Skoda Octavia A5 (Mk2) – fuse and relay

The 2nd generation Skoda Octavia is based on the A5 platform. It was produced in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 with station wagons and liftbacks, both with gasoline and diesel engines. In this material, we will provide a designation of the Skoda Octavia a5 (MK2) fuse boxes and relays, their locations, photographs and diagrams. Separately, we will highlight the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and washer.škoda octavia a5

The number of elements in the boxes and their purpose may differ from the one presented and depends on the year of manufacture, the level of the vehicle equipment and the country of delivery.

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located at the end of the dashboard behind the protective cover. On the back of which the current designation of the fuses should be found in the form of a brochure.

Block access


Photo diagram of the fuse box Skoda octavia a5


110A Diagnostic connector, engine control unit, fuel pump
25A Control unit ABS, ESP
35A Airbags
45A Heater, air conditioner, reversing light
55A Electro headlight range control
65A Instrument cluster, automatic gearbox control unit, electric power steering control unit, parking assistance system
1210A Central locking control unit
1310A External lighting control unit, brake lights
145A Automatic gearbox control unit, gear selector lock
157.5A Interior lighting control unit
1610A Climate control system
17Optional equipment
185A Parking aid sensors
195A Traction hitch control unit
205A Help system when starting off uphill
2240A Fan of the climate control system
2330A Window regulator for front windows
2415A cigarette lighter fuse
2525 / 30A Rear window heating. Additional heater
2620A Trunk socket
2715A Fuel pump relay, fuel injectors
28Optional equipment
2910A Engine control unit
3020A Automatic gearbox control unit
3120A Brake vacuum pump
3230A Rear door windows
3325A Electric sunroof
3420A Control unit for comfort functions
355A Anti-theft system
3620A Headlight washers
3720A Heated front seats
3830A Heated rear seat
4040A Heating fan
4115A Rear door window wiper
4215A Windshield washer
4315A Trailer coupling
4420A Trailer coupling
4515A Trailer coupling
465A Heated washer jets
475A Additional heater relay
495A Central light switch

The fuse number 24 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter. And for the windshield washer number 42, also 15A.

Relay box

It is located under the dashboard itself, behind the cladding panel.

Type 1

location of the relay box


Block diagram with a Skoda octavia a5 relay


  • B4 – supply voltage relay (30)
  • B5 – rear window heating relay
  • B6 – horn relay
  • B7 – relay -1- glass washer pump
  • B8 – relay -2- glass washer pump
  • B9 – commutation relay for contact X

Type 2

Block with relay a5In this version, there is also a central control unit.

Relay box under the CBU


Relay box under the CBU


  1. supply voltage relay (15) -J329-
  2. Heated rear window relay -J9-
  3. supply voltage relay (50) -J682- / starter relay 1 -J906-
  4. fuel pump relay (pressure build-up in the fuel supply system) -J643- (for engine codes BUD, CGGA, BSE, BSF, CMXA, CHGA) / fuel pump relay -J17- (for diesel engines)
  5. Switching relay for terminal X -J59-

Additional relay box above the central control unit

Relay box on CBU

Protected components

  • D1 – Relay for independent heater -J485- (for vehicles with an independent auxiliary heater) / relay for low heat output -J359- (for vehicles with auxiliary resistive heater (PTC))
  • D2.1 Horn relay -J4-
  • D2.2 – Fuel pump relay (for engine letters BUD, CGGA, BSE, BSF, CMXA, CHGA) / – Additional fuel pump relay -J832- (for engine letters CLCA, CLCB, CFHF, CFHC, CEGA)
  • D3 – Relay for high heat output -J360- (on vehicles with additional resistance heater (PTC))
    D3.1 – Relay for fresh air blower -J13- (on vehicles with independent auxiliary heater)
  • D3.2 – Additional heater fuel pump relay -J749- (on vehicles with an independent additional heater)
  • D4 – Starter relay 2 -J907-
  • D5.1 – headlight washer relay -J39
  • D5.2 – Relay for heating element -J925- (at engine lettering CAYC)

Stove not working? In some models, a thermo-fuse for the stove is provided, which is located separately.

fuse stove Skoda a5

Engine compartment

It is located on the left side of the underhead space under the protective cover and consists of 2 department:

  1. fuse and relay department
  2. department of high power fuses in the form of fusible links

Block under the hood

Fuse and relay box diagram

Block diagram under the hood skoda octavia a5


25A Steering column switches
35A Diagnostic connector
430A ABS Hydroelectronic Module
515A Automatic gearbox control unit
65A Instrument cluster
815A Audio system
95A Phone
105A Power supply of the relay of the engine control unit
1120A Control unit for additional heater and ventilation
125A Data bus control unit
1315A Engine control unit
1420A Ignition
155 / 15A Oxygen concentration sensor, fuel pump relay, glow plug relay
1630A ABS control unit
1715A Sound signal
1830A Sound amplifier
1930A Windshield wipers
2115A oxygen concentration sensor
225A Brake clutch pedal switch
235/10 / 15А Additional air pump, high pressure fuel pump, mass air flow sensor
2410A Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve
2530A Right headlight
2630A Left headlight
2740A Additional air pump, preheating
2840A Starter
2950A Clamp power supply 30
3050A Terminal X – equipment connected to this terminal will automatically turn on when the engine is started.


  • R1 – Radiator fan motor relay
  • R2 – Automatic gearbox control relay
  • R3 – supply voltage relay (15)


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  • I liked this. It was more informative than usual insights into the fusebox. On RHD the fuse box on end of dash panel appears to be a mirror image of LHD so one must be careful to count the fuse numbering the right way. It might be worth mentioning that and perhaps covering it briefly so as to make it clear. The fuse numbering is right to left rather than left to right. For example, in the image fuse 1 actually becomes fuse 6. This is one that catches people out quite a lot

    • Thanks for your addition.

    • Skoda Octavia 2009 diesel….no ignition or instrument cluster lights, car starts then dies straight away, lights, radio are working, I hope it’s a fuse or relay but which one should I be looking at.
      Have looked at manual and inspected fuse in engine compartment, seems ok and not sure which one inside the car.

  • I have no power to ignition switch, no lights to instrument cluster and car won’t turn over which fuses, relay should I be checking for this please

  • Hi guys could you help with the location of glow plug relay 2010 1.6

    • Hi guy I pied the automatic gear box relay and now I put it back I have a gear selection warning and can’t start the engine is this issue a fuse or is it the relay?

  • I’m having problems with 2006 skoda Octavia it will drive for about 3 miles them cuts out it won’t start for a few hours but struggles to start when it does any help.

  • Skoda octavia 2005 1.9 tdi. Brake lights are on all the time when ignition is on. I have replaced switch, I have power in the wire feeding the switch when the fuse is out of the fuse box.

  • I have a problem with the seat warming. The driver seat si not warming up at all, the passenger seat is warming up pretty slowly. What might be the problem? I heard that it may be a relay, but which one? And where to find it?

    • I have a problem with the battery charging. Have a new alternator fully charged battery, car starts runs but the battery is not charging after about 30 seconds. Is this a short or relay problem?. If relay which one?.

  • On intermittent wipe my wipers start going erratic, : they go like the clappers like the fastest rate for heavy rain. A mechanic said just live with it. I dont see a relay for the front wipers.

  • hello I have a problem that has been bothering me for a month. when you want, both fans turn on at full speed and the engine revs up to 1050 rpm. it doesn’t matter if the engine is cold or warm.

    • Based on the information you’ve provided, it sounds like there may be an issue with the cooling system of your vehicle. When both fans turn on at full speed and the engine revs up to 1050 rpm, it’s likely that the engine is trying to cool down quickly.

      One possibility is that there is a problem with the engine’s temperature sensor or the thermostat. These components help regulate the temperature of the engine and if they are not functioning properly, it can cause the fans to turn on at full speed and the engine to rev up.

      Another possibility is that there is a problem with the fans themselves. If they are not working properly, they may not be able to cool the engine effectively and could cause it to overheat, which would cause the fans to turn on at full speed.

  • I wonder where is located Trailer Control Unit (1K0907383B) in Skoda Octavia 2 1Z5 Combi ?

  • I have a problem with fuse 6+8+12( instruments audio and canbus not shutting down power in sleep mode and draining the battery. If I raise the voltage with a charger to +. 14.5 the system will switch off . These alone will re energise @ approx 12.5 v any help would be useful ( body control module? )

  • Hello, I have a Skoda Octavia 2 2012 1.6 tdi with this error :


    Can You guys help me please? What do I need to check or change?

    Thank You!

  • Hi Skoda octavia 2005 drivers electric seat not operating any ideas thank you

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