Suzuki SX4 – fuse and relay

Mini crossover Suzuki SX4 is produced in 3 generations from 2006 to the present with hatchback and sedan bodies. 1st generation was collected in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. 2nd generation in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Since 2016, the third generation Suzuki CX4 has been supplied to the markets (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021). Although some consider it to be a restyled version of the second generation (Suzuki New SX4 / S-Cross SX4). Since the update mainly affected only the appearance of the SX4. In this publication you will find a designation of the Suzuki Cx4 fuse boxes and relays. We will also show box diagrams, photographs and their locations. Let’s highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Suzuki SH 4

The design of the boxes depends on the year of manufacture, and the purpose of the elements depends on the level of equipment, the type of car body and the country of delivery (besides the Europeans, there are also Japanese and American SX4s). Check the description with your own on the back of the protective cover.

Engine compartment

It is located on the left side, next to the stand, under the protective cover.

Type 1

Photo execution of the block under the hood of suzuki cx4


Block diagram under the hood 1


180A All electrical circuits
250A Window regulator, ignition, wiper, starter
350A Rear dimensions, rear window heater, door lock, signal, interior lighting
615A Head lamp (right)
715A Head lamp (left)
820A Fog lights
960A Power steering control unit
1040A ABS control unit
1130A radiator fan
1230A ABS control unit
1330A Starter
1450A Ignition lock
1530A Fan
1620A Compressor
1715A Throttle valve motor
1815A Automatic transmission
1915A Injector
20Automatic transmission relay
21Air compressor relay
22Fuel pump relay
23Air conditioner fan relay
24Fog lamp relay
25Throttle valve relay
26Main relay
27Starter relay
28Radiator fan relay
29Radiator fan relay 2
30Radiator fan relay 3

Type 2

Execution of the block under the hood option 2

Photo an example of execution

Block diagram under the hood 2 suzuki cx4


Block diagram under the hood 2


150 / 60A FL7
250/80А FL6
3100A FL5
480А FL4
5100А FL3
660/100А FL2
7100/120А FL1
87.5A Ignition – 1st signal (2)
930A Radiator fan (2)
1020A Front fog lamps
117,5A Headlight 2
1230A Headlight washer
1325A ESP control module
1425A Headlights
1530A Accessories
1640A Ignition lock
1740A ESP® Engine
1830A Starter
1930A Fuel heater
2020A radiator fan
2130А DCDC
2230A Fl main (diesel engine)
2320A Fl (gasoline engine), Fuel pump (diesel engine)
2410A Air Compressor
2515A Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
2630A Heater fan
277.5A Start signal
2815A Headlight (left)
2915A Upper headlight (left)
307,5А FI 2
3120A Engine management \ injection system
3215А FI
3315A Headlight (right)
3415A Upper headlight (right)
3550A Ignition switch 2 (diesel engine)
3650A Battery (diesel engine)

Separately, fuses for 40A auxiliary heater (diesel engine) can be located.

Passenger compartment

It attaches to the left pillar, under the dashboard on the driver’s side.

Block in the cabin suzuki cx4

Type 1


Photo block diagram in the cabin suzuki cx4

Protected components

115A Rear window wiper
215A Ignition system
310A Reversing light
410A Instrument panel
515A Cigarette lighter and additional consumers
615A Cigarette lighter and additional consumers
715A Windows
830A Windshield wiper
910A Electric power steering
1015A Airbags
1110A Anti-lock braking system
1210A Rear parking lights
1315A Stop lights
1420A Door locks
1515A Reserve
1610A Starter
1715A Heated seats
1810A A / C fan relay
2910A Rear fog lamps
2015A Interior lighting plafond
2130A Heated rear window
2215A Sound signal, alarm
2310A Immobilizer 20A Power windows
2430A Heated rear window

For the operation of the cigarette lighter and additional sockets, fuses number 5 and 6 at 15A are responsible.

Several relay elements can be located on the back of the box:

Relay in salon Suzuki CX4

  1. Air conditioner fan motor
  2. Horn relay
  3. Rear window wiper
  4. Heated rear window
  5. Alarm relay

Type 2

Photo - scheme

The photo

Photo of the Suzuki fuse box


Block diagram in the cabin Option 2


130A seat belt
220A Power Window Timer
315A Steering column lock
420A Heated rear window
520A Hatch
610A DRL
710A Heated exterior mirrors
87.5A Start signal
915A Socket for additional equipment 2
1030A Power window
1110A Alarm
127,5A BCM
1315A Ignition coil
1410A ABS control module
1515A cigarette lighter socket
1610A Controller A-STOP
1715A Buzzer
1810A brake light
1910A Airbag
2010A Reversing light
2115A Cleaner / Washer
2230A Front wiper
2310A Ceiling light
2415A 4WD
257,5A Rear fog lamps
277,5A Ignition – 1st signal
2815A Radio 2
2910A Socket for additional equipment 3
3015A Radio
3110A Rear light
3220A D/L
337.5A Cruise control
3410A Measuring instrument
357,5A Ignition – 2nd signal
3620A Heated seats

Fuse number 15 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter, and for additional sockets numbers 9 and 29.

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  • have a good day,

    Sir, please can you assist me regarding my car’s meter display light is not working properly. some of working and some of not working. {Suzuki sx4 2014 model}
    i think its fuse issue. which fuse is related to meter display?

    Awaiting for your valuable replay

  • Where can I find the reverse sensor fuse? It might be call parking sensors

  • I want to know is the fuse for reverse sensors of Suzuki S-Cross 2015.

  • Re: Suzuki SX4 – CVT Triptronic Transmission 2010, 4Cyl, Hatchback, Japanese
    Sold in North America

    Hello Aliaksan,

    Do you happen to know the part number for the turn signal relay

    Supposedly this relay is 7 or 8 pins and located under the steering column.

    Actually, I am looking to replace the original by an electronic one to accommodate LED turning signals.

    1/ Would you happen to know the P/N of the original, an LED compatible substitute, and have a circuit diagram? … am I asking for too much 😉

    Anything you can help with would be awesome.

    Thank you!

    You have an awesomely documented website – Kudos to you and anyone that may be helping you out 🙂

  • From Ricardo: Left hand side, bottom, driver side – the turning signal relay is located behind the fuses, towards the firewall or engine (front). Regrettably, I have not had a chance to access it yet. I just felt it after following the ticking.

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