Suzuki Vitara – fuse and relay

Suzuki Vitara has been produced in four generations from 1988 to the present and is shipped worldwide. For some markets, the model received the “Grand” prefix in the name and was sold as Suzuki Grand Vitara, Grand Escudo, XL-7. In our material you will find an assignment of the second generation fuse boxes and relays of the Suzuki Vitara produced in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. We will show the locations of the boxes, their photographs and diagrams. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Suzuki Vitara

The design of the boxes and the purpose of their elements may differ from that shown and depend on the year of manufacture, country of delivery and equipment level. And if the year of manufacture is not suitable, study the description for the Grand Vitara .

Engine compartment

Located on the right side next to the battery.

The location of the unit under the hood

Type 1

suzuki vitara fuse box 2


Block diagram under the hood option 1


F1(15A / 25A) Optional equipment
F2(15A) Gasoline: Engine management
F3(15A) RH headlight
F6(Z30A) Instrument panel fuse / relay box
F7(60A) Ignition lock circuits
F8(50A) ABS / ESP system
F9(80A / 100A)
F10(30A) Engine management
F11(25A) Air conditioning system

Additional elements

Location of additional Suzuki vitara units


  1. Fuse or relay for bodywork
  2. Fuse or relay for bodywork
  3. A / C compressor relay
  4. Air conditioner fan relay
  5. Fuses for additional equipment

Type 2

Photo for example

Block under the hood suzuki vitara photography


Block diagram under the hood suzuki vitara photo


1Air conditioning relay
2Relay No. 1 of high speed electric / double condenser fan
3Fog lamp relay
4Horn relay
5Condenser fan relay
6Relay No. 2 high speed e / d condenser fan
7Transmission control relay
8Oxygen sensor heater relay
F1(15A) LH headlamp
F2(15A) Engine management
F3(15A) Stop lights
F4(25A) Heated rear window
F5(60A) Heater blower motor
F6(60A) ABS system
F7(15A) Engine management
F8(15A) Horn
F9(25A) Air conditioning system
F10(15A) Fog lights
F11(15A) RH headlight
F12(60A) Dashboard fuse / relay box
F13(60A) Ignition lock circuits

Additional elements

  1. (120A) Alternator (main fuse at battery terminal)
  2. (40A) Additional heater
  3. (40A) Cooling fan motor
  4. (80A) Glow plugs

Passenger compartment

It is located on the driver’s side under the panel on the side wall (closed by a black cover, on which the actual appointment should be applied). It is easier to get to it if you remove the panel that is under the steering column (attached at the corners with 4 self-tapping screws).

The location of the unit in the cabin

Type 1

The photo

Photo of the block in the Suzuki Vitara salon and a diagram

Protected components

A/Cair conditioning
AMengine switch
DEFwindow heater
DOMEinterior lighting
ECUcontrol (control) engine module
EDUinjection control
EFIsystem of electronic control of injection in a / m
ENG MAINmain engine
FOGfog light
GAUGEdashboard, speedometer
HAZ-TRNemergency lights
HEAD LHheadlights left
HEAD RHheadlights right
HORNsound signal
P/Wwindow lifter
Rr / rearrear
СIGcigarette lighter
STOPstop signal
TURNturn signals
WASHwindscreen washer

The cigarette lighter fuse is designated as CIGAR 20 or 25A.

Separate relays can be located nearby.

Photo of the block in the salon of Suzuki Vitara

Type 2

Option 2


Block diagram in the cabin option 2


F1(15 A)
F2(15A) Rear fog lamp
F3(20A) Central locking
F4(15A) Engine management
F5(20A) Fuel filter heater
F6(15A) Alarm
F9(30A) Heater blower motor
F10(30A) Power windows
F11(30A) Reserve
F12(15A) Engine management
F14(15A) Windshield wiper / washer
F15(20A) Cigarette lighter
F16(15A) Heated seats
F18(25A) Luke

The fuse number 15, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.


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  • I really appreciate this information. My powered windows and heater fan does not work. Where do I find their relays? I have checked all the fuses and they are fine.

  • i have a 2002 suzuki grand vitara , trouble shoot for you its only got 157000 km on it frame in good shape but i only have one head light no cab light no lights on dash none on where the control to put it in d,p,N,R 1.2 only one power window works at drivers side altanater not working question does the altanater have a fuse that could be blowen? it is rebuilt but not used a lot about 4000 km of use since it was installed , could be the wiring harness ? or the computer ? or all the fuses are burnt out i checked the ones near the battety all the 15 amps fuse are good and most important is it worth reparing? i feel it is whats your advise on this thank you richard

  • Please help…. my 02 suzuki grand vitara 4×4 only makes one click sound behind the glove box when I turn the key to try to start it.. no start won’t even turn over, it ran good before I parked it six months ago.. I put a brand new starter and battery still the same one click sound no clicking.. just one click. Please help I appreciate your time thank you..

  • nekem van egy 2004 es grand vitarám 2.0 hdi 16v 4wd lámpa nem világít a műszerfalon nem is működik a 4 kerék hajtás , a kapcsoló a váltón jó de áramot nem kap , a lég szivatyú is működik oda sem megy áram , nem tudom hol van a reléje illetve ha van bizosítéka. köszönöm előre is.

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