Skoda Kodiaq – fuse and relay

Skoda Kodiaq – belongs to the class of mid-size crossovers. Produced since 2016. Manufactured to the present. In our publication, we will show where the boxes with fuses and relays are located in the Skoda Kodiak, we will provide their diagrams and describe the purpose of the elements, as well as separately highlight the cigarette lighter fuse.

Skoda Kodiak

Please note that several consumers can belong to one fuse and, on the other hand, several fuses can belong to one consumer. Therefore, check the purpose of the elements with your guide.

Passenger compartment

Fuse box located under the dashboard, behind the driver’s side glove compartment. To access, push in the latch A. Pull immediately in the direction of arrow 1, then 2.

Access to the unit in the salon

Photo for example

Photo of the fuse box in the cabin Skoda Kodiak


Block diagram in the cabin


  1. SCR (AdBlue®)
  2. Heated steering wheel
  3. Not used
  4. Security alarm
  5. Data bus
  6. Automatic transmission
  7. Air conditioning, remote control receiver for auxiliary heater, heated rear window, heated windshield, air conditioning for the rear of the cabin, tire pressure monitoring
  8. Light switch, rain sensor, parking brake, aesthetic lighting, burglar alarm sensor, headlights
  9. Understeering’s shifter
  10. Infotainment display
  11. Lighting on the left
  12. Infotainment system
  13. Seat belt pretensioner – left side
  14. Air conditioner and heater fan
  15. Electric steering column adjustment
  16. USB connectors, diagnostic connector, Phonebox
  17. Instrument cluster, emergency call
  18. Rear View Camera
  19. KESSY system
  20. SCR system (AdBlue®), braking system
  21. Four-wheel drive
  22. Traction – coupling device
  23. Lifting and sliding sunroof
  24. Light on the right
  25. Central locking: front and rear doors on the left side, power windows on the left, left outside rearview mirror: heating, mirror folding function, mirror element adjustment
  26. Heated front seats
  27. Interior lighting
  28. Traction – coupling device
  29. Not used
  30. Shock Absorber Adjustment
  31. Opening the boot lid
  32. Parking aid, parking assist, parking assist with blind spot monitoring
  33. Safety bag
  34. Air conditioning, reversing light switch, auto-dimming mirrors, heated seats, parking brake, outside light switch, switch panel, electric auxiliary heater,
    USB sockets
  35. Diagnostic connector, camera, radar sensor
  36. LED headlight – right
  37. LED headlight – left
  38. Traction – coupling device
  39. Central locking: front and rear doors on the right side, power windows on the right, right outside rearview mirror
    : heating, mirror folding function, mirror element adjustment
  40. 12V socket
  41. Seat belt pretensioners – right side
  42. Luggage compartment lid locking mechanism, headlight washer, windscreen and rear window washer
  43. Audio amplifier
  44. Trailer coupling
  45. Driver’s seat electrical controls
  46. 230 V socket
  47. Rear window wiper
  48. Sports Car Sound Generator
  49. Engine start, clutch pedal switch
  50. Not used
  51. Heated rear seat
  52. Heated front seats
  53. Heated rear window

The fuse number 40, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment

In the engine compartment, it is located on the left side. To access, simultaneously squeeze the cover latches in the direction of arrows 1 and open the cover in the direction of arrow 2.

Block under the hood

The photo

Photo of the unit under the hood

The box itself consists of high power fuses and fuses.

Block diagram under the hood


  1. ESC, parking brake
  2. ESC
  3. Engine management system
  4. Radiator fan, fuel pressure regulator, electric auxiliary heater, pre-glow system, air mass meter, brake system, engine components
  5. Ignition, fuel pump, oil level and temperature sensor, engine components
  6. Brake pressure sensor
  7. Coolant pump, exhaust flap, crankcase ventilation heater, engine components
  8. Lambda probe, NOx sensor and particulate filter
  9. Coolant pump, ignition, engine components
  10. Fuel pump
  11. Additional electric heater, heated windshield
  12. Additional electric heater
  13. Oil pump automatic transmission
  14. Not used
  15. Sound signal
  16. Ignition
  17. ESC, engine management system, main relay coil
  18. Data bus, battery data module
  19. Windshield wiper
  20. Not used
  21. Automatic transmission
  22. Engine management system
  23. Starter
  24. Additional electric heater
  25. Not used
  26. Not used
  27. Automatic transmission
  28. Not used

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  • Hi can anyone tell me on witch fuses the driving back light is, i have a error of reverse driving light, there is no power on it, the light in console is working tested with 9V battery
    Thanks for helping Olaf from Holland

  • See above article, fuse no 34. Reversing light switch.

  • although i would suspect the Reversing light switch located on the gearbox

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