Opel Sintra (Chevrolet Venture) – fuse

Opel Sintra was produced in Europe in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999. This model is also known under the names Chevrolet Venture, Pontiac Montana. In this material you will find a description of Opel Sintra fuse boxes and relays with boxes diagrams. Note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Opel Sintra

Passenger compartment

Located at the end of the dashboard behind the protective cover.

Block in the cabin


Block diagram in the salon Opel Sintra


110A Cruise – control
220A direction indicators, brake lights
315A airbags, seat belt pretensioners
410A cigarette lighter , interior blower, display
510A information display
625A glass cleaner
710A rear window heater, air conditioner, running light
820A hatch
910A heater for front seats
1025A glass cleaner
1120A control unit
1210A central locking, drive for side mirrors
1310A control unit
1415A outdoor lighting
1615A central locking, radio, display, air conditioning
1715A direction indicator
1910A immobilizer
2010А ABS
2110A rear fog lamp
2225A rear window heater
2320A ride height regulator (terminal 30)
2410A left low beam headlamp
2510A right-hand low beam headlamp
2630A cigarette lighter, sockets
2715A direction indicators, parking lights, left-hand side
2820A filler flap drive
2910A left side
3010A right side
317.5A control unit
327.5A radio receiver
3310A display
3415A Cigarette lighter
3820А ABS
3910A heater outside rearview mirrors
4310А ABS
4410A immobilizer
4630A power windows
4830A drive for adjustable front seats, heated front seats
4930A radiator blower, air conditioner
5020A outdoor lighting

Fuses 4 and 34 are responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter and additional sockets.

Engine compartment

This unit is closed with a protective cover and is located not far from the battery.

Photo of the unit under the hood



130A radiator blower fan
250A air pump
360A main fuse
460A main fuse
560A main fuse
630A radiator blower fan
760A main fuse
860A starter
9 – 19Relay
20spare fuse
21spare fuse
22spare fuse
23spare fuse
24spare fuse
2510A fog lights
2610A automatic transmission
2810A camshaft position sensor
2915A beep, burglar alarm
3010A ignition system, engine control unit
3115A reversing lights
3210A right high beam headlamp
3310A left high beam headlamp
3410A radiator blower fan
3510A fuel pump
3620A headlight washer
3710A headlight washer
3810A injection system, exhaust gas recirculation system
3915A engine control unit
4010A injection system
4110A automatic transmission, radiator blower fan
4215A fuel pump, lambda probe


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