Peugeot 407 – fuse and relay

The French car Peugeot 407 was produced with sedan, SW wagon, coupe in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the information on the Peugeot 407 fuses and relays with an assignment of the box diagrams. Let’s show you how to replace the cigarette lighter fuse.

peugeot 407 photo

Type 1

For cars manufactured before 2007

Engine compartment

It is located next to the battery. To access, remove the protective cover and lift the cover.

photo of the unit under the hood


Block diagram under the hood of Peugeot 407


  1. 20 A Engine control unit.
  2. 15 A Sound signal.
  3. 10 A Windscreen and rear window washer.
  4. 20 A Headlight washer.
  5. 15 A Fuel pump.
  6. 10 A ECU for automatic transmission.
  7. 10 A Power steering ECU.
  8. 20 A Starter winding circuit.
  9. 10 A Power supply circuit for xenon lamps, brake light contactor, halogen optics tilt adjusters.
  10. 30 A Sensors in the engine control unit (ignition coil, solenoid valves, oxygen sensors).
  11. 40 A Air conditioning fan (or not used).
  12. 30 A Windscreen wiper.
  13. 40 A Power supply for the intelligent switching unit (+ from the ignition switch).
  14. 30 A Charge pressure control solenoid valve.

Passenger compartment

To get to it, you need to open the cover of the box on the driver’s side, at the bottom of the dashboard. And then push down the fuse box itself.

407 - salon


Block diagram in the cabin of Peugeot 407 option 1


F115A Diagnostic connector, anti-theft system low current circuit.
F420А Luggage compartment switching unit, trailer switching unit, steering column switch unit, car radio, burglar alarm, navigator control panel – telematics, multifunction display, automatic transmission.
F515A Alarm siren, tire pressure monitoring unit.
F610A Electronic control system for automatic transmission, clutch pedal contactor, light-sensitive rear-view mirror, vanity mirror illumination, individual lighting lamps, diagnostic socket, flywheel position sensor, ESP sensor, sunroof shade (407 SW), front and rear general lighting lamps.
F715A Security alarm (additional equipment).
F930A Rear dual-mode power window.
F1020A 12 V front electrical socket, Peugeot 407 cigarette lighter fuse, glove box contactor, telematics system (depending on the country of delivery of the car).
F1115A Electric door locking circuit, rear door super locking.
F1230A Front dual-mode power window, roof ventilation hatch.
F1410A Engine switch box, luggage box switch box, trailer switch box (optional), wiper relay.
F1515A Instrument panel, air conditioning control panel, rain and light sensors, electric seats, airbag computer.
F1630A Central locking / superblocking of locks.
F2010A Not used.
F2115A Not used.
F2220A Not used.
F23PARC shunt.

The fuse number 10 is responsible for the cigarette lighter. If you do not know how to spot it, watch the video material.

The following elements are located separately:

  • G36 30 A Electrically adjustable seat right, Hi-Fi audio system integrated.
  • G37 15 A Supply circuit for 6-speed automatic transmission.
  • G38 30 A Heated seats left and right.
  • G39 30 A Seat memory unit.
  • G40 30 A Electrically adjustable seat, left.

Luggage compartment

To access, turn the two screws securing the guard to the right.


trunk block diagram


F1 15 A Rear window wiper.
F2 15 A Fuel filler flap lock.
F3 15 A Rear 12 V electrical outlet.
F4 15 A Diesel particulate filter.
F5 40 A Heated rear window.

Type 2

For cars released since 2007

Engine compartment

In the engine compartment, they are also located in the box, near the battery.

407 - block under the hood


Block diagram under the hood of Peugeot 407


  1. 20A engine ECU.
  2. 15A Sound signal.
  3. 10A Windscreen and rear window washers.
  4. 20A Headlight washers.
  5. 15A Engine ECU system components (fuel pump, canister purge valve, …).
  6. 10A ECU for automatic transmission.
  7. 10A Protection system switching unit, air flow sensor, clutch contactor, 6-speed automatic gearbox contactor, STOP signal contactors, interior light-sensitive rearview mirror, panoramic sunroof blind drives (407 SW).
  8. 20A Starter winding circuit.
  9. 10A Power supply circuit for xenon lamps, STOP signal contactor, electric power steering pump, electronic control unit for a four-speed automatic transmission, automatic transmission blocking relay.
  10. 30A Engine ECU system components (ignition coil, electric valves, oxygen sensors).
  11. 40A Air conditioning fan (or not used).
  12. 30A Windshield wiper.
  13. 40A Power supply for the switching unit (+ from the ignition lock).
  14. 30A Boost pressure control solenoid valve.

Passenger compartment


block in the salon Peugeot 407


Block diagram in the cabin of Peugeot 407 option 2

Circuits protected

  • F1 15 Rear window wiper.
  • F2 30 Central locking / super locking.
  • F3 5 Airbags.
  • F4 10 ESP stabilization system sensor, diagnostic socket, sunroof (sedans), flywheel position sensor.
  • F5 30 On / off switch for front power windows, sunroof (sedans), panoramic sunroof (407 SW).
  • F6 30 Rear power window on / off switch.
  • F7 5 Glove box lighting, side direction indicators, front and rear general interior lighting,
    individual lighting, vanity mirror.
  • F8 20 Multifunctional display, car radio, steering column switches, trailer switching unit, control unit for the alarm system, navigation and telematics systems (depending on the country of delivery of the vehicle).
  • F9 30 Cigarette lighter, telematics system (depending on the country of delivery of the vehicle),
    rear 12 V electrical outlet (no more than 100 W).
  • F10 15 ECU for the on-board tire pressure drop monitoring system.
  • F11 15 Diagnostic connector, ignition lock with steering lock.
  • F12 30 Hands-free wireless communication system, trailer harness connector, trailer switch box, reverse parking buzzers, electric passenger seat, rain and light sensor, burglar alarm.
  • F13 5 Engine ECU, windscreen wiper relay switch.
  • F14 15 Electric control unit for driver’s seat adjustment, instrument panel, air conditioning control panel, airbag computer.
  • F15 15 Electric child lock, complete rear door locks.
  • F17 40 Heated rear window.
  • FS1 – PARC shunt.

The following elements are located separately.

G29 5 Telematics system (depending on the country of delivery of the vehicle).
G30 30 Electric control unit for driver’s seat adjustment.
G31 30 Electrical control unit for passenger seat adjustment.
G32 15 Rear 12 V electrical outlet (max. 100 W)
G33 – Not used.
G34 – Not used.
G35 – Not used.
G36 – Not used.
G37 15 Power supply for the 6-speed automatic transmission control unit.
G38 30 Heaters for right and left seats.
G39 – Trailer ECU (optional equipment).
G40 30 Hi-Fi audio system.

For the front cigarette lighter fuse number 9 at 30A, and for the rear G32 at 15A.


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    Good work but put more efforts to cover more cars.
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  • I stil want know the five relays in the engine compartment fuse box of the 407 2.7 v6 coupe 2006 what is there purpose

  • What are 5 relays for what components and funtion you dont mention any information was a bit helpful

  • nothing about relay all fuses! trying to find the ac fan blower relay on the 407 but nothing!

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