Renault Megane Scenic 1 – fuse and relay

The Renault Megane family car was introduced in 1995. Official production began in 1996. And in 1997, the Megane Scenic compact van was launched on its platform. Years of Renault Megane Scenic 1 generation production 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003. In this article you will find information describing the location of fuse boxes and relays Renault Megane Scenic 1 generation, their photos and diagrams describing the purpose of the elements.

renault scenic 1 photo

Engine compartment

In the engine compartment, the unit is located on the left side, next to the battery.

photo of block location

Possible several variants of its execution.

Photo option 1

photo of the unit under the hood 1

Photo option 2

photo of the unit under the hood


block diagram under the hood of Renault Megan Scenic 1


AFuel pump relay
BEngine control relay
CCoolant heater relay 1
DA / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay
FStarter relay – automatic transmission
ICoolant heater relay 2
JCooling Fan Motor Relay – High Speed
KCooling fan motor relay – low speed
1(30A) Cooling fan motor, fuel filter heater
2(30A) Engine management
3(7,5A) Air conditioning system
4(3A) Bi-Fuel System
5(7.5A) Bi-Fuel System
6(7.5A) Automatic transmission control system, starter
7(7.5) Airbag, engine management system, fuel filter heater
8(7.5A) Bi-Fuel System
9Air conditioner diode
10Air conditioner diode
11(70A) Coolant heater, glow plugs
14(40A / 50A) Cooling fan motor – 2nd speed, fuel filter heater
16(60A) Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
18(60A) Heated windshield
19(40A) Air conditioning system
20(60A) Multifunction control module 1
21(60A) Fuse / relay box, instrument panel 2
22(60A) Anti-theft system, horn, light switch

Passenger compartment

It is located to the left of the steering rack, under the protective cover.

photo of the block in the salon Renault Megan scenic

On the back of the cover there will be an up-to-date fuse diagram.

photo - block diagram in the cabin


Block diagram in the salon Renault Megan Scenic 1


  1. (25A) Rear left door lifter motor
  2. (25A) Rear right door lifter motor
  3. (15A) Rear window wiper / washer
  4. (7.5A) Heated door mirrors
  5. (15A) Audio system, power aerial, power door mirrors
  6. (15A) Horn
  7. Cooling Fan Motor Relay, Instrument Cluster
  8. (5A) Rear fog lamps
  9. (15A) Fog lights
  10. (7.5A) Front left side / rear left side lamps
  11. (10A) Headlamp washers
  12. (7.5A) Front right side / rear right side lamps
  13. (5A) Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  14. (25A) Front right door power window motor
  15. (15A) Automatic transmission control system, lift glass motor relay, brake lights
  16. (15A) Multifunction control module 1, reversing lights
  17. (10A) High beam lamp (left)
  18. (25A) Front left door lift glass motor
  19. (10A) High beam lamp (right)
  20. (20A) Air conditioning, sunroof
  21. (10A) Accessory power connector
  22. (15A) Heated seats
  23. (20A) Heater / air conditioner
  24. (10A) Low beam (left)
  25. (15A) Audio system, cigarette lighter fuse renault megan stage 1
  26. (10A) Low beam bulb (right)
  27. Jumper – headlights

The fuse number 30 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Bottom row


diagram below

Circuits protected

  • A – (15A) Direction indicators / hazard warning lights
  • B – (5A) Multifunction control unit 1
  • C – (20A) Central locking
  • D – (20A) Windshield wiper
  • E – (25A) Power windows
  • F – (30A) Heated door mirrors, heated rear window

The following relays may also be located behind the fuse box:


relay in the cabin


AHeadlight washer pump relay
BDaytime running light relay – headlights
CDaytime Lighting Relay – Front / Rear Lamp
DDaytime Lighting Relay – Main Relay

It is also possible to locate individual elements of fuses and relays under the passenger seat: A – power supply connector, F – fuses.

relay fuses under the village. sitting

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  • Pozdrav. Ovo je super ali volio bih da objasnite na koji nacin zamijeniti komplet kuciste sa osiguracima ispod volana za megane 1 1.9 dti. Da li video ili tekst do Vas je. Mnogo Vam hvala.

  • Thank you for renult magane 1 diagram. My problem is compressor is not coming on so the engine not start.

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