Howo fuse and relay

Sinotruk Howo is a family of heavy duty trucks that has been produced in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2020 time with various changes and modifications. Howo A7 and Howo T5 received the greatest popularity. In this material you will find a description of the Howo fuses and relays with fuse box diagrams, photographs and location. Select the cigarette lighter fuse.

Howo track

There is no one general description of fuses and relays for all Howo models. The execution of the block and the purpose of the elements depends on the year of manufacture, the region of delivery, the engine (Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5) and the version of your car.

Fuse and relay box

The main fuse and relay box is located in the instrument panel on the right side, on the passenger side.


Type 1

Photo example

Photo 1





  1. Group of fuses FЗ;
  2. Fuse group F4:
  3. Fuse group F5;
  4. Group of fuses Kb;
  5. Relay J4;
  6. Relay J5;
  7. Relay J10;
  8. Relay J9;
  9. Relay J3;
  10. Relay J8;
  11. Relay J7;
  12. Relay J2;
  13. Relay J6:
  14. Relay J1;
  15. Fuse group F1;
  16. Fuse group F2;
  17. Relay J12;
  18. Relay J11


F1-1Seat adjustment fuse
F1-2Ignition lock fuse
F1-3Trailer ABS fuse
F1-4Left cigarette lighter fuse
F1-5Fuse for radio and right cigarette lighter
F2-1ECAS fuse
F2-2ABS fuse
F2-3ABS fuse
F2-4Power window fuse, left
F2-5Power window fuse, right
F3-1Spare relay fuse
F3-2Spare relay fuse
F3-3ABS fuse
F3-4ECAS fuse
F4-1Left turn signal fuse
F4-3Seat heating fuse
F4-5Air dryer fuse
F5-1Instrument panel and left control box fuse
F5-2Wiper fuse
F5-3Air conditioner fuse
F5-4low beam fuse
F5-5high beam fuse
F6-1Parking light fuse
F6-3Front fog light fuse
F6-4Spare fuse
F6-5Spare fuse
J1Right turn signal fuse
J2Relay for air dryer and electric seat heating
J3A/C relay
J4high beam relay
J5Front fog lamp relay
J6Left turn signal relay
J7Wiper Breaker Relay
J8low beam relay
J9Parking light relay
J10D+ current source
J11spare relay
J12spare relay

Type 2

Photo example

Photo A7 euro 2

Check the diagrams with your designations printed on the block cover.


Diagram 2


Р10115A Electrical part 30 of the central controller
Р10215A Spare fuse thirty
Р10315A Electrical part 30 of the central controller
Р10420A Electrical part 30 of the central controller
Р10520A Electrical part 30 of the central controller
Р10620A Electrical part 30 of the central controller
Р10715A Ignition key position I fuse
Р10815A Low speed windshield wiper
Р10920A high speed windshield wiper
Р11010A Electric horn fuse
Р11110A Pneumatic signal solenoid valve
Р1125A Left tractor position light
Р1135A Tractor right position light
Р11420A Electrical relay 15
Р11515A Fuse 15
Р11610A Interior lamp
Р11710A Electrical combination interface 1P 30
Р11810A Trip data recorder 30
Р11925A Expendable electrical fuse
Р1205A ABS 15 trailer
Р12110A ABS 30 trailer
Р12210A Trailer position lights
Р1235A Left trailer position lamp
Р1245A Right position trailer lamp
Р20130A AC 30
Р30120A Left door control module 30
Р30220A Right door control module 30
Р40120A Fuse fuse valve
Р40220A Engine ECU fuse
Р40310A Exhaust throttle braking
Р40410A Auxiliary engine brake
Р4055A Engine ECU Controller
Р4065A Spare fuse thirty
Р50110A Automatic transmission controller 15
Р50215A Automatic transmission controller 30
Р50315A Controller
Р60110A ABS tractor
Р60215A ABS tractor
Р60325A ABS tractor
Р70110A ECU 15 system controller
Р70215A ECU 30 system controller
Р8015A Diagnostic interface power supply
Р80210A Power supply switch
Р80310A Seat heater fuse
Р80415A Key lock fuse
Р80515A Backup power supply fuse
Р80620A Backup power supply fuse
Р80720A Backup power supply fuse

Type 3

Photo – diagram



F110A Cigarette lighter
F225A AC power
F315A Radio, lighting
F410A Front fog lamp
F515A Microcontroller
F615A High Speed ​​Wiper
F715A Vehicle engine control
F810A Low beam relay
F910A Two position instrument switch
F1015A High beam relay
F1110A Reserve
F127.5A Relay for reverse lights
F1315A Ignition key
F1410A Starter relay
F1515A Reserve
F1615A Horn relay
F1715A Wiper
F1820A Positional fire relay
F1910A Right position fire
F2010A Exhaust
F2110A Left position fire
F2240A Power relay 15
F2320A Spare relay
F2420A Spare relay
F2515A ABS /
F2625A Trailer ABS
F2725A ECU electronic relay
F2825A Safety valve relay
F2910A Brake light relay
F315A Trailer ABS
F3210A Electromagnetic fan VDR
F3310A Microcontroller
F3415A Working lights / differential lock
F3515A Combination switch
F3610A Main light switch
F3715A Motor switch from outside the vehicle
F3815A Air dryer
F3915A Spare trailer connector
F405A Instruments
F4110A Seat heating coil
К1AC power
К2High Speed ​​Wipers
К3High beam headlight
К5Marker (positioning) lights
К6Low wiper speed
К7Front fog lamp
К8Low beam headlight
К9Reversing light
К10Sound signal
К11Brake exhaust
К12Stop signal
К13Power 15


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