Skoda Octavia Tour Mk1 (A4) fuse and relay

The 1st generation Skoda Octavia is based on the A4 platform. This car was produced in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 with liftback and station wagon bodies. In some countries, the release continued until 2010 under the name Octavia Tour. For this generation, petrol engines with a volume of 1.4 1.6 1.8 2.0 liters and 1.9 liter diesel engines were installed. This publication will provide an assignment of the Skoda Octavia Tour 1st generation fuses and relays, the location of their circuit boxes and photographs.

Skoda octavia

Are the circuits not suitable or do you own a different generation of Skoda Octavia? Study the description for the 2nd generation (a5) .

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

Located at the end of the dashboard, on the driver’s side behind the protective cover.

the location of the unit in the cabin


Block diagram in the cabin Skoda Octavia


110A Heated mirrors, cigarette lighter relay, electric seats and washer jets
210A Direction indicators, headlights with xenon bulbs
35A Glove box lighting
45A License plate lighting
57.5A Heated seats, Climatronic, recirculated air flap, heated outside mirrors, Tempomat control
65A Central locking system
710A Reversing lights, parking sensors
85A Phone
1010A Ignition
115A Instrument panel
127,5А Power supply of the diagnostic system
1310A Brake lights
1410A Interior body lighting, central locking system, interior body lighting (without central locking system)
155A Instrument panel, steering angle sensor, rearview mirror
1610A Air conditioner
175A Heated sprayers nozzles, 30A Daytime running light
1810A Right high beam headlamp
1910A Left high beam headlamp
2015A Right low beam headlamp, headlamp leveling
2115A Left low beam headlamp
225A Right parking light
235A Left parking light
2420A Front wipers, washer motor
2525A Heater fan, air conditioning, Climatronic
2625A Heated boot lid glass
2715A Rear window wiper
2815A Fuel pump
2915A Control unit: petrol engine, 10A Control unit: diesel engine
3020A Electric sunroof
31Not occupied
3210A Gasoline engine – valve injectors, 30A Diesel engine high pressure fuel pump, control unit
3320A Headlight washer
3410A Petrol engine: control box, 10A Diesel engine: control box
3530A Socket for connecting a trailer, socket in the trunk
3615A Fog lights
3720A Petrol engine: control box, 5A Diesel engine: control box
3815A Trunk lamp, central locking, interior lighting
3915A Hazard warning system
4020A Sound signal (beep)
4115A Cigarette lighter
4215A Radio, telephone
4310A Petrol engine: control box, Diesel engine: control box
4415A Heated seats

The fuse number 41, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Relay box

Located under the panel itself behind the cladding cover.

Access to the relay box

Photo for example

relay in the cabin


Relay designation


  1. horn relay;
  2. switching relay;
  3. lighting amplifier;
  4. fuel pump relay;
  5. wiper control unit.

In cars with richer electrical equipment, another panel is supplied – an additional one (mounted on top), filled with classic relay elements.

Engine compartment

It is located in the cover on the battery and consists of fuses (high power) and fuses.

Block on battery


Block diagram under the hood


1110 / 150A Generator
2110A Interior lighting control unit
340 / 50A Electric motor of the engine cooling system
450A Electronic control unit
550A Glow plugs for diesel engines
630A Electric motor of the engine cooling system
730A ABS control unit
830A ABS control unit

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