Skoda Yeti fuse and relay

Skoda Yeti is a compact crossover. Years of release: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. During this time, the car has been restyled. And already in 2019, the concept of the second generation Yeti was shown. This publication will provide a designation of the fuse and relay boxes in the Skoda Yeti with photographs and diagrams of the boxes in which they are located. Highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

Too bad the Yeti

The number of elements in the boxes, as well as their purpose, may differ and depends on the year of manufacture and equipment of a particular car. In case of difficulty, contact your nearest Skoda dealer for official information.

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

The main fuse box is located at the end of the dashboard, on the driver’s side.

Access block in the Skoda Yeti salon

Photo for example

Photo block example

On some models, a diagram with the current fuse assignment is glued to the back of the protective cover.

Block diagram in the cabin

Protected components

Type 1

1(10A) Transmission ventilation heater (diesel engine) Automatic transmission control unit DQ200
2(20A) Trailer control module
3(15A) Trailer control module
4(5A) Instrument panel, wiper switch knob, turn signal shift lever
5(40A) Heater fan, cooling fan, air conditioner, Climatronic
6(15A) Rear window wiper
7(5A) Telephone
8(15A) Trailer control module
9(10A) Multifunction control module
10(10A) Rain sensor, light switch, center plug for connecting the diagnostic unit
11(10A) LH headlamp
12(10A) RH headlamp
13(15A) Audio / navigation system
14(5) Traction hitch
15(5A) Light switch
16(5A) Heated windscreen washer nozzles
17(5A) Headlight range control
18(10A) Central connector for diagnostic test bench, engine control unit, brake sensor
19(5A) ABS control unit, ESP, tire pressure monitor switch, parking aid control unit, offroad mode switch, start / stop button
20(5A) Airbag switch and airbag control module
21(5A) WIV, reversing light, mirror shading, pressure sensor, phone preparation, air mass meter
22(5A) Instrument panel, power steering control unit, Haldex
23(15A) Central locking system and boot lid
24(30A) Rear window lifter
25(25A / 30A) Heated rear window, independent auxiliary heater and ventilation
26(20A) Accessory power connector (trunk)
27(30A) Electrically operated tilt and tilt sunroof, electrically operated sunblind
28(15A) Fuel pump relay, fuel pump control module, valve injectors
29(30A) Front window lifter
30(20A) Cigarette lighters, front and rear
31(20A) Headlamp washer / wiper system
32(20A) Heated seats
33(7,5) Heater, Сlimatic, Сlimatronic
34(5A) Anti-theft system
35(10A) Transmission control
36(5A) Audio system

Type 2

  1. Gearbox breather heater (diesel engine), automatic transmission
  2. Towing hitch – left lamp
  3. Electrical socket for towing hitch
  4. Instrument cluster, steering column levers, camera
  5. Heating fan, radiator fan, air conditioning, Climatronic
  6. Rear window wiper
  7. Emergency call
  8. Towing hitch – right lamp
  9. Interior lighting, rear fog lamp
  10. Rain sensor, light switch, diagnostic connector
  11. Headlights – left side
  12. Headlights – Right Side
  13. Head device
  14. Central control system, engine control system
  15. Light switch
  16. Four-wheel drive
  17. KESSY, steering lock
  18. Diagnostic connector, engine management system, brake sensors, four-wheel drive, START-STOP system
  19. ABS, ESC, tire pressure monitor indicator switch, parking aid, OFF ROAD mode switch, START-STOP button
  20. Safety bag
  21. Flexible Service Interval – WIV, reversing light, dimmable rearview mirror, pressure sensors,
    telephone connection kit , mass air flow meter, headlight range control and headlight range control
  22. Instrument cluster, electromechanical power steering, data bus
  23. Central locking, luggage compartment lid
  24. Power Windows – Rear Doors
  25. Heated rear window, auxiliary heater and fan
  26. Luggage compartment socket
  27. Electric lift-slide sunroof, electric sun blind
  28. Fuel pump, injectors, AdBlue® heating
  29. Power windows – front doors, exterior mirrors – heating, folding function, mirror adjustment
  30. 12V socket – front and rear (cigarette lighter)
  31. headlight washer
  32. Heated front seats
  33. Heater, air conditioning, Climatronic, auxiliary heater remote control
  34. Anti-theft alarm, backup siren
  35. Automatic transmission
  36. Trailer coupling

In both versions, fuse number 30 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Relay box

It is located under the dashboard itself, behind the fuse box.

An example of the location of the Skoda Yeti relay block


Skoda Yeti relay block diagram


1Relay for main ignition circuits
2Heated rear window relay
4Fuel pump relay
5Relay for auxiliary ignition circuits
F1(30A) Power seat

Engine compartment

It is located on the left side of the engine compartment, behind the protective cover. The box itself consists of 2 parts. The high power fuse section and the fuse section, which also houses some of the relays, such as the engine control relay.

Photo of the block under the hood of the Skoda Yeti


Block diagram under the hood


Type 1

1Not used
2(30A) DSG gearbox
3(5A) Multifunction control module, Measuring line
4(20A) ABS / ESP system
5(15A) DSG gearbox
6(5A) Instrument panel, wiper switch handle and turn signal switch
7(40A) Main ignition circuits
8(15A) Radio
9(5A) Telephone
10(5A / 10A) Engine management, Engine control module relay coil supply
11(20A / 30A) Additional heater
12(5A) Diagnostic unit
13(15A / 30A) Engine management
14(20A) Engine management, Ignition
15(5A / 10A) Lambda probe, fuel pump relay, glow plug relay
16(30A) Central control unit for onboard power supply, right headlight, right rear grouping light
17(15A) Horn
18(30A) Digital processor amplifier for sound processing
19(30A) Windshield wiper
20(10A / 15A / 20A) Fuel pressure regulating valve
21(10A / 15A / 20A) Lambda probe
22(5A) Clutch pedal switch, brake pedal switch
23(5A / 10A / 15A) Coolant pump Solenoid valve for boost pressure limiting, high pressure fuel pump cooler changeover valve
24(10A) Activated carbon filter, exhaust gas recirculation valve
25(40A) ABS / ESP system
26(30A) Multifunction control module
27(50A) Glow plugs, preheating
28(50A) Heated windscreen
29(50A) Interior power supply
30(50A) Clamp X

Type 2

  1. Not used
  2. Automatic transmission, AdBlue system control
  3. Battery data module
  5. Automatic transmission
  6. Not used
  7. Terminal 15 power supply, starter
  8. Head unit, instrument cluster, telephone
  9. Not used
  10. Engine management system
  11. Autonomous heater and ventilation
  12. Data bus
  13. Engine management system
  14. Ignition
  15. Lambda probe, fuel pump, pre-glow system
  16. Right headlight, right tail light
  17. Sound signal
  18. Audio amplifier
  19. Windshield wiper
  20. Fuel pressure regulator, injection pump
  21. The Lambda probe
  22. Clutch Pedal Switch, Brake Pedal Switch
  23. Coolant pump, boost pressure limiter valve, radiator changeover valve, fuel pump
  24. Adsorber, EGR valve, radiator fan
  26. Left headlight, left tail light
  27. Pre-glow system
  28. Heated windshield
  29. Power supply to the internal fuse box (fuses No. 24, 27 31, 32), electric
    seat adjustment
  30. Terminal X


Still have questions? Ask them in the comments, and we will try to help.

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  • Hi, in Skoda Yeti 2012 all electric windows and both electric mirrors stopped working. Central locking makes sound and flashes but doesn’t lock. Could any please help?

  • Hi I own a Skoda Yeti 2013 Diesel Manual Transmission.
    My car got flooded last year and the Airbag Module stopped working and in as soon as I replace the Airbag Module one of the fuse blows away the wiring is good the Gateway and the ECM is fine but I can’t find the problem.

  • I’am looking for the location of the heated windscreen relay.

  • Skoda Yeti 2014 could you please tell me where the heated front screen relay is located.


  • Hi
    Is there a relay for the air conditioning compressor clutch? I suspect there must be one, but I can’t locate it. Any help much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Yeti 2013-4 Laurent Klement Diesel 140bhp 4×4

    which fuse unit is for the interior lights (either side above rear doors and the map reading lights) don’t seem to have any power there

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