Nissan Sentra 2013 – 2019 fuse and relay

Nissan Sentra is a compact car delivered worldwide. Produced in 3 generations. In this article, we will show the location of the Nissan Sentra fuse and relay bloxes with a description of the purpose of the elements, as well as their photos and diagrams. And a video example, you can clearly see how to replace the cigarette lighter fuse.

nissan Sentra

Passenger compartment

Fuse box located in the dashboard, on the rear left.

nissan sentra block access

The photo

photo of the unit in the cabin


15A CIG LIGTER10A Heater mirrow
10A Electr Patrs
10A Audio Mirror 1
10A Audio Mirror 110A Meter (BAT)10A Meter (IGN)
10A IPDM IG220A Trailer10A Electr Patrs 2 (IGN)
15A Blower motor15A Room lamp10A Electr Patrs (IGN)
10A Air cond15A Heater seats10A Wash pump
15A Blower motor10A Push and Start10A AirBag (SRS)

Attention, check the assignment with your diagram on the back of the protective cover.

Engine compartment

There are 2 fuse boxes in the engine compartment.

Location of blocks under the hood

Photo of box 1 location

Fuse box

the photo

photo of the unit under the hood 1


Описание блока под капотом 1

Box 2

photo of the unit under the hood 2

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