Mazda CХ-9 fuse and relay

The all-wheel drive crossover Mazda CX-9 has been  produced in two generations since 2007. The Mazda CX-9 TB , 1st generation, was marketed in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. The 2nd generation, Mazda CX-9 TC , has been assembled in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and up to the present. In this article you will find information assignment the fuses and relays Mazda CX9 with box diagrams and their locations for two generations. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

mazda cx9

The design of the boxes and the number of elements in them may differ from the one presented and depend on the year of manufacture and the level of equipment. Check your diagrams and in case of difficulty contact your nearest dealer.

Electronics boxes passenger compartment

1st generation

It is located under the panel behind the glove compartment; to access it, open the protective cover in the direction of the arrow.

Block in the cabin

The photo

Block in the cabin option 1


Block in the cabin option 1 - scheme Mazda SH9


115А OUTLET FR – Connector for accessories (front), cigarette lighters
27,5А MIRROR – Mirrors and their control
410A METER – Instrument cluster
57.5A SAS – ABS, airbag
67,5А ENG.IGA – Engine management system
77,5А STA – Ignition system
97.5A A / C – Air Conditioning
1015А R.WIPER – Rear window wiper and washer
11TRAILER – Price device
1220А P.LIFT GATE – Gate with a mechanical lift
1315A SUNROOF – Luke
1410A AUDIO – Audio system
1510A M.DEF – Heated mirrors
1625A P / W – Power Windows (Passenger Side)
1710A TAIL – Dimensions, Rear light
1810А ILLUMI – Illumination of the instrument panel
197,5А INJ – Engine management system
21OUTLET CTR – Accessory jack
22OUTLET RR – Rear accessory connector
2330А WIPER – Windscreen wiper and washer
2430A P.WIND – Power windows (driver’s side)

The fuses designated as OUTLET are responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

2nd generation

Installed under a protective cover on the left pillar near the driver’s leg.

Block in the cabin cx5

Photo for exampleCX5 block in the cabin


Block diagram in the cabinProtected components

130А P.SEAT D – Electric seat adjustment (for some versions)
230А P.WINDOW 3 – Electric windows
315A R.OUTLET3 – Additional electrical outlets
425А P.WINDOW 2 – Power windows
520A PLG – Power tailgate
625А D.LOCK – Central electric lock
720А SEAT WARM – Electric heated seats (for some versions)
815A SRS2 / ESCL – Passive safety, airbags
910А SUNROOF – Sunroof (for some versions)
1010 / 15A INTERIOR2 – Audio system
117,5А ENG + BB – Engine management system
127,5А MIRROR – Electric drive for adjustment of rear-view mirrors
137.5A AT IND – Gear shift indicator
1415A F.OUTLET – Cigarette lighter, electrical outlets
1515А R.OUTLET1 – Rear electrical outlets (for some versions)
177.5A M.DEF – Electric heated exterior mirrors
1915A AUDIO3 – Audio system
2130A P.SEAT P – Electric drive for seat adjustment

The cigarette lighter fuses are designated as OUTLET for 15A and are located under numbers 3, 14 and 15. Also, another fuse and one relay responsible for the operation of power outlets can be mounted in the block under the hood.

Electronics boxes engine compartment

In both generations, the unit is located on the left side of the engine compartment next to the battery.

1st generation

Block under the hood cx9 - 1


Block diagram under the hood 1


1150А MAIN – Protection of all electrical circuits
220А ENGINE – Engine management system
340А R HEATER – Heater rear
440А P.SEAT R – Electric right seat adjustment
550A HEATER – Heater
640А IGKEY2 – Protection of various electrical circuits
730 / 40A FAN1 – Engine radiator cooling fan
840А P.SEAT L – Electric adjustment of the left seat
930А DEFOG – Electric rear window defogger
1040A BTN – Protection of various electrical circuits
1130A FUEL PUMP – Fuel pump
1230A IGKEY1 – Protection of various electrical circuits
1315A FOG – Fog lighting
1430A ABS (SOL) – ABS block electromagnet
1525А D / L – Central electric lock
1615A ROOM – Upper interior lighting
1715А OUTLET CTR – Power socket for additional equipment
1825A ACC – Electrical outlet
1915A AC PWR – Power supply sunroof, inverter
2015A S.WARM – Heated seat
2110A A.CMAG – Air conditioner
2225А BOSE – Audio system (cars equipped with BOSE audio system)
2330 / 40A FAN 2 – Engine radiator cooling fan
2450A ABS – Anti Lock System (ABS)
2525A IGCOIL – Ignition system
2615А H / L LOW L – Left low beam headlamp
2715А H / L LOW R – Right low beam headlamp
2820A H / L HIGH – High beam headlamps
2915А HAZARD – Hazard warning light
3010А ENG + B – PCM control unit
3115А HORN – Sound signal
327,5А STOP – Stop lights
3310A EG I INJ – Engine management system
3420A ENG BAR – Air flow sensor, EGR valve
357,5A ENG BAR2 – PCM control unit
  • R1 FUEL PUMP RELAY – Fuel pump relay
  • R2 EGI MAIN RELAY – Main engine control relay

Additional elements can be attached outside these blocks, for example, another relay block can be located on the right side of the engine compartment.

additional block

2nd generation

Access to the unit under the hood


Block under the hood


Block diagram


120A WIPER.DEI – defroster glass cleaner
230A IG2 – For protection of various circuits
330A INJECTOR – Engine management system, injection
530А P. WINDOW 1 – Glass lifters
630A W. SEAT – Power seat
820А EVVT – Engine management system
940А DEFOG – Heated rear window
1020A Heated steering wheel
1140А R.HEATER – Air conditioner
1220A EPB L – Electric parking brake (EPB) (LH)
1340A AUDIO – Audio system
1420A EPB R – Electric parking brake (EPB) (RH)
1540А ENG.MAIN – Engine management system
1650А ABS / DSC M – ABS, Dynamic Stability Control System
1750A CABIN. + B – To protect various circuits
1820А WIPER – Windscreen wiper and washer of front glass
1940A HEATER – Air conditioner
217,5А ENGINE.IG1 – Engine management system
2215A C / U IG1 – For protection of various circuits
2315А H / L LOW L – Low beam headlights – left
2415А H / L LOW R – Dipped headlights – right
2515A ENGINE3 – Engine management system
2615А ENG1NE2 – Engine management system
2715А ENG1NE1 – Engine management system
2815A AT – Transmission control system, Ignition lock.
2920А H / CLEAN – Washer / headlight washer
307.5A A / C – Air Conditioning
3210А STOP – Stop lights
3315А R.WIPER – Rear window wiper, Anti-theft system
3420А H / L HI – High beam headlights
3515А H / L LOW R2 – Dipped headlights (right)
3615A FOG – Fog lights (some models)
377,5А ENG. + B – Engine management system
387.5A AUDIO2 – Audio system (some models)
3910A INTERIOR – Light, To protect various circuits
4015A METER2 – Instrument panel
4110A METER1 – Instrument panel
427,5А SRS1 – Air cushion
4310A AUDIO4 – Audio system (some models)
4425A AUDIO1 – Audio system
4530A ABS / DSC S – ABS, Dynamic Stability Control System
4715А ST.HEATER – Heated steering wheel
4815A TAIL – Dimensions, Parking lights
4925A FUEL PUMP2 – Fuel system
5025A HAZARD – Hazard flashers, direction indicators, rear lights
5115А DRL – Daytime running lights
5215А R.OUTLET2 – Sockets for accessories
5315А HORN – Signal
5425A ROOM – Interior and trunk lighting

To turn off the headlight washer, you need to get the fuse numbered 29 at 20A, designated as H / CLEAN .


If you find a mistake or have questions, write in the comments.

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