Renault Magnum – fuse and relay

Renault Magnum is a long-haul truck produced in four generations from 1990 to 2014 with different engine sizes. The most popular are the Renault Magnum dxi engines with a capacity of 440, 460 and 480 hp. from. In this publication, we show a designation of Renault Magnum fuses and relays with boxes diagrams and their locations. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Reno magnum

The design of the boxes and the purpose of the elements in them depends on the year of manufacture, generation and engine. Check the purpose with your description on the back of the protective cover or other technical documentation.

block cover

Fuse and relay box

The main fuse and relay box is located at the top of the dashboard, on the passenger side behind the protective cover.

Type 1

Photo fot example

Option 1 photo


Scheme option 1


Trailer socket 7-pin “ABS / EBS”F1
Power supply of pilot lamps “SERVICE” and “DANGEROUS”F1
control unit “ABS / ASR”F1
fuse for the “ABS / ASR” solenoid valves (Front right / Rear left)F1
fuse for the “ABS / ASR” solenoid valves (Front left / Rear right)F1
ABS emergency protection fuseF1
fuse for electrical retarder disconnectF1
Parking lights, rightF2
Side lights, rightF2
Parking lights leftF3
Left side lightsF3
Power supply for trailer parking lightsF4
Reserve +24 volts (for lighting)F5
Reserve +24 volts (for lighting)F6
Instrument panel illuminationF6
Illumination of switchesF6
Fog lamp (or lanterns)F8
Fog lightsF9
Low beam headlamp, rightF10
Low beam headlamp, leftF11
High beam headlamp, leftF12
High beam headlamp, rightF13
Long range floodlightsF14
Stroke drive for wipersF15
Anti-theft deviceF16
Brake light switch under the brake pedalF16
Reversing lightsF16
Emergency switch “TBV” (RTMDR modification)F16
Instrument panel warning lights supply circuitF16
heated door mirrorsF16
Air conditioner circuitF18
Roof hatch motorF20
Backup power supply (after the general switch)F21
Autonomous heater “D1LCC”F22
Autonomous heater “D3LCC” (hairdryer)F22
Autonomous heater “Thermo 90” (wet)F22
Air conditioner circuitF22
Ventilation control deviceF22
footrest backlight fuseF23
Driver’s lightF23
Sleeper ceilingF23
Lower couch ceilingF23
Upper couch ceilingF23
Portable card reading lampF23
Passenger power window motorF24
Control tachograph clockF25
Stop signalF27
control unit “ABS / ASR”F28
Defrosting Swivel Mirror, LeftF29
Swivel mirror with defrosting, rightF29
Orientation control of the outside rear-view mirror (s)F29
Power supply of additional elements of the control tachographF30
Spotlight adjustment drivesF30
cigarette lighter fuseF30
12 volt converter (telecommunication circuit) walkie talkieF30
radio fuseF30
Wiper drive motorF32
washer motorF32
headlight washer motorF32
fuse socket for diagnosticsF33
suspension control unit (6 × 2/6 × 4)F33
Interrupter, direction indicatorF34
Power supply of memory of an auto radio receiverF34
Programmable switch (remote control) of the auxiliary heaterF34
Backup power (after contact of the starter lockF35
EBS control unitF37
Motor glass lifter driverF38
Backup power supply (after the general switch)F40
Dot matrix displayF42
control unit “TBV”F42
Working spotlight (tractor)F43
Valve illuminationF43
Central locking control unitF45
Electric latch leftF45
Electric latch rightF45
Engine heater switchF46
Time relay for centralized lubrication systemF46
Dot matrix displayF46
suspension computer (4 × 2)F47
suspension computer (6 × 2/6 × 4)F47
Suspension remote control unitF47
Rear axle cushion pressure sensor (6 × 2)F47
Self-aligning axis timing relayF47
computer “VMAC”F48
Exhaust brake solenoid valves “J”F49
Heated driver’s seatF51
Heated passenger seatF51
Step-down transformer (for 12 volt socket)F51
Socket for “SAE”F51
Backup power for videoF53
Electric front sunblindF54
Electric side sun blindsF54
Backup power (after starter lock contact)F55
Emergency switch “TBV” (RTMDR versionF56
control unit “TBV”F56
EBS control unitF60

The fuse F30 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Separately, outside the unit, fuses can be installed:

  • Cab tipping pump – F84 40 A10
  • Trailer socket 7-pin “ABS / EBS” – F85 20 A3


Power relay after contactRP1
Power relay after contactRP2
Oil pressure switchR4
Parking light relayR5
Relay for additional comfort elementsR6
Lighting relayR8
Fog lamp relayR9
Fog lamp relayR10
Headlamp low beam relayR11
Headlamp high beam relayR12
Long Range Spotlight RelayR13
Brake light relayR14
Back-up relayR17
Electric retarder shutdown relayR18
Relay for defrosting mirrorsR20
Brake pad relayR26
Exhaust brake relay “J”R30
Backup relay (for future connections)R40
Backup relay (for future connections)R43
Power relay of the control unit “VMAC”R44
A / C compressor relayR46
Back-up relayR47
Back-up relayR48
Air conditioning relayR49
Headlight washer timing relayRT53
Relay startingCE112
Engine heater relayCE20
Relay of electro valves “ABS / ASR” (Front. Left. / Rear. Right.)R15
Relay for electro valves “ABS / ASR” (Front right / Rear left)R16
ABS emergency protection relayR19
Self-aligning axis emergency shutdown relayR21
Engine stop relay (cab rollover)R23
Cab tilt relayRP45

Type 2

Option 2 photo

Fuse diagram

fuse box diagram


Main information displayF03 7,5А
Safety relay and cab tilt enable
Cab Tilt Motor Power Relay
Main information displayF04 5A
Pump motor washer headlightsF05 30А
Main information displayF06 5A
Vehicle control ECUF07 5А
Main information displayF08 5A
Engine immobilizer ECU
Alarm ECU
ECU central locking doors
Air production control ECU
Bodybuilder by prior arrangement ECU controlF09 5А
Air conditioner ECUF10 30A
Hydraulic retarder ECUF11 10А
ECU for electric retarder
Gear selector ECUF12 15А
ECU automatic transmission
Lighting control and ECU alarmsF13 20А
Wiper Motor Delay Time Relay
Washer pump motor
Drive motor wipers
Cigarette lighterF14 15A
Car diagnostics socketF15 5A
Vehicle data extraction connector
Selection controlF16 10A
Cross-axle differential lock warning lamp
Rear wheel lock solenoid valve
Power take-off solenoid valve No. 1
PTO engagement solenoid valve No. 2
PTO engagement solenoid valve No. 3
Center differential solenoid valve blocking
High beam headlampF17 10A
Electric hornF18 10A
Air horn
Air conditioner ECUF19 5A
RadioF20 10А
Alarm ECU
ECU central locking doors
End connector ABS / EBSF21 20A
One overhead light on the driver’s sideF22 10А
Single overhead light, front passenger side
Right top lighting (door)
Driver Reading Spotlight
Front passenger reading headlight
Overhead lighting of the lower bunk
Top left lighting (door)
Top left lighting (atmosphere)
Top right lighting (atmosphere)
Upper bunk overhead lighting
Driver side lighting
Front passenger stage lighting
Steering axle locking angle sensorF23 5А
Steering axle locking angle sensor
Air suspension ECU
Steering axle ECU
Fuel heater resistor No. 2F24 20A
Available power source (equipment in roadside warning icon)F25 10А
Available power source (lighting)
Equipment in unlocked position warning light
Equipment light information signal light
15 pin trailer connector
Available power source (after ignition)F26 15A
Driver’s door lifter glass motorF27 20А
Front passenger door lift glass motor
EBS braking control systemF28 20A
Automatic transmission selectorF29 10A
On-board ECU control interface
Lighting control and ECU alarmsF30 30А
Cab temperature control ECUF31 20A
Alarm ECU
Air / water auxiliary heater
Air / air auxiliary heater
Air conditioner ECU
Available power supply (after main switch)F32 10А
Cab tilt motorF33 30А
On-board ECU control interfaceF34 3А
Lighting control and ECU alarmsF36 10А
Voltage converter (24V / 12V – 15A) for audio communication systemF37 10A
Additional warning lights warning lightF38 10А
Working spotlight
Vehicle control ECUF39 15A
Left defrost resistor for rearview mirror
Rearview mirror defrost resistor, right
Heated and Swing Mirror Power Relay
Windscreen defrost control relay
Engine control ECUF40 30A
Start relay
Air heater relay
Engine brake No. 1 solenoid valve
Exhaust brake solenoid valve
Changing the range of the electro valve
Electro valve for splitter control
Engine cooling fan speed control solenoid valve
StarterF41 15A
Start relay
Engine brake No. 1 solenoid valve
Engine brake No. 2 solenoid valve
Exhaust brake solenoid valve
Changing the range of the electro valve
Electro valve for splitter control
Air heater relayF42 10А
Engine cooling fan speed control solenoid valve
24 V socketF43 15А
Diagnostic socket of automatic transmission
Rotating lighthouse number 1F46 15A
Rotating beacon number 2
Beacon power relay
Air production control ECUF47 7.5A
Brake holding controlF48 3А
EBS braking control system
Air suspension ECUF49 5A
Vehicle power control ECU (ADR)
Steering axle ECUF51 5A
Automatic transmission selectorF52 10А
Engine immobilizer ECU
Emergency stop control
Vehicle control ECU
After turning on the ignition, the power relay No. 1
After turning on the ignition, the power relay No. 2
After turning on the ignition, the power relay No. 3
Accessory Power Relay No. 1
Accessory Power Relay No. 2
Alternator ground relay (ADR)
Alternator chain tension resistance
Car diagnostics socket
On-board control ECUF54 10А
Hydraulic retarder ECUF57 10А
Emergency stop controlF58 3А
Alternator ground relay (ADR)
Preliminary preparation for on-board control (ECU)F59 10А
Brake holding control
Reversing light relay
Voltage converter (24 V / 12 V) for information technology packageF61 15A
24 V socketF63 15A
15 pin trailer connectorF64 10А
Illumination for instrumentsF66 10А
Front lighting grille
Roof ventilation motor
Gear selector ECUF67 10А
ECU automatic transmission
Voltage converter (24V / 12V – 10A) for audio communication systemF68 20A
Voltage converter (24V / 12V – 15A) for audio communication system
Voltage converter (24V / 12V) -12 and 24 Volt built-in sockets
Refrigeration compartment
Additional 24 V socket
End connector ABS / EBSF70 10A
Available power source (after ignition)F71 15A
High beam headlights high beamF72 10А
Low beam headlamp
Available power source (generator information, engine running)F75 15A
Heated seat, right
Left Heated Seat
Car serviceF76 10A
Air / air auxiliary heater
Alternator ground relay (ADR)
Additional air / water heater solenoid valve
Available power supply (after main switch)F77 15А
Lighting and alarm controlF90 3A
Rear fog lamp power relay
Headlamp high beam relay
Fog lamp power relay
Night light relay switches
Fog lamp cut-off relay if high beam headlamps are on
Skylight lantern No. 1F91 10А
Lantern ground clearance number 2
Left front side / side lights
Right side light No. 3
Side lights, right No. 4
Right rear side / side lights
Port roof / side lights
Anti-glare overhead left side marker lights
Vehicle power control ECU (ADR)
Right front side / side lightsF92 10А
Left side lights No. 1
Side lights LG No. 2
Parking lights LG No. 3
Side lights LG No. 4
Left rear side / side lights
Port roof / side lights
Glossy side lights, right, with anti-glare coating
Available Power Source (Right Tail Lamp (s))F93 10A
15 pin trailer connector
Available power source (left tail lamp (s))F94 10A
15 pin trailer connector
Devices and controls for night lightingF96 3А
Available power source (night lighting)F97 5А
High beam headlights high beamF100 15A
Fog lights
High beam headlamp
Low beam headlamp
Left fog lamp
Right fog lights
Fog lightsF101 10A
Rear fog lamp
Rear fog lamp
15 pin trailer connector
Main information displayF102 10А
Right high beam high beam
Left high beam high beam
Available power supply (reverse information)F103 10А
Reverse brake control
Reversing lights
Reversing lights
Outer horn
15 pin trailer connector
Left brake lightsF104 10А
Right brake lights
15 pin trailer connector
Nitrogen oxide gas concentration sensorF107 10A
AdBlue feed pump module
Engine Water Bypass Solenoid Valve
Air / additional heaterF108 20A

The fuse number 14, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Relay designation

After turning on the ignition, the power relay No. 1R01
After turning on the ignition, the power relay No. 2R02
After turning on the ignition, the power relay No. 3R03
Heated and Swing Mirror Power RelayR04
Generator controlled power relay (engine running)R05
Relay for right and left side / relay for supply of side and side lightsR06
Night light relay switchesR07
Headlamp high beam relayR08
Alternator ground relay (ADR)R09
Auxiliary heater power relayR10
Safety relay and cab tilt enableR11
Left and right side relay / side light and side light power relay (trailer and bodywork)R12
Brake light supply relayR13
High beam relayR14
Wiper Motor Delay Time RelayR15
Power supply relay for automatic transmission ECUR16
Start relayR17
Rear fog lamp power relayR18
Air Suspension Power RelayR19
Power relay for vehicle ECU and engineR20
Accessory Power Relay No. 1R21
Accessory Power Relay No. 2R22
Fog lamp power relayR23

Some models have additional high power fuses on the battery cover.

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