Man (Shacman) f2000 f3000 – fuse and relay

Shacman F (Shaanxi) is a brand of trucks manufactured by Shaanxi Heavy. In this material, we will present a description of the fuses and relays for the Shakman f2000 f3000 truck series dump truck, tractor and other modifications that are designed on a common basis with Man f2000 / f90 and released until 2020. These cars have similar electrical circuits. You can also find fuse and relay fuse box diagrams, photo examples of execution and locations. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

shacman f2000

There is no one general description for all Shacman models. The purpose of the fuses and relays depends on the year of manufacture, region of delivery and vehicle equipment level. Check the information with your diagrams on the back of the box cover.

Fuse and relay box

In the Shacman cabin, the main fuse and relay box is located in the instrument panel, on the passenger side.


In MAN it can be installed at the bottom of the panel.





1low beam, right
2dipped beam, left
3high beam, right
4high beam, left
5parking and rear marker light, right
6parking and rear marker light, left
7medium speed control (spare)
8fuel filter heater
9instrument lighting and switch lighting
10fog lights / rear fog lights
11fuse stop. engine
12Interior lighting / Reading lamp / Stair lighting / Hazard light system Tachometer speedograph / Radio
13ABS (spare)
14windshield wipers, windshield washers
15ABS, pressure control valves (spare)
16ABS / Trailer (spare)
17gearbox (spare)
18fan control
19mirror heating
20flashing light device
21stop. motor (shutdown magnet)
23brake light / reversing light
24operation control (indicators, control lamps)
25cigarette lighter
26electric torch start-up aid
27 to 32 – Spare fuses
33fuse holder
36X 36 bridges 56b R-56b, 56b-56b L
37K 37 relay – parking and rear light
38K 38 relay – consumers, terminal 58
39K 39 relay – fog lights
40K 40 relay – rear fog lamp
41K 41 electric battery main switch
42K 42 relay – low and high beam
43K 43 relay – consumers, terminal 15
45X 45 bridge 2-1
46X 46 bridge 2-1
47X 47 bridge 2-3
48X 48 bridge 2-3
49X 49 bridge 2-3
50X 50 bridge 2-3
51X 51 bridge 2-1
52V52 diode – electric battery main switch
53V53 free diode – terminal 15
54K54 flashing indicator relay
56V56 diode
57X57 bridge 2-1
58K58 relay – delays – stop. engine
59X59 bridge 2-1 (not available for cars with ABS)
61K61 limit sensor – engine brake
62Ear for a filling
63X63 bridge 2-3
64K64 – limit value sensor – speed limiter
65X65 bridge 2-1
66K66 power relay – electric torch start-up aid
67V67 diode – electric battery main switch
68K68 power relay – flashing indicators, right
69K69 power relay – flashing indicators, left
70K70 sensor – glass cleaning interval interrupter
71K71 relay – cleaning impulse – wiper
72K72 relay control device – electric torch start-up aid
100Row relay
101Night light relay
103Motor braking diodes
106fuse – headlight washer
107headlight washer relay
109work light fuse
110windshield washer relay
111windshield washer relay
112ABS/ASR relay
113ABS/ASR relay
114ABS/ASR relay
115ABS/ASR relay
116ABS/ASR relay
117ABS/ASR relay

The number 25 fuse is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Additional box

In some models, next to the main one, another unit with a relay can be installed.

location 2




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