Dacia Dokker (Renault Dokker) fuse and relay

Renault Dokker is produced with several body options: passenger and panel van. In fact, it is a redesigned version of the Lodgy model and belongs to the commercial vehicle class. Also known as Dacia Dokker. Released in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and up to now. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the designation of Docker fuses.

Renault Docker Photos

This model has two main boxes with fuses and relays. Their purpose and availability depends on the degree of electrical equipment of the car.

Engine compartment


Block location in Renault Docker

Special fuse for pre ryvaniya work exhaust system, indicated 2.

The photo


Passenger compartment

Located in the instrument panel, on the left.

block in the cabin

The photo

photo of the unit in the docker cabin


docker box block diagram


  1. Power window front door
  2. Left high beam headlamp
  3. High beam headlight, right
  4. Left low beam headlamp
  5. RH low beam headlamp
  6. Left side lights
  7. Right side lights
  8. Rear accessory connector
  9. Rear fog lamp
  10. Sound signal
  11. Automatic door lock
  12. Vehicle Stability Control (ESC)
  13. Plafond
  14. ABS-ESC
  15. Reverse, wiper
  16. Cruise control, speed limiter, rear window, seat belt warning light, park assist
  17. Fluorescent lamps
  18. Fuel pump
  19. Fuel injection
  20. Safety bag
  21. Heated seat
  22. Power steering
  23. Backup fuse location for additional equipment
  24. Turn indicator
  25. UCH (Central Electronic Switching Unit, passenger compartment)
  26. UCH (Central Electronic Switching Unit, passenger compartment)
  27. Steering column switches
  28. Steering column switches
  29. Backup fuse location for additional equipment
  30. Dashboard
  31. Audio system
  32. Egnition lock
  33. Wiper
  34. Car interior ventilation
  35. Cigarette lighter
  36. Diagnostic connector
  37. Heated rearview mirror
  38. Front fog lights

The fuse number 35 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

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