5A ECU-B – Power windows, instrument cluster, air conditioning, navigation display, sunroof, power seats, steering column adjustment, windscreen wiper, monochrome rear view mirror, multiplex unit, instrument panel illumination, garage door remote control, door lamps, boot door, driver’s settings memory
277.5A DOME – Instrument cluster, interior lighting, visor mirror illumination, ignition switch illumination, luggage compartment illumination, licence plate illumination, interior door handle illumination, footwell illumination, sill illumination, door lamps
287.5A TEL – Lexus Link System
2930A AMP – Audio System
3025A DOOR NO. 1 – Multiplex unit
3125A A/F – Engine Electronics
3225A EFI NO. 1 – Engine electronics, fuse: “EFI NO. 2”
3315A H-LP R LWR – Near right-hand light
3410A EFI NO. 2 – Engine electronics





  • A – STARTER relay of the starting system
  • B – HORN horn relay
  • C – EFI MAIN injection system main relay / fuel module / petrol pump
  • D – AIR SUS air suspension relay
  • E
  • F
  • G – A/F relay of electronic engine control unit

Some additional protection elements can be installed separately, outside the blocks, e.g.: central locking system relay, heater relay, etc.

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