Renault Trafic (Nissan Primastar) 3G – fuse and relay

Renault Trafic 3 rd generationwas produced in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and currently. This description of the fuse and relay boxes is also suitable for Nissan Primastar owners, since they have a common base. Let’s denote the cigarette lighter fuse.

renault trafic 3

The number of elements in the boxes may differ from that shown and depends on the year of manufacture and the region of delivery. Check the description with your technical documentation.

Passenger compartment

Fuse box

It is located on the left side of the instrument panel – behind the cover on the LHD vehicles.

Opel 1



Or in the glove box on the RHD.


the photo

Fuse box


F130A + battery feed rear window wiper
F210A Main electromagnetic horn
F315A + battery feed boot accessories socket
F430A + battery feed driver’s window lift motor time delay
F515A + current distribution rear accessories socket
F65A BCM start-up +
F715A + after ignition feed heated seats
F85A + EMM battery feed (after ignition feed charge on VSC) AVS,AUO
15A + EMM battery feed (after ignition feed charge on VSC) SOP03C
F95A + overall current distribution
F1015A + cigarette lighter socket or front accessory socket current distribution
F1125A + EMM battery feed (R daytime running lights, front position, R main beam headlights, L dipped beam headlights)
F125A + timed battery feed brake lights, ABS, transponder
F1310A + timed battery feed interior lights and air conditioning
F145A + timed battery feed steering wheel angle Stop and Start keyless vehicle
F1525A + After ignition feed rear window wiper, window washer pump, horn
F1610A Overall + after ignition feed
F175A + after ignition feed reverse gear lights
F185A + after ignition feed stop switch
F195A + after ignition feed injection, starter relay, BCM
F205A + after ignition feed airbag, column lock
F2130A + after ignition feed passenger window lift switch
F2210A + after ignition feed power steering pump
F2315A + EMM battery feed brake lights
F2415A + battery feed BCM (+ timed battery feed)
F2510A + battery feed BCM, electronic calculation units tyre pressure monitoring system and keyless vehicle
F2615A + battery feed BCM for hazard warning and direction lights
F2725A + battery feed BCM for locking of opening elements
F2825A + EMM battery feed for L daytime running lights, rear position, Lmain beam headlights, R dipped beam headlights
F2925A + EMM battery feed number plate position, front and rear fog lights
F3015A + battery feed single lever, alarm, horn
F315A + battery feed dashboard
F325A + battery feed single lever
F3320A + battery feed tow bar socket preequipment
F3415A (supplied in tow bar kit)
F355A + battery feed circuit breaker radio, multimedia, mirrors, fault finding socket
F365A + feed mirror heater
F3710A + timed battery feed electric mirrors, additional adapter unit UCE
F3840A + battery feed circuit breaker tachygraphy
F3940A + battery feed windscreen wiper
F4020A + battery feed current distribution relay 1 (heating, air conditioning)
F4115A + current distribution feed pre-equipment additional adaptations
F4210A + battery feed heater
F4310A + feed engine running additional adaptation
F4425A + feed engine running heater
F4525A + after ignition feed additional air conditioning unit
F4625A + after ignition feed relayed for keyless vehicle
F4720A + EMM battery feed for non-load shed current distribution relay

The fuse number 10 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Relay box

The additional relay box is on the right side – in the glove box on the LHD.

Relay Opel pas

Or behind the cover on the RHD.



RH340A Windscreen wiper relay
RH440A Windscreen wiper 2nd speed relay
RH540A + after ignition feed relay heating and rear air conditioning
RH620A Support relay water pump heater matrix
RH720A Driver’s door electrical unlocking relay (SDO)
RH870A + current distribution relay no. 1
RH940A + current distribution relay no. 2
RH1120A Electric window lift relay
RH1240A Mirrors + rear window heater relay
RH1340A Rear window wiper relay
RH1420A Door central locking relay
RH1520A Electric window lift relay
RH1640A After ignition feed relay no. 2 (hands-free card vehicles)
RH1740A Engine running + relay

Engine compartment

Located on the left, next to the battery.

For example

Engine compartment


fuse diagram vivaro

Protected components

F570Passenger compartment 1
F670Passenger compartment 3
F860Passenger compartment 2
F920Mirrors heater
40Rear window + mirrors heater
F1415+ battery feed air conditioning compressor
F1515Fuel pump
F1670Heater control unit
F1760Heating element unit
F1860Heating element unit
F1940Engine suffix *408 and air conditioning or 450 and heating Motor-driven fan assembly 1
50Engine suffix *408 and heating or 450 and air conditioning Motor-driven fan assembly 1
F2040Engine suffix *408 and air conditioning or 450 Motor-driven fan assembly 2
F2625Diesel heater
F2720Engine injection system
F2815Engine injection system
R220Fuel pump relay
R340Injection supply relay
R420Compressor control relay
R670Highspeed (Motor-drivenfan assembly 1)
R740Low speed (Motor-driven fan assembly)
R840Highspeed (Motor-drivenfan assembly 2)
D1Air conditioning compressor

Electrical distribution unit

Located near the battery itself.


battary boxAssignment

  1. Battery protection supply wiring
  2. 300A Engine wiring (Alternator)
  3. 300A Engine wiring (starter motor)
  4. 5A Mini fuse with cap (Start/Stop)
  5. 5A Cab wiring (Start/Stop)
  6. 50A Cab wiring (conversion KPD and KC6 options or trailer tow bar)
  7. Reserved for purpose-body builder conversions
  8. 35A Engine wiring (engine management)
  9. Engine Connection Unit
  10. 120A Cab wiring (power steering)

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