Nissan X-Trail T30 fuse and relay

Nissan X-Trail T30 , the first generation Nissan X Trail, was produced in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. During this time, the model has been restyled. In this article you will find a designation of fuses and relays Nissan X Trail T30 with decoding, photo examples and box diagrams. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

x trail t30

The purpose of the elements may differ from that shown and depends on the year of manufacture, the region of delivery (Japan, Europe, America) and the level of equipment. Check the description with your diagrams on the box lid.

Passenger compartment

Located at the bottom of the dashboard. Open the protective cover to access.

access to the unit in the salon

The photo

photo of the unit in the salon Nissan ikstyle


fuse diagram in the passenger compartment

Assignment (type 1)

110A Fuel pump
210A Direction indicators
310A Engine control unit
410A Audio system, navigation system
510A Diagnostic connector, gearbox control unit, central locking, anti-theft system, power windows, heated rear window, interior lighting lamps, sunroof, warning devices and indicators, navigation system
620A Front window wiper and washer
710A Engine control unit, daytime lighting control unit
810A ABS / ESP, four-wheel drive control system (4WD)
910А SRS
1015A Fuel pump, engine control unit
1110A Engine control unit, transmission control unit, ABS / ESP, four-wheel drive control system (4WD), SRS, instrument cluster, headlight washer / washer
1210A Transmission control unit, reversing lights, navigation system
1310A Engine control unit
1410A Heated seats
1510A Air conditioning / heater
1610A Rear window wiper and washer
1715A Cigarette lighter, accessory power connector
1810A Cigarette lighter, accessory power connector
1915A Air conditioning / heater
2010A Power mirrors
21Not used
2215A Brake light switch, transmission control unit, ABS, four-wheel drive control system (4WD)
2315A Cigarette lighter , accessory power connector
2415A Air conditioning / heater
2520A Engine control unit, heated rear window
2610A Interior lamps
2710A Heated rear window
2810A Engine control unit, transmission control unit, central locking, anti-theft system, heated rear window, interior lamps, sunroof, warning devices and indicators
SSpare fuses

Designation (type 2)

  1. Heater Seat – Heated seats
  2. Turn Signal – Direction indicator
  3. Injector – QR Motor Injectors, ECM
  4. AUDIO – Audio system (Power switchable)
  5. Electronic Parts – Diagnostic connector, X-Trail automatic transmission shift lever lock, power window relay, TIME CONTROL block (Control of the central lock, sunroof, interior light delay, heated rear window, etc.)
  6. FR WIPER – Windshield wiper and washer
  7. Starter Signal – Signal for starter, daytime running light, and YD ECU (to date) and for Nissan QR engines up to August 2003.
  8. 4 WD ABS – Connectable power supply to the ABS, ESP, 4WD control unit.
  9. AIR BAG – airbags
  10. Fuel pump – fuel pump (QR engine), fuel transfer pump (YD diesel engine)
  11. METER – Instrument panel, headlight washer relay timer
  12. A / T Control – Reversing light, automatic transmission control system
  13. Engine Control – Heated oxygen sensors, fan relays, starter blocking relay (X-Trail with automatic transmission)
  14. Spare
  15. AIR CON – Climate control, relay and clutch for turning on the air conditioning compressor
  16. RR WIPER – Rear window washer cleaner
  17. CIG Lighter – cigarette lighter
  18. CIG Lighter – Cigarette lighter relay
  19. Blower MOTOR – Blower motor for the interior of the stove
  20. MIRROR – Power mirrors
  21. Spare
  22. STOP LAMP – Stop light, brake control signal for ABS, ESP, engine control unit
  23. Power Socket – Electrical outlets (driver’s glove compartment and trunk)
  24. Blower Motor – Blower motor for interior stove
  25. RR DEFOG – Heated rear window
  26. KROMM LAMP – Interior lighting lamps, including the luggage compartment, a lamp for maps and illumination of doorways
  27. HEATER MIRROR – Heated mirrors
  28. Electronic parts – Permanent power supply of the instrument panel, time control unit, clock, climate control, door remote control unit

If your cigarette lighter does not work, check the fuses with numbers 23, 17 and 18 at 15A.


relay in the salon Nissan Ixrail


  • R1 – PTC relay
  • R2 – Power window relay
  • R3 – Ignition relay
  • R4 – Heater fan relay
  • R5 – Auxiliary relay

Also, several relays can be placed in the front pillar at the driver’s feet (R1 – heated rear window / mirrors, R2 – Fuel pump relay)

relay rack

Engine compartment


arrangement of elements under the hood t30

  1. Fuse box (near battery)
  2. Glow relay
  3. ESP relay box (right-hand drive vehicles)
  4. ESP relay box (left-hand drive vehicles)
  5. Relay blocks (main and additional)

Fuse box


under the hood option 1


under the hood option 1 diagram with decoding


photo of the unit under the hood t30 2


fuse diagram under the hood 2


A100 / 120A Alternator, engine compartment fuse box (fuses: Nos. B to G, 39 to 43)
B40A Central locking, power windows, sunroof, power seats
C40A Cooling Fan
D40A Cooling Fan
E30A Headlight cleaners and washers
F60A Glow plugs
G80A Passenger compartment fuse box
H80A Air conditioning / heating system, passenger compartment fuse box (fuses: No. 18, 20, 23)
I50A Vehicle Stability Program (ESP)
J30A Ignition lock
L30 / 40A ABS, ESP (30A with ESP, 40A without ESP)
3110A Exterior lamps, headlamp cleaners and washers, warning devices and indicators
3215A Audio system, navigation system, telephone
3310A Engine control unit, anti-theft system
3410A Generator, anti-theft system
3515A Direction indicators
3610A Rear fog lamp
3710A ABS, four-wheel drive control system (4WD)
3915A Engine control unit
4015A Engine control unit, outdoor lamps
4115A Outdoor lamps, fog lamps
4215A Fog lights
4320A Engine control unit, anti-theft system

Relays box


Relay circuit under the hood

Protected components

  • R1 Lamp relay
  • R2 Daytime lighting relay, left (with daytime lighting)
  • R3 Daytime running light relay, right (with daytime running lights)
  • R4 Rear fog lamp relay
  • R5 Front fog lamp relay
  • R6 Start inhibit relay (“P” / “N”)
  • R7 A / C relay
  • R8 Horn relay
  • R9 Cooling fan relay 1
  • R10 Throttle valve control relay
  • R11 Cooling fan relay 3
  • R12 4WD relay
  • R13 Cooling fan relay 2
  • R14 Headlight washer relay

In some models, the place of relay number 14 is located fuses: 10A – rear fog lamp, 15A – heated windshield (wiper zone), 15A – engine control unit and 20A – xenon headlight control unit.

That’s all. If you have any questions or have something to add – write in the comments.

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