Skoda Fabia Mk2 fuse and relay

Skoda Fabia 2nd generation (Mk2) was produced in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 with hatchback and station wagon bodies (Fabia Combi). This model was produced with gasoline and diesel engines with volumes of 1.2 1.4 1.6 and 1.9 liters. In this material you will find a designation of fuses and relays for Skoda Fabia 2nd generation with diagrams and photographs of the box in which they are located. Separately, we note the fuse for the cigarette lighter and washer.

Skoda Fabia 2

Wrong model? Description for the 1st generation Fabia, read here , and for the 3rd generation here .

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located under the steering wheel and is covered by a protective cover.

Access to the unit in the salon

photo for example

Photo of the fuse box in the cabin Skoda Fabia 2

On the back of the cover there should be an up-to-date description of the unit for your vehicle.

current scheme 2

The serial number of this designation will be placed in the right corner. Here are the 4 most common options:

  • 5J0010623A – Fabia 2 from 2007 to 2010 (dorestyling)
  • 5J0010743 – Fabia from 2010 to 2012
  • 5J0010826P – Fabia from 2012 to 2015
  • 5J0010675 – Fabia from 2007 to 2010.

Accordingly, the designation may change.


Block diagram in the salon Fabia 2


  1. Not taken
  2. 5A Starter relay
  3. 7.5A Engine electronics, electric onboard power supply control unit, headlight range adjuster, data bus interface diagnostics, voltage stabilizer
  4. 5A ABS control unit, Steering angle sensor, Start-stop mode button
  5. 5A Tempomat device (for petrol engines)
  6. 10A Reversing lamp, (for cars with manual transmission)
  7. 5A Engine control unit, Ignition system (for vehicles with a manual transmission), 7.5A Engine electronics, automatic transmission preselector lever
  8. 5A Switch for brake pedal control, Switch for clutch pedal ‚Radiator fan control unit
  9. 5A Control unit for adaptive lighting and headlight range control, Control unit for air conditioning, climate control, radiator fan, Parktronic control unit.
  10. not taken
  11. 5A Adjusting the outside rearview mirrors
  12. 5A Trailer recognition control unit
  13. 5A Dual-clutch transmission mechatronics, Automatic gearbox control unit
  14. 10A Left adaptive headlamp module, Right adaptive headlamp module
  15. 5A Voltage converter 12V / 5V, Navigation
  16. 5A Engine control unit, Fuel pump relay, Speedometer sensor (for cars without ABS), Fuel pump control unit
  17. 7.5A Left or right daytime running light bulb (DRL), Left or right LED DRL module and parking light
  18. 5A Heated exterior mirrors
  19. 5A Contact S
  20. 15A Fuel pump control unit
  21. 10A Reversing lamp for vehicles with automatic transmission or fog lamps when connected via BCM
  22. 7.5A Instrument cluster, Diagnostic socket, Control unit, multifunction steering wheel (without start-stop system)
  23. 15A Interior lighting for body, storage shelf, Trunk lighting
  24. 5A Control unit for the electric onboard network of the vehicle
  25. 20A Heated seats
  26. 10A Rear window wiper motor
  27. not taken
  28. 10A Engine electronics
  29. 10A Engine electronics
  30. 15A / 20A Fuel pre-priming pump, Ignition system high voltage transformer, Clutch pedal position sensor, Low heat output relay, Cruise control (for diesel engines)
  31. 10A Lambda Sensor
  32. 15A Fuel pressure regulating valve
  33. 15A Engine control unit
  34. 20A Brake vacuum pump, Engine control unit, Engine electronics
  35. 5A Headlight range control lamp
  36. 15A High beam
  37. 7.5A Rear fog lamp lamp on the left, Rear fog lamp warning lamp
  38. 10A Fog lights
  39. 30A Fan for fresh air inlet
  40. 15A Rear window wiper switch, Windshield washer heating resistor
  41. not taken
  42. 25A Heated rear window
  43. 20A Sound signals
  44. 20A Electric wiper motor
  45. 10A Central locking motor in the boot lid (Central locking)
  46. 15A Anti-theft alarm device (for the start-stop system)
  47. 15A Cigarette lighter, 12V socket
  48. 15A ABS control unit
  49. 15A Direction indicator
  50. 10A Car radio ‚navigation
  51. 25A Driver’s door control unit, Rear left door control unit
  52. 25A Front passenger door control unit, Rear right door control unit
  53. 25A Sliding roof control unit
  54. 15A Anti-theft alarm device (without start-stop system)
  55. 30A Mechatronics Dual Clutch Gearbox
  56. 25A Headlight cleaning relay
  57. 15A Low-beam and headlamp-leveling lamp, left side
  58. 15A Inclination lamp for dipped beam and headlight range, right side

The fuse number 47, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter. And for the cleaner number 10 or 40.

Relay box

Located at the end of the instrument panel behind the left cover.

Access to the relay box


Relay block diagram in the cabin

Circuits protected

  • R1, R6, R11-R15 – reserve;
  • R2 – windscreen heating relay (depending on configuration);
  • R3 – starter blocking relay;
  • R4 – fuel supply relay on the pressure line;
  • R5 – power supply relay;
  • R7 – front parking light relay;
  • R8 – fuel pump relay;
  • R9 – air conditioning relay;
  • R10 – relay contact “X”

Engine compartment

The mounting box with fuses and fuses is located in the cover on the battery.

Block on the battery terminal

Type 1


Scheme 1 on the battery


  1. 175A Generator
  2. Not occupied
  3. 80A Interior
  4. 60A Additional electric heating
  5. 40A Interior
  6. 50A Cooling fan, glow plugs
  7. 50A Electric steering
  8. 25А ABS, ESP, ASR
  9. 30A Cooling fan
  10. 5A Cooling fan
  11. 40A ABS, ESP, ASR
  12. 5A Central control unit
  13. 5A Automatic transmission, 40A Additional heating

Type 2


Fabia 2 block under the hood


1175A Generator
280A Electrical control unit
360A Additional heater
440A Hydro – ABS electronic unit
550A Power steering control unit
650A Glow plugs
75A Automatic transmission
840A Electrical control unit
930A Cooling fan
105A Air conditioner
1130A Cooling fan
1225A Hydro – ABS electronic unit

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