FAW J6 – fuse and relay

FAW J6 represents the FAW Jiefang series of heavy-duty trucks, which were produced with various modifications, modifications and Euro 4 / 5 engines. In this publication you will find a description of the FAW j6 fuses and relays with fuse box diagram and their locations. Select the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Faw j6

The purpose of the fuses and relays may differ from those shown. Check the information with your technical documentation on the back of the protective cover.

Main fuse and relay box

The main fuse and relay box is located on the right side of the instrument panel, behind a protective cover, opposite the passenger seat.


Photo fuse box faw j6



Assignment of fuses

120A Air conditioner control unit, heater
210A Speedometer
310A missing
410A Cabin lighting, pneumatic signal, neutral switch
510A missing
610A missing
710A Cabin lift motor
810A Cigarette lighter, radio
910A Heater motor
105A High beam indicator
1110A missing
125A Dashboard Power
1310A Front fog lights
1410A Radio, GLONAS
1515A Turn signal indicator, alarm indicator
1620A Lock
1710A Right door controller
1810A Tachograph, footrest lighting, door alarm
195A Klima of the ignition lock No. 15
205A Filter dryer heating control
2110A Rear lights (for tractor)
2210A missing
2310A Left high beam
2410A Right high beam
2510A Socket 24V
2615A ABS
2710A missing
2810A Diagnostic socket power supply
2910A missing
3010A Wiper motor, washer pump
3110A missing
3210A Center differential lock
3310A Urea supply module
3420A Webasto
3520A Inter wheel differential
3610A missing
3710A Electric signal
385A Door controller
395A Turn signal indicator
4110A ABS tractor
4210A ABS trailer
435A ECM
445A Tachograph
4510A Left low beam
4610A Right low beam
475A Cabin lighting
4810A Marker lights, lower
4910A Heated high-pressure urea pipe “pump-injector”
505A Heating of the urea return pipe “pump-tank”
515A Heating of the urea supply pipe “tank-pump”
5210A Urea pump heater
5320A Mass

Relays designation

R1Air conditioner
R5Front fog lights
R6Rear lights
R7high beam
R8Light purifiers high speed
R9Light cleaners low speed
R12Electric signal
R13dipped beam
R14parking lights
R15Heating of the high-pressure urea tube “pump-nozzle”
R16Heating of the urea return tube “pump-tank”
R17Heating of the feeding tube of urea “tank-pump”
R18Urea pump heating
R19Urea pump heating

Additional fuse and relay box

Another box with fuses and relays is installed next to the battery.

Photo fuse box faw j6


Diagram 1


  • 1 – 30A Hydraulic motor (motor hoist optional)
  • 2 – 30A Power supply to the ignition switch
  • 3 – 10A Reversing lights, reversing buzzer
  • 4 – 10A Starter solenoid switch
  • 5 – 70A Power supply to safety box in driver’s cab (in ON position)
  • 6 – 175A Heater
  • 7 – 60A Power supply to safety box in driver’s cab (DC)
  • 8 – 80A Power supply to the safety box in the driver’s cab (behind the main mechanical switch)
  • 9 – 110A Alternator B+
  • 10 – 30A Hydraulic motor (motor lift option)
  • 11 – 30A Power supply to the ignition switch
  • 12 – 20A Reversing lights, reversing buzzer
  • 13 – 30A Starter solenoid switch
  • R1 – Starter relay
  • R2 – Transmission power relay ON
  • R3 – Main Motor Relay (optional single pump motor installation)
  • R4 – Heater relay


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