Mazda 5 fuse and relay

The Mazda 5 minivan has been produced in two generations since 1994. We will show the location of all Mazda 5 electronic control units for cars 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010. Consider in detail the diagrams of fuse boxes and Mazda 5 relays with a description of the purpose of their elements. Note the cigarette lighter fuse.

Mazda 5

Check the purpose of the boxes with your own diagrams on the protective cover.

Blocks location

Layout of electrical control units

Diagram of control units in Mazda 5


1Air conditioning control unit (in the heater control panel)
2Little light sensors (air conditioning)
3Heater / A / C Blower Motor Resistor (Automatic Temperature Control) – Passenger Footwell
4Heater / A / C blower motor resistor (manual temperature control) – driver’s footwell
5Antenna unit, in front, (“keyless entry” system)
6Antenna unit, in salon (“keyless entry” system)
7Antenna unit, rear (keyless entry system)
8Aerial unit, rear door (keyless entry system)
9Shock sensor (SRS), front
10Volume change sensor (anti-theft system), front – with sunroof
11Volume change sensor (anti-theft system), front – without sunroof
12Volume change sensor (anti-theft system), rear
13Anti-theft alarm horn – left side of luggage compartment
14Interference suppressor (audio system) – left side of luggage compartment
15Accumulator battery
16Central locking signal control unit
17Diagnostic connector (DLC)
18Rear left door electrical control unit – left side of luggage compartment
19Right rear door electronics control unit – right side of luggage compartment
20Power control unit glass lifter (in the switch on the driver’s door)
21Cooling fan electric motor control unit
22Fuse / relay box, engine compartment
23Fuse / relay box dashboard
24Xenon headlamp control unit, left
25Xenon headlamp control unit, right
26Headlight washer pump
27Beep (upper)
28Beep (bottom)
29Immobilizer Control Unit – In Instrument Cluster
30Immobilizer ring antenna – near the ignition switch
31Interior temperature sensor
32Turn signal relay – in multifunction control unit
33Instrument cluster control unit (in the dashboard)
34Keyless entry system control unit
35light sensor
36Multifunctional control unit – functions: Anti-theft system, central locking, exterior lamps, turn signals / hazard warning lights, fog lights, rear window wiper / washer, windshield wiper / washer
37Navigation antenna – behind the dash
38Navigation system control unit
39Ambient temperature sensor
40Power steering control unit – in the power steering pump
41Rear window washer pump motor
42Additional fuse (petrol – 250A / Diesel – 450A) – power distribution (charging and starting systems)
43Side impact sensor, front left – B-pillar lower
44Side airbag sensor, rear left
45Side impact sensor, front right – B-pillar lower
46Side airbag sensor, rear right
47Steering wheel position sensor (power steering system) – under the steering wheel
48Sunroof electric control unit
49SRS electronic control unit
50Body Height Sensor (Rear) – Suspended
51Electronic gearbox control unit (automatic transmission) – in the electronic engine control unit (diesel)
52Electronic gearbox control unit (automatic transmission) – in the electronic engine control unit (gasoline)
53Vehicle speed sensor – ABS electronic control unit
54Voice synthesizer (navigation system)
55Buzzer (“keyless entry” system) – behind the front left wheel arch trim
56Windshield washer fluid low sensor
57Windshield washer pump motor
58Rain sensor (windshield wiper)

Passenger compartment fuse box

Access to the unit in the salon

It is located at the right end of the dashboard behind the protective cover.

Mazda 5 fuse box at the end of the panel

Legend from the block cover

Scheme from cover 1


Block diagram in the cabin


17.5A M.DEF – Heated mirrors (some models)
210A STARTER – Starter
320А ENG3 – Engine control unit
415А P.OUTLET – Connector for accessories
55A SHIFT / L – Transmission switch
615А CIGAR – Cigarette lighter
77.5А MIRROR – Mirror, power adjustment, audio system (some models)
810A A / C – Air Conditioning
925A F.WIP – Windscreen wipers and washer
1015А R.WIP – Rear window wiper and washer
115A Main relay (some models), PCM (some models)
1210A METER – Instrument panel. Automatic headlight range control (some models)
1310A SAS – Additional restraint systems, SRS
14Seat heating (some models)
165A EHPAS – Electro-hydraulic power steering
1715А ENG2 – Engine management
18P / W – Electric windows
19P / W – Electric windows

The fuses 4 and 6 at 15A are responsible for the operation of the cigarette lighter.

Engine compartment fuse box

Block under the hood

Installed on the left side of the engine compartment next to the battery.

photo example of a block under the hood of a Mazda 5


Block diagram under the hood


Block in the cabin

Protected components

130A FAN – Cooling fan
230A FAN – Cooling fan
340A P.WIND – Power windows
330A R. BLOWER – Rear fan motor
430A IG KEY1 INJ – For protection of various circuits
420A IG KEY2 – For protection of various circuits
630A ABS-R – ABS
720A IG KEY2 – For protection of various circuits
740A IG KEY1 – For protection of various circuits
820А HEATER DEICER TCM – Heater (defroster)
940A BLOWER – Fan motor
920A F.BLOWER – Front fan motor
1040A GLOW IG KEYl – For protection of various circuits
1020A F.BLOWER – Front fan motor
1160A BTN – For protection of various circuits
1240A IG KEY2 – For protection of various circuits
1320А CLOSER P.SLIDE LH – Left door closer
1420А CLOSER P.SLIDE RH – Right closer
1580A EHPAS – Electro-hydraulic power steering
1615А FOG – Fog lights
1720А D.LOCK – Electric door lock
1820А P.WIND H / CLEAN – Electric windows
1910A ETC – Accelerator Position Sensor
2025А DEFOG – Heated rear window
2110А ENG + B – PCM unit
2210A STOP – Brake lights
2320А FUEL Pump – Fuel pump
2410А HAZARD – Direction indicators, hazard lights
2515A ROOM – Interior lighting, Luggage compartment lighting
2710A MAG – Magnetic clutch
287,5А GLOW SIC – Candles
2910A HEAD HR – High beam headlights (right)
3010A HEAD HL – High beam headlights (left)
3115А HORN – Signal
3220А SUN ROOF – Luke
337,5А MIRROR BURGLAR – Anti-theft system (some models)
3415A HEAD LR – Dipped headlights (right), manual headlight range control
3515A HEAD LL – Low beam headlights (left)
3615А ENG BAR2 – O2 heater
3715А ENG BAR2 – Air flow sensor, Engine management system
3820А INJ ENG BA – Injector
3910А ILLUMI – Lighting
4010A TAIL – Rear lights, Side lights, License plate light


  • DEFOG – Heated rear window relay
  • TNS – Relay for outdoor lighting (dimensions)
  • AT PUMP – Transmission relay
  • HEAD LO – Low beam relay
  • HEAD HI – High beam relay
  • F / WARMER – Fuel heating relay
  • FANS – Fan relays
  • A / C – Air conditioner relay
  • HORN – Signal relay

There is a high power main fuse on the positive terminal of the battery.

Main fuse


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