Geely Geometry C (2019 – 2026) fuse and relay

Geely Geometry C electric car was produced and delivered worldwide in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026. During this time, the model underwent a facelift. In this publication you will find a description of the Geely Geometry C’s fuses and relays with fuse box images and their locations. Let’s highlight the cigarette lighter and USB fuse.

Geely Geometry C

The purpose of fuses and relays and their number may differ from those presented and depend on the year of manufacture and the level of electrical equipment of your car.

Passenger compartment

Inside the vehicle, the fuse and relay box is located at the bottom of the driver’s side instrument panel behind the protective cover.





CF0130A Headlights
CF0230A Headlights
CF0430A Central control unit
CF0530A Door lock
CF0610A HUD, 360 camera, RF drive, camera and EV communication controller
CF0710A Rearview mirror switch, electronic shift lever, wireless charging and auxiliary console switch box
CF085A Entry System
CF0910A Multimedia display
CF1015A Electronic steering lock
CF1125A Marine Fuse
CF1220A door handle control module
CF1320A Sunroof
CF1425A Right window
CF1510A Battery management system and central control unit IG2
CF1615A Rear wiper
CF1715A Windshield washer motor
CF1820A Backup power supply
CF1910A Central control unit, 360 panoramic image and rear USB port
CF2010A DVR, on-board driver information system host and anti-glare rear view mirror system
CF2510A Sunroof, sun visor, ETC and seat memory module IG1
CF2610A Central control unit, input and on-board mobile terminal IG1
CF2715A Front fuse box IG1
CF2810A Steering Angle Sensor, Electric Power Steering, Electronic Shift Lever, Electronic Steering Column Lock and Auxiliary Switch Box Console
CF2910A Airbag Controller
CF3010A EPB Controller and Temperature Controller
CF315A Interior lighting
CF3310A Temperature Controller, Onboard Mobile Terminal
CF3515A Multimedia system control host

Engine compartment

Under the hood, in the engine compartment, the fuse and relay box is located on the left side near the battery. To access the unit, you must remove the protective cover.

location 1


Diagram 2


EF017.5A Brake light switch
EF0210A Car controller
EF0315A Integrated Power Controller
EF0415A Battery/Charging Management System
EF0530A Turn Signal Bulbs
EF0610A Front turn signal lamps
EF0715A Horn
EF0910A Fan Relay
EF107.5A Cooling Pump Relay
EF115A High Speed Fan Relay
EF125A Low speed fan relay
EF1410A Cooling Pump and Fan Relay
EF1520A Car controller
EF177.5A Electronic Stability Control Unit/Car Controller
EF187.5A Integrated power controller/charging
EF1910A Intelligent Boost/Brake Light (Brake Lamp)
EF207.5A Low Speed Warning/Millimeter Wave Radar
EF2110A Heated rear view mirror
EF2615A A/C relay
EF277.5A Radiator grille
EF2830A Front wiper
EF297.5A A/C compressor
EF305A Charge level indicator
EF3115A Coolant pump
EF3230A Amplifier
EF3425A Heated rear window
EF3530A Fan (low speed)
EF3660A Smart Amplifier
EF3725A Passenger seat
EF3840A Purge pump
EF3925A Cabin fuse block IG2
EF4025A Driver’s seat
EF4125A Left window regulator
EF4260A Cabin Fuse Box B+
EF4330A EPB Power Supply (Left)
EF4430A EPB Power Supply (Right)
EF4560A Electronic stabilization control unit
EF4640A Stabilization control unit
EF4750A Cabin fuse box
EF4880A Electric Power Steering (EPS)
EF49150A Charging


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