Opel (Vauxhall) Omega A – fuse and relay

Opel Omega A was presented in 1986, in the luxury version it was called the Opel Senator. Also known as Vauxhall Omega A. The years of production 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993. In this publication we show a designation of the electronic control units and their location, describe in detail the fuses and relays Opel Omega A, and their boxes diagrams. Note the cigarette lighter fuses.

Opel Omega A

Layout of control units


Block layout

Engine compartment

Box A

Located in the rear left corner of the engine compartment.

  1. Fuel injection relay
  2. Ignition fuse – engine 18 NV
  3. Engine speed relay-motor 18 NV
  4. ABS voltage limiter relay
  5. Headlamp Washer / Washer Relay
  6. Additional cooling fan relay
  7. Fuse for additional cooling fan

Passenger compartment

Box B

It is mounted on a stand, under the bottom panel on the right.

  1. Central locking control unit
  2. Motronic control unit

Box C

It is mounted on a stand, under the lower panel on the left, and this is where the direction indicator control unit will be located.

Box D

The right lower dashboard suspension.

  1. Diesel Glow Plug Sensor
  2. Downshift automatic transmission
  3. Low beam relay

Box E

Located on the back of the rear seat.

  1. Rear seat heater relay
  2. Vehicle suspension level control sensor

Box F

A time relay for the outside mirror heater can be located on the bottom panel.

Box H

It is mounted on the relay carrier behind the fuse box.

  1. Air conditioner relay
  2. Air conditioner fan relay
  3. Turns relay
  4. Rear window washer / wiper time relay
  5. Horn Relay (1988 Models)
  6. A / C compressor relay

Box I

This main fuse and relay box is located under the dash on the left, on the driver’s side.


Fuses under the hood


110A Side lights left side.
210A Side lights, right side.
310A High beam left headlight.
410A High beam of the right headlight.
510A Low beam left headlight.
610A Dipped beam of the right headlight.
710A (red) Low beam.
815A Stop lights, direction indicators, ABS.
930A Reversing lights, wiper, horn.
1010A Rear fog light.
1110A Reserve
1230A Heater fan.
1320A Cigarette lighter , glove compartment lighting , heated front seats.
1420A Trailer electrical supply, height-adjustable suspension.
1515A Hazard lights, clock, trunk lighting, plafond, radio.
1620A Electric petrol pump.
1720A Fog lights.
1820A Heated rear window.
1930A Front electric windows.
2030A Rear electric windows.
2110A Illumination of the instrument panel, license plate, engine compartment.
2230A Electric fan of the cooling system.
2330A Central locking, heated rear seats.
2420A Additional high beam headlamps.
2530A Electroluk.
2610A Headlight washer.
2710A Automatic transmission, ABS.

The fuse number 13, 20A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.


  1. Heated rear window or horn
  2. Fog lamp relay
  3. High beam headlamp relay
  4. Fuse remover
  5. Windshield washer / wiper time relay
  6. Turn signal unit
  7. Alarm beep
  8. Fuse

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