Toyota Corolla Spacio 2G (Corolla Verso) – fuse and relay

Toyota Corolla Spacio 2nd generation was produced in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 with different body designations 121, 124. The left-hand drive version of this model is called Toyota Corolla Verso. A distinctive feature of them is the location of the steering. Their electrical circuits are similar. In this material, we will show a description of the fuses and relays of the Toyota Corolla Spasio (Verso) with box diagrams and their locations. Highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Toyota Corolla Spacio 2

The design of the boxes and the purpose of the elements in them may differ from that presented and depends on the year of manufacture, the level of equipment and the region of delivery of your car (Right or Left hand drive). Check the assignment with your diagrams on the box cover.

Passenger compartment fuse box

Right hand drive

To access, unscrew the screw, disconnect the clips and remove the glove compartment.

Access to the unit in the cabin, right hand drive

Location example

Cabin blocks arrangement 120

Photo for example

Photo example Option 1


Assignment 1


Scheme option 1 right hand drive

Protected components

aPOWER 30A – electric drive glass lifters, electric sunroof
bDEFOG 30A – Heated rear window
cHEATER 40A – air conditioner, heater.
1WASH 15A – wipers and washers
2ECU-KZ 10A – ABS, electric power steering, radiator and condenser fans
3GAUGE 10A – instrument cluster, direction indicators and hazard warning systems, warning systems for unfastened seat belts and forgotten key, central locking
4backup circuit
5backup circuit
6backup circuit
7WIPER 25A – wipers and washers
8TAIL 15A – dimensions and lighting, rear fog lamp, warning system about not switched off lighting, headlights
9STOP 15A – brake lights, engine management, automatic transmission and ABS indicators
10DOOR 25A – central locking, interior lighting, warning system, wireless central locking control
11P / W 20A – electric drive glass lifters
13AM1 25A – chain AM1 of the ignition lock
14ECU-B 7.5A – fog lights, engine management and automatic transmission
15FOG 15A – front fog lights
16ST 7,5A – instrument cluster, engine management, starting system
17A / C 25A – air conditioner
18IG2 15A – ABS, charging system, automatic transmission, electric power steering, engine management, ignition, SRS
19DEF I-UP 10A – Engine Management, Heated Rear Window
21CIG 15A – cigarette lighter , radio, navigation system, clock, mirror adjustment

The fuse number 21, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Some relays are mounted on the back.


Relay on the back of the unit

Relay assignment

AIgnition relay
BHeated rear window relay
CFuel pump relay
DRelay for electric drive glass lifts
EStarter relay

Left hand drive

The glove compartment must be removed to access.

Block in the cabin, left hand drive


Left steering wheel cover diagram


Block diagram in the cabin, left hand drive


1not used
2not used
3not used
425А FUEL HTR – Fuel heater
515А CIG – Cigarette lighter , audio system, clock, controls for electric drive rear-view mirrors
615A IG2 – Sensors and meters, SRS air bag system, multi-channel fuel injection system / sequential multi-channel fuel injection system, starter system, charging system
710А М-НТR / DEF I-UP – Anti-fogging of external mirrors, multi-channel fuel injection system / sequential multi-channel fuel injection system
87,5А ST – Starter, multi-channel fuel injection system / sequential multi-channel fuel injection system, sensors and counters
910A ECU-B – Air conditioning system, anti-lock brake system, vehicle stability control system, rear fog lamp
1025A AM1 – Fuse “CIG”
1115A TAIL – Dimensions, Rear lights, license plate lighting, parking lights, headlight beam control system, dashboard lights, clock, headlight cleaner, front fog lights, seat heaters, multi-channel fuel injection system / sequential multi-channel injection system fuel
1220A P / V – Electric drive window
1315A STOP – Brake lights, high set brake light, gear lock control system, multi-channel fuel injection system / sequential multi-channel fuel injection system, anti-lock brake system, vehicle stability control system
1415A FOG – Front fog lights
1525A DOOR – Electric drive door locking system
16not used
1710А А / С – Air conditioning system
187.5А ОВD – On-board diagnostic system
1910А GAUGE – Sensors and meters, air conditioning system, electric drive windows, reverse signals, daytime running light system, anti-fog rear window, automatic transmission upshift system, electric drive door locking system, charging system, emergency flashing signals, automatic anti-glare interior rearview mirror, airbag system SRS, reminiscent of the front passenger seat belt indicator light
2015A S-НТR – Seat heaters
2115А WASH – Windscreen wipers and windshield washer
2210A ECU-IG – SRS Airbag System, Electric Cooling Fan, Antilock Brake System, Gear Lock Control System, Power Steering System, Headlight Washer
2325A WIPER – Windscreen wipers and glass washer of a windshield, windshield wipers and glass washer of a rear window
2440A DEFOG – Rear window anti-fogging, “M-HTR / DEF I-UP” fuse
2530A POWER – Power window, electric sunroof
2640A NEATER – Air conditioning system, fuse “A / C”

Relay circuit on the back of the unit

Relay circuit in the passenger compartment, left hand drive



Ignition relay


Heated rear window relay


Fuel pump relay


Relay for electric drive glass lifts


Starter relay


Electric drive glass lifts, electric sunroof


Heated rear window, air conditioner, heater

Electronics boxes engine compartment

Mounting box

In the general diagram, it is designated as Block 1. Located on the left side, next to the battery.

Block under the hood fielder

Example of a diagram from the block cover

An example of a diagram from the cover of the block under the hood


corolla 120 blok pod kapotom chema


APower steering relay
BRelay e / m air conditioning compressor clutch
CHorn relay
DInjection system relay
ERadiator fan relay # 2
FRadiator fan relay # 1
aEMPS (50A) – electric power steering
bHEAD MAIN (40A) – headlights
cA / PUMP (50A) – engine management (2ZZ-GE)
dALT (100A) – charging system, rear window heater
eH-LP CLN (30A) – headlight washer
fRDI FAN (30A) – radiator and condenser fans
gABS No. 1 (30A) or VSC No. 1 (40A) – ABS
hABS No. 2 (40A) or VSC No. 2 (40A) – ABS
1HEAD RH (15A) – right headlight
2HEAD LH (15A) – left headlight
3HORN (10A) – sound signal
4HAZARD (10A) – direction indicators and hazard warning lights
5ALT-S (5A) – charging system
7EFI (15A) – engine management, automatic transmission mode indicators, headlights, interior lighting, automatic air conditioning, radio, warning system about not turned off lights, remote central locking control, ABS (VSC)
8DOME (15A) – clock, instrument cluster, headlights, interior lighting, air conditioning with automatic, control, radio, warning system, lights not turned off, remote control
9AM2 (30A) – chain AM2 of the ignition lock
10backup circuit
11backup circuit
12backup circuit
13backup circuit

Box 3

Installed next to radiators and cooling fans.


Block near the radiator


  1. Radiator fan relay # 1
  2. Radiator fan relay # 2
  3. Radiator fan relay # 3

Box 4

Can be installed on the right side of the engine compartment.


Additional unit under the hood


  • A – ABS electric pump relay
  • B – ABS valve relay
  • 1 – 7,5А ABS (VSC)

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