Nissan Bluebird Sylphy (U14) fuse and relay

A whole family of passenger cars was produced under the name Nissan Bluebird. Depending on the generation, Bluebird was available in sedan, station wagon and hatchback bodies. For all the time, 10 generations of this model have been presented. The most popular was the last generation U14 produced in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001. This model was replaced by the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy, which is still being produced. In this publication, you will find information on the location of the Nissan Bluebird U14 and Nissan Bluebird Sylphy fuse and relay boxes. As well as photos of the boxes themselves, their diagrams and decoding of the designation.




general scheme nissan bluebird

There are 3 boxes with fuses and relays in this series. The first is in the cabin, to the right of the steering wheel. The second one is under the hood, next to the battery and the relay unit near the barrel with the washer fluid.

Please note that depending on the configuration and type of engine, the fuse circuits differ. Check the exact assignment with the description on the protective cover. We will provide a translation from English at the end of the article.

Nissan Bluebird U14

Passenger compartment


photo of the block under the hood bluebird

The fuse number 15 is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment


fuses under the hood

Relay box


Relay box under the hood


  • Electro fan (left)
  • Headlamp low beam relay
  • Injectors (injection system), electric fan
  • Rear wiper relay
  • Front right headlight
  • Fuse group (10A Electric mirrors control unit, 10A Signal, 7.5A Generator voltage regulator, 10A side lights)
  • Motor, Electro fan
  • Signal relay
  • Automatic transmission lock, starter relay
  • Air conditioner relay

Nissan Bluebird Sylphy

Passenger compartment

fuse box nissan bluebird silfi


fuse list

Engine compartment

Fuses box

Block under the hood

Relay box

Relay under the hood sy

  1. Fog lamp relay
  2. Electric fan relay
  3. Air conditioning
  4. Electric fan relay
  5. Brake light lamps
  6. Lights / lights 1
  7. Brake system
  8. Lights / lights 2
  9. Signal relay
  10. Relay for electro fan 2

Assignment of abbreviations

ABS – anti-lock braking system
А / С (air conditioner) – air conditioner
АСС – position of the ignition switch (wiper, radio, cigarette lighter on)
АСС (accessary) – auxiliary power supply
ACCEL (accelerator) – gas pedal
ACL (air cleaner) – air cleaner
A / F (air fuel ratio) adjustment – air-fuel ratio
AIR FLOW METER – air flow sensor
ALB – anti-lock braking system
ALT (alternator) – alternator
ALT (altitude) – altitude
AM 1 – power supply of the first group of lock contacts ignition
AM 2 – power supply of the second group of contacts of the
AMP ignition lock – see А
ANT (antenna) – antenna
APS – rewind mode “autosearch pause” in the tape recorder
ASM (assembly) – assembly
А / Т – automatic transmission
ATDC – after top dead center
ATF (automatic transmission fluid) – automatic transmission fluid
ALTO (automatic) – automatic
В (battery) – battery
BACK UP – reverse gear
BAND – range (for the radio)
BARO (barometric pressure) – atmospheric pressure
BAT – see in
BEAM – high beam
BELT – belt
BLOWER MOTOR – interior heater motor (aka air conditioner)
BOOST – vacuum value in intake manifold
BRAKE – brake
BREAKER – thermal breaker (reusable fuse)
BTDS – to top dead center
CAC (charge air coder) – intake air cooler
CC camshaft – cubic centimeter
CDS FAN (condenser fan motor) – fan motor, cooling of the condenser (air conditioner radiator)
CHECK – checking
cHECK cONNECTOR – verification terminal
CHG – cHARGE – charging
CHOKE – air damper
CI – central injection
CIG fUSE – fuse Lighter
TFR (crankshaft position) – position of the crankshaft
MNT (cold mixture heater) – heater fuel mixture
SMR (camshaft position) – position camshaft
СО (carbon monoxide) – carbon monoxide
COLD – cold
CONTROL – control
CRANK (crankshaft) – crankshaft
D – DRIVE – movement
DEF (defogger) – defroster, heated rear (front) glass
DI (distributor ignition) – distribute ignition
DITRIBUTOR – distributor
DOHC (double overhead camshaft) – double camshaft in the head
DOME unit – instrument panel, passenger compartment
DOOR CONTROL – door control
DOWN – down
DTS (diagnostic trouble code) – self-diagnostic codes
DTM (diagnostic tast mode) – diagnostic mode
E – END – end of (fuel)
E – EARTH – ground (body )
EAI – air supply to the exhaust system
ЕВСМ (electronic brake control module) – electronic brake control unit
ECC (emission control computer) – engine emissions control unit
ECI – electronic central injection (also CI)
ECM (engine control module) – see ECV
ECON – ECONOMY – economical (operating mode)
ECT (electronic control transmission) – electronic transmission control
ECT (engine coolant temperature) – engine temperature
ECU (electric control unit) – electric control unit
EGR (exhaust gas i ^ circulation) – exhaust gas return
EPS engine – electronic shock absorber control
EST- S – see ECT
EVAP (evaporative) – vapor extraction system (from the gas tank)
F (front) – before
F (full) – full (fuel level)
F (or FF). FORWARD – forward
FAST – fast
FAN MOTOR – fan motor
FAN I / UP RELAY – relay for increasing idle speed when the fan is switched on
FC (FCUT) – FUEL CUT – fuel cut-off
FL (fusible link) – safety insert
FLUID – fluid
FOG LIGHTS – anti-fog headlights
FREE – free
FUEL – fuel
FUEL PAMP – fuel pump
FUSE – fuse
FUSIBLE LINK – safety line
FWD (front wheel drive) – front wheel drive
GAUGE – sensor
GLOG PLUG – glow plug
H (hard) – hard ( suspension mode)
H (hocr) – hour
Н or Hi (high) – high (rpm), high (gear, temperature)
HAC (high altitude compensation) – atmospheric pressure compensation system
HAI (hot air system) – hot air supply system to the intake manifold (when the engine is running in severe frost) )
HAZ (hazard) – hazard warning lights
HEAD LN – left headlight
HEAD RH – right headlight
HEAD RH LWR – right headlight dipped beam
HEAD RH UPR – right high beam headlamp
HORN – signal
HOT – hot
HTR (heater) – heater
IAC (idle air control) – idle air control
IDL (idle) – idle
IDL / UP – see I / UP
IG (IGN) – igniter –
IG switch (IGN) – ignition – ignition
IGNITION COIL – ignition coil
HA – ignition integral assemble – ignition integral assembly
INJECTOR – injector
INT – interval –
I / UP interval – idle up – increase in idle speed
L (low) – low (speed), low (gear, temperature)
L (left) – left (mirror, position)
LEVEL – level
LF (left front) – left front
LH (left hand) – left hand
LO – see L
LOCK – lock
LR (left rear) – left rear
LS (left side) – left side
M (medium) – middle
M (memory) – memory
M (minute) – minute
M see MANU
MAP (mass air flow) – air volume meter
MAIN RELAY – main relay
MAN – see MANU
MANU – manual (control, adjustment)
MC (mixture control) – mixture composition control
MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) – malfunction lamp (“check”)
MIRROR – rear-view mirror
MPI mode selection – multipoint injection
M / Т – mechanical transmission
N – neutral – neutral (position)
N – normal – normal (state)
0 / D – over drive – overdrive
2 WAY 0 / D – automatic shutdown of the overdrive
ONS – (overhead camshaft) – camshaft in the head cylinder block
OFF – off
OIL – oil
ON – on
OX SENSOR – oxygen sensor
P – PARKING – parking
РСВ (POWER CB) – power control block – power control unit (usually control unit for doors, windows)
PCV (positive crancase ventilation) – crankcase ventilation system
PPS (progressive power steering) – steering force control system
PRE HEATING TIMER – preliminary time relay heating (usually glow plugs)
PUMP – pump
PULL – pull
PUSH – press
PWR (power) – power mode
QUICK – fast
R (return) – return, back
R (right) – right (mirror, position)
RDI FAN (radiator fan motor ) – engine cooling radiator fan motor
REAR DOOR – rear door
REAR WASHER MOTOR – rear window washer motor
REAR WINDOW DEFOGGER – rear window defroster
RESET relay – setting
REV (reversal) – direction change
RICH – rich (mix)
RPM – rpm
RR – REAR – rear (e.g. RRDEF – rear defroster)
RTR MOTOR – retract motor – headlight open / close motor S (soft) – soft
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) –
SEAT HTR – seat heater – seat heater
SEEK – search
SELECT – selection (mode)
SET sensor
SLOW setting – slow
SOHC ( singl overhead camshaft) – one camshaft in the head of the
SPD block – SPEED – speed
SPORT (S) – sport (mode)
ST – STARTER – starter
SUN ROOF – sunroof
S / W (switch) –
TAIL switch – side lights
TV (throttle body) – throttle valve
TEMS (Toyota electronic modolated suspension) – see EPS
TDS (top dead center) – top dead center
TEMP (temperature) – temperature
THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR – throttle position sensor
THA – temperature heat air – air temperature
TGH – exhaust gas
temperature THW – temperature heat water – water temperature (“Tosola”)
TRN – TURN – turn
TURN RELAY – turn relay
UP – up
VACUUM SENSOR – vacuum sensor
VALVE – valve
VSV (vacum solenoid valve) – solenoid valve on the vacuum line
WARMER – heater
W (warning) – warning
WASHER – washer
WATER – water
WD (wheel drive) – driving wheels
WIPER – windshield wiper
WINDOW glass
WS (wheel steer) – steered wheels
4WD ( four wheel drive) – four-wheel drive
4A / T – four-speed automatic transmission.

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