Nissan Sunny (Sentra) B15 – fuse and relay

The Nissan Sunny has been in production for 12 generations since 1966 and is delivered to all regions of the world under various names. For example, in the US, the latest generation is known as the Sentra. Sold in Western Europe under the brands Nissan Pulsar and Nissan Almera. In this publication you can find a description of the Nissan Sunny B15 (eleventh generation) fuse and relay boxes that have been in production since 1998. We will show where the boxes are located, their photographs, diagrams with the purpose of the elements, we will highlight the fuse that is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

nissan Sunny logo

For the last three generations of Nissan Sunny (b14, b15, b17), the general arrangement of the boxes is characteristic. The current assignment will be posted on the protective cover. Check with your diagrams if the boxes differ from those presented.

Passenger compartment

It is located on the driver’s side between the steering column and the door. Open the protective cover to access.

Type 1

photo of the unit in the cabin option 1

Type 2

photo of the unit in the cabin option 2Description table

forerunner nissan sunny


  1. Mirrors
  2. Brake lights
  3. Power socket
  4. Air conditioning
  5. Control (warning lamps) of the dashboard
  6. Reserve
  7. Heated rear window
  8. Oxygen sensor
  9. Reserve
  10. Electrical package
  11. Automatic transmission controller
  12. Electrical package
  13. Interior lamp
  14. Interior blower motor (heater / air conditioner)
  15. Air conditioning
  16. Interior blower motor (heater / air conditioner)
  17. Fuel injection system
  18. Airbags
  19. Reserve
  20. Motor controller
  21. Start signal
  22. Cigarette lighter
  23. Reserve
  24. Reserve
  25. Windshield wiper
  26. Reserve
  27. Front and / or rear window washer (on the steering column switch)
  28. Rear window washer
  29. Gasoline pump
  30. Speedometer, tachometer, temperature and fuel gauges

In both versions, the fuse number 22 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter

Several separate relays can be located nearby.

Relay in salon nissan sunny

Engine compartment

There will be a fuse box next to the battery, and a relay box near the neck of a barrel with washer fluid.

Relay box

Type 1

Block with relay option 1

Type 2

Nissan Sunny under the hood relay box


  • fr fog lamp  – Fog lamp relay
  • throt motor  – Throttle control module relay
  • inhibit clutch inter luck  – Start inhibit relay (“P” / “N”)
  • air con  – Air conditioning relay
  • horn  – Horn relay
  • rad fan  – Cooling fan motor relay
  • rad fan  – Cooling fan motor relay
  • rad fan  – Cooling fan motor relay

Fuse box

Type 1

fuse box option 1


Decoding the scheme

Type 2

Block under the hood nissan sunny option 2


  • FL 100A BATTERY – Generator
  • FL 60A BATTERY IGN – Battery Charging
  • FL 40A ABS MTR – ABS motor
  • FL 40A IGN SW – Ignition switch
  • FL 40A ABS SOL – ABS sensor
  • FL 30A RAD FAN1 — Radiator fan left
  • FL 30A POWER WINDOW – El. power windows
  • FL 30A RAD FAN2 — Radiator fan right
  • FL 15A IGN COIL — Ignition Coils
  • FL 15A MOTOR — Lambda probe heater
  • FL 15A AUDIO – Audio system
  • FL 15A H/LAMP RH – Right headlight
  • FL 15A H/LAMP LH – Left headlight
  • FL 15A WIPDEL CER — Heated wiper blades
  • FL 15A FR FOG L  – Fog lights
  • FL 10A ECCS  – Electronic engine management system
  • FL 10A HORN  – Signal
  • FL 10A TAIL LAMP  – Rear light

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  • I diagnose my Nissan Sunny N16 and the problem is with Crankshsft/circuit.
    I don’t have any idea where to locate the relay.

    Pls, somebody can assist me.

    Thank you.

  • Nissan sunny qg13 all wiring diagram

  • Hi, I have a 2001 Nissan Sunny
    There is a problem with the meter. All gauges do not work. Only the fuel gauge works. I checked the fuse box and wires. I tried a new meter. It also did not work. Can any help solve this problem? Thank you.

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