Suzuki Grand Vitara fuse and relay

Suzuki Grand Vitara presents the third generation of the Vitara range. In this publication you will find a description of the Suzuki Grand Vitara fuse and relay boxes manufactured in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. We will show where these boxes are located, their diagrams and photo examples of execution. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

The design of the boxes and the number of elements in them in your Suzuki Grand Vitara may differ from the one presented and depend on the year of manufacture and the level of vehicle equipment. And if the circuits do not fit, study the description for the Suzuki Vitara .

Engine compartment

Main fuse box

The location of the unit in the cabin

Located on the left side, next to the counter. Closed with a protective cover.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Fuse Box

The current assignment of fuses and relays will be presented in the form of a diagram on the back of the cover.

Block diagram under the hood


Block diagram under the hood


115A Air conditioning electromagnetic clutch
220A Oxygen sensor heater
315A Electric throttle
420A automatic transmission
525A Heated rear window
615A Sound signal
720A Fog lights
820A Heated mirrors
1915A Left headlight (low beam), left discharge headlight, low beam headlamp relay
2015A Right headlight (low beam), right gas discharge headlight, low beam headlamp relay
940A Heater fan
1030A ABS control unit 2, ESP control unit
1150A ABS control unit 1, ESP control unit
1220A Main relay
1330A Electro headlight washer pump
1610A Left headlight (high beam)
1510A Right headlight (high beam)
1610A High beam relay, low beam relay
1740A Starter ST
1840A Ignition switch IGN


AHeadlamp high beam relay
BHeadlamp low beam relay
CStarter relay
DFuel pump relay
Ethe main thing
FHeater fan motor
GElectric throttle valve
HCooling system fan motor No. 1, 2, 3
KBrake light relay

Additional relay box

Suzuki Vitara 2 Additional Relay Box

Additional box

It is not far from the battery and consists of power fuses.

Additional block


Additional block diagram under the hood


1120 / 80A All circuits, battery, fuse box # 1
230 / 40А Cooling system fan motor relay No. 2 and No. 1
440A 4WD control unit
550A Ignition lock
660A Fuse box No. 2, low beam relay, mounting block
7Integrated relay box # 1, integrated relay box # 2, fuse box # 2
8Fuse box No. 2

Passenger compartment

Mounted on the left pillar, on the driver’s side, under the dashboard.

The location of the unit in the cabin

The photo

Block in the cabin

The current diagram will be printed on the protective cover of the unit.

DiagramBlock diagram in the salon Suzuki Grad Vitara


1Tailgate relay
2Relay for auxiliary ignition circuits
3Transmission selector lock relay (“P” range)
F1(20A) Alternator, ignition coils, engine ECU
F2(10A) ECM, instrument cluster
F3(15A) ECM, display, audio system
F4(20A) Central locking
F5(10A) Rear dimensions
F6(15A) Interior lamp
F7(25A) Luke
F8(20A) Electronic engine control module (ECM)
F9(7.5A) Starting system
F10(15A) Hazard warning lamp, turn signal interrupter relay
F11(7.5A) Vanity mirror lamp
F12(30A) Power windows
F13(20A) Power windows
F14(15A) Airbag
F15(10A) ABS, ESP control unit, steering angle sensor
F16(10A) Reversing light, selector position sensor, headlight range control switch
F17(15A) Cooling system fan motor relay # 1, # 2 and # 3
F18(20A) Windshield wiper
F19(15A) Cigarette lighter fuse, charging connector
F20(10A) Cruise control, Brake light switch
F21(15A) Charging connector
F22(7.5A) Rear fog lamps, Combi switch
F23(15A) Stop lights

For the front cigarette lighter fuse number 19 at 15A is responsible, and for additional sockets – 21 at 15A.

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  • je cherche parce que mon véhicule na aucun code défaut
    et ne veux plus démarrée il c’ est arrête en roulent comme ci
    il été en panne de gasoil

    Suzuki grand vitra ddis 1900cc 95kw 129ch année 2007

    • It is unclear if there is a fuse for the windshield wiper fluid pump. Or if I don’t hear a noise when pulling back on the lever is it the pump that has gone out or just a fuse?

  • Cannot find a fuse for front parking lamps.

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