Mazda Bongo Brawny fuse and relay

The Mazda Bongo van has been produced since 1966 in five generations with various modifications and has been supplied worldwide with both gasoline and diesel engines. In some regions it is known as Mazda Access. The most popular were Mazda Bongo Friendee  produced in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 and Mazda Bongo Brawny. In this article you will find a description of Mazda Bongo fuses and relays with box diagrams and their locations. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Mazda bongo

There is no one general description for all Mazda Bongo models. We have presented the 2 most common (Frendy and Brownie). Check the purpose of the elements with your diagrams.

Type 1

Passenger compartment fuse box

Located under the dashboard on the driver’s side, behind the protective cover.

Option 1 in the salon

Photo – example

Block in the cabin


  1. 20А – ABS
  2. 15A – Alarm
  3. 20A
  4. 30A – Electric drive of the central locking
  5. 20A – Heated rear door glass
  6. 10A – Rear door glass wiper
  7. 10A – Air conditioner
  8. 20A – Screen wipers and washers
  9. 30A – Power windows
  10. 10A – Direction indicators
  11. 15A – Instrument cluster
  12. 15A – Engine control unit
  13. 20A – Fuel heater
  14. 15A
  15. 15A – Cigarette lighter
  16. 10A – Sound signal
  17. 10A – Tail lamps
  18. 15A – Stop signals
  19. 15A – Fog lights
  20. 10A – Interior lighting
  21. 30A – Rear heater
  22. 30A – Main heater

The fuse number 15 at 15A is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Additional fuse box

It is located under the driver’s seat, between the battery and the engine for gasoline engines, or under the passenger seat, near the power steering reservoir for diesel engines, or under the hood of a car.

The photo

Block brownie



  1. 30A HEAD – headlights
  2. 30A FIP / INJ – engine control unit
  3. 60A GLOW – glow plugs
  4. 80A MAIN – main fuse
  5. 60A ABS – ABS
  6. 40A KEY – fuse for various circuits
  7. 60А BTN – interior lighting, electric central locking

Relay box

Installed in the panel on the passenger side, under the glove compartment.


location of the relay box

The photo

photo of the relay box

The following relays are located here:

  • Sound signal
  • Heater fan
  • Rear heater fan
  • Air conditioner
  • Headlight
  • Stop signals
  • Dimensions
  • Automatic transmission selector

Individual relay elements can be located in the engine compartment, as well as near the battery – a group of high-power power fuses.

Type 2

Passenger compartment fuse box

Located at the bottom of the dashboard behind a protective cover.

Access to the unit in the salon


Photo of the block in the salon Mazda Bongo



120A HEAD R – Right headlight (models from 2001)
220A HEAD L – Left headlight (models from 2001)
3GLOW – Candles (models from 1999)
20A HEAD HI – Headlights (models from 2001)
415A CLOSER – Door finishing system
510A A / C – Air Conditioning
620А WIPER – Wipers and washers
730A P / WIND – Electric drive glass lifters
810А R.WIPER – Rear door glass wiper
920A SUN ROOF – Manhole, fuse for various circuits
1010A TURN- Direction indicators
1115A METER – Instrument cluster
1215A ENGINE – Engine management system
1315A CIGAR – Cigarette lighter, electric mirrors, radio, fuse for various circuits, engine compartment fan
1415А BLIND (RH) – Electric drive of the right curtain
1515А BLIND (LH) – Electric drive of the left curtain
1610А HORN – Sound signal (models from 1999)
15A TAIL – Side lights, instrument cluster illumination (models from 2001)
1730А DOOR LOCK – Central locking
1815А STOP – Stop lights
1910А HAZARD – Alarm
2010A ROOM – Interior lighting, luggage compartment lighting
2130A DEFOGGER – Heated rear door glass (models from 1999)
2230A OPTION – Optional equipment (models from 1999)

In this version, the fuse number 13, 15A, is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment fuse box

Fuse box

Installed not far from the battery.

Block under the hood

Photo example

Photo of the block under the hood of a Mazda Bongo friend

Diagram from the block cover

example of a frendy scheme


MAIN100A Main fuse
HEAD30A Headlights
FAN30A Condenser fan motor, fuse for various circuits
FAN 240A Condenser fan motor, fuse for various circuits
ST SIG10A Starter
PTC20A Additional heater
SECTION20A Anti lock brake system
TAIL15A Side lights, instrument cluster illumination
AC POWER15A Fuse for various circuits
FIP15A Fuel pump, engine control unit
FOG15A Fog lights
IGKEY60A Fuse for various circuits
SECTION60A Anti lock brake system
R.HEATER30A Rear heater
BTN40A Interior lighting, central locking
HEATER30A Heater
ADD FAN30A Electro condenser fan motor

Circuit – fuel pump relay

Relay box

Mounts next to the main one. Relay assignment is optional. May differ from yours.

Block with relay

Individual elements can be installed all of this unit. For example, the relay of candles is next to the battery, the rear stove is near it. Or on the left fender: relay for dimensions, fog lights, retractable tent, etc.

Relay box 1


That’s all. And if you know how to make the article better or have something to add, we will be glad to receive your comments.

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  • Thank you very much

  • What number is the airbag fuse please?

  • Hi
    Wonder if you can help me. My Bongos back lights and dash lights are not working. I have read i need to replace the relay in the engine H270. Is this correct? If so do you sell these?
    Many thanks

  • I have a Mazda Bongo of 1996, the headlights doesn’t works, and I believe the fuses are well, so, what could be happening? Many thanks

    • There are a few other things you can check:

      Headlight bulbs: The bulbs themselves may have burned out, so check to see if the headlight bulbs need to be replaced.

      Wiring: Check the wiring that leads to the headlights to see if there are any loose or broken connections. Look for any signs of damage to the wiring as well.

      Headlight switch: The headlight switch may be faulty and need to be replaced. Check the switch to see if it’s working properly.

      Dimmer switch: If your Bongo has a dimmer switch, check it to see if it’s working properly. Sometimes the dimmer switch can fail and cause the headlights to stop working.

      Relay: There may be a faulty relay that’s causing the problem. Check the relay that controls the headlights to see if it’s working properly.

      If you’re unable to identify and fix the problem on your own, it’s best to take your Mazda to a mechanic who can diagnose and repair the issue.

  • Where can I buy a fuse picker please?

    In your photos at the end of the board there is a little yellow thing.

    It’s to pluck the fuses out.

    I need two!

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